This mailbag from the Phillies web site suggests the Phils are open to bringing back Antonio Alfonseca. I like to try to be a glass half-full sort of fella, but I’m having some trouble seeing the half-full in that one. I do see a sliver of hope in the fact there was no mention of the role in which they might bring Alfonseca back. Nutritionist maybe? Maybe if Rollins starts to put on a lot of weight they could cart Alfonseca out in some sort of cautionary capacity. Like a this-is-how-you-might-look-if-you-ate-Carlos-Ruiz (and grew six inches) kind of thing.

I’d be surprised if the Phillies brought Alfonseca back. His star had faded a bit by the end of the season for the Phils and he threw 2/3 of an inning in the team’s last 14 regular-season games. His ERA after the All-Star Break was 8.80.

He does lead the world in Google traffic generated for searches on “six-fingered pitcher.”

The Braves traded Joey Devine to the A’s for Mark Kotsay.

This suggests that Mike Piazza would like to play for the Marlins.

This article mentions the Phillies in talking about the tendency of teams to try to centralize their minor league operations.

This article from the Braves web site suggests that the Phillies are a bigger threat to Atlanta than the Mets. It also says that Smoltz/Hudson is a better top of the rotation than Hamels/Myers and that if the Mets got Santana that Santana/Pedro would be better than Hamels/Myers as well. There appears to be a difference of opinion about whether Hamels/Myers is a better top two than Smoltz/Hudson.