Ryan Howard will be the cover athlete for MLB 08: The Show. Hopefully Michael Bourn was managing his personal expectations in this arena given the intersection of his life goals and spot on the roster in Major League Baseball 2K7 as described in this article.

This article suggests that Rowand may appeal in San Francisco as the anti-Bonds. It also, in the same paragraph, points out that Rowand bristles at the suggestion he is injury-prone and that he missed a game last year due to a shoulder that was sore from playing tag.

Sidelined by tag or not, Rowand appeared in 161 games for the Phils in 2007 and 109 in ’06. Rollins was the only Phillie to appear in as many or more games in ’07 (J-Roll played in 162). If I was going to guess who was third in games played for the Phils in ’07 it would have taken me a while — Pat Burrell played in 155, which was his highest mark since 2002. Utley and Howard would have played more but both hit the DL.

Don’t know for sure, but if you think Victorino is going to play 161 games in center this year I’m guessing you can get some pretty nice odds somewhere. I’m not ready to give up hope the Phils are willing to use Werth to backup center (although I’m not sure why I’m not, cause the tea leaves aren’t looking so favorable (tea leaves in this case meaning the team’s addition of another backup center fielder)).

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Pat Gillick is a genius. With the Phils making the playoffs after the long, bleak period of bleakness, Gillick’s time in Philadelphia is already a success no matter what happens in 2008. That’s not making the Freddy Garcia or Adam Eaton signings look any better, though.

This suggests the Braves may have interest in Mark Kotsay or Corey Patterson. I’m holding out hope for all Josh Anderson all the time.

And if you think the Braves getting Corey Patterson is a problem, you might just want to avoid this article about how the Mets might get Johan Santana altogether. I’m holding out hope for anyone but Johan Santana all the time.