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Phillies probably hoping their pitching doesn’t get any better for fear the Fish might catch ‘em

It sure seems like there are a lot of things going wrong with the Phillies these days. But while it may seem like the current slump has spread through the whole team, that’s just not the case — it’s pretty much all the offense’s fault.

In June the Phillies have been better at preventing runs than they were in May or April (or March). The Phils have allowed 101 runs this month, which is second-best among the 16 teams in the NL. Only the Dodgers have allowed fewer runs in June.

The Phils have lost six series in a row, but not because their pitchers have been getting bombed. They allowed 11 runs in the three games against the Fish, 12 runs in three games against the Cardinals, 12 runs in three games against the Red Sox, 16 runs in three games against the Angels, 10 in three games against the A’s and 19 in three games against the Rangers. That’s too much against the Angels and Rangers, but the rest of it is solid.

Here’s how many runs the Phillies have allowed per game by month so far this season:



Runs allowed


April 15-12 111 27 4.11
May 17-12 125 29 4.31
June 12-14 101 26 3.88

The Phillies played one game in March and allowed 11 runs.

While the Phillies have been the best at preventing runs in June, they have also been the worst at scoring runs. They scored 4.70 runs per game in April, 6.03 in May and just 4.30 in June. The Phillies scored 20 runs against the Cardinals in St Louis on June 13 — in the games where they haven’t scored 20 this month they’ve put up 92 runs in 25 games, about 3.68 per game.

Kyle Kendrick (7-3, 4.59) faces 24-year-old righty Charlie Morton (1-1, 4.24) tonight. Morton has made three starts for the Braves this year and has yet to allow a home run. He also did not allow a home run in 79 innings in Triple-A with Richmond in the International League this season. In 13 games, 12 of which were starts, he threw to a 2.05 ERA while holding opponents to a .181 average. Kendrick was about as good as you have to be if you want to get a win pitching for the Phillies these days his last time out. He held the A’s to four hits in eight shutout innings on Wednesday. The Phillies have won six of the last seven and eight of the last ten games that he has started. In seven of his last ten starts he’s walked one or zero batters.

Philaelphia hoping to get its ‘d’ back soon

Several players are hitting the ball well for the Phils in the early going, but overall the offense is off to a worse start than they had last year. Jimmy Rollins taking an extended seat no doubt is part of the cause, as well as early struggles by Ruiz, Feliz and Victorino. Here’s how many runs the Phils have scored and allowed so far this year and their ’08 pace compared to what they did in 2007:


On pace 2008

Runs Scored 59 735 892
Runs Allowed 62 773 821

The Phils scored about 5.51 runs per game overall for the season in ’07. Like many other teams, their offense started off slow in April and scored more runs per game in the other months of the season. Even compared to last April, though, the Phils are off their pace. In April, 2007, the Phils scored 123 runs and allowed 121 while going 11-14. Here’s how those numbers compare to what they’ve done so far this season:

March/April, 2008

April, 2007
Runs scored per game 4.54 4.92
Runs allowed per game 4.77 4.84

The Phils are both allowing and scoring runs at a lower rate than they did last season.

Curiously, the Phils are getting good pitching from both their starters and their relievers and yet still allowing a lot of runs. Not including Monday’s games, Phillies’ starters have thrown to a 3.81 ERA, eighth-best in the league. Phillies relievers have been even better, throwing to a 3.53 ERA, which is fifth-best in the league. Overall, however, the Phils have allowed 62 runs in 13 games — the 62 runs is 11th best in the NL. Going by total runs can be a little misleading, cause all the teams haven’t played the same number of games at a given time, but still, by ERA the Phils pitching has been good. Better than they have been at preventing runs overall.

The problem, of course, has been the defense. The Phils have allowed 13 unearned runs in 13 games, putting them on a pace to allow 162 unearned runs in 162 games. That’s not going to happen, they aren’t going to allow anywhere near 162 unearned runs, but 13 at this point is a ton, enough to lead the NL. Last year the Marlins allowed the most unearned runs in the NL with 98 for the season — the Phillies were charged with just 54 unearned runs.

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