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Mets light the Phils up again and, well, you can’t change lights and stuff

The Phillies ended the day yesterday out of first place in the NL East for the first time since May 31. It’s about time. The way they’ve been playing, hitting particularly, lately, they don’t look like they belong anywhere near first place.

Speaking of stuff you worked hard to earn and then let slip away, Jimmy Rollins worked just about his whole life to become one of the elite players in baseball and somebody that his home town fans at least, almost without exception, have tremendous respect for. And all of the sudden he’s neither. Rollins hasn’t shown up for most of this year and yesterday he got literal with it, arriving late to the park and then criticizing his manager publicly for putting him on the bench. That’s atrocious.

Regardless of the effort he gives it’s not reasonable to expect Rollins to be the best player in baseball, or anything near that, year-after-year. Everyone has the right expect that he’s going to show up and play hard.

Yesterday’s game was pretty miserable. Jamie Moyer was fantastic, holding the Mets to a run on two hits over seven innings. Oliver Perez stymied the Phils all day long, though, striking out 12 and keeping the ball in the strike zone well enough to walk just one. The 2-3-4-5 hitters in the Phillies order combined to go 2-for-14 with ten strikeouts. Werth did connect for a seventh-inning home run that tied the game at 1-1, but Romero gave up a pair of runs in the bottom of the eighth on a two-run double by Delgado.

The bullpen has joined the hitters for the time being as what’s wrong with the Phils. The Phillies have lost four of their last five games. Over those five games the bullpen has thrown to a 6.40 ERA. Each of the four losses has featured a different anti-hero from the pen — Seanez, Condrey, Madson and now Romero.

Long season, though, and it’s not over yet. As bad as yesterday was across the board it’s over now. Today brings a new chance and it will keep doing just that until it doesn’t anymore. There’s a whole bunch of guys on the Phils who could use it.

The Phillies lost to the New York Mets yesterday afternoon, falling 3-1. With the loss the Phils drop to 54-48 on the year. The Mets take the series two games to one.

Jamie Moyer got the start for the Phillies and went seven innings, allowing a run on two hits and three walks. All three of the hits were singles and he struck out six. His ERA for the season is 3.76.

He threw a 1-2-3 first.

In the second, Fernando Tatis singled with two outs. Damion Easley flew to center for the third out.

Jose Reyes walked with two outs in the third and stole second. Nick Evans followed with another walk before David Wright singled into left. Burrell threw home but his throw was terrible and way up the first base line. Reyes scored to put the Mets up 1-0. Evans took third and Burrell was charged with his first error on the season. The call was later changed to take the error away — either way it was a pretty bad throw. Carlos Delgado grounded to second for the third out.

Moyer set the Mets down 1-2-3 in the fourth, fifth and sixth.

Tatis walked with one out in the seventh before Easley popped to second for the second out. Ramon Castro lined a 2-1 pitch into right that a sliding Werth took for the third out.

Romero started the eighth with the game tied at 1-1. Moyer had only thrown 91 pitches but was due to lead off the top of the eighth with the game tied. You have to hit for him. Righty Robinson Cancel hit for Aaron Heilman and singled to left. Reyes bunted Cancel to second before Chavez lined back to Romero for the second out. Romero walked the righty Wright intentionally to put men on first and second for the lefty Delgado. Delgado hit a 2-2 pitch into the left field corner for a double that scored both runners and put the Mets up 3-1. As the throw came to the plate, Delgado tried to advance to third and was thrown out to end the inning.

With Romero the only lefty in the Phillies pen you have to leave him in to pitch to Delgado, even if it means putting Wright on intentionally.

Romero threw 18 pitches.

The Phillies’ lineup against lefty Oliver Perez went (1) Bruntlett (2) Utley (3) Burrell (4) Howard (5) Werth (6) Victorino (7) Feliz (8) Coste. Rollins was a late scratch, so Bruntlett played short and hit leadoff. Again Utley second, Burrell third and Howard fourth. Werth in right against the lefty and hitting fifth. Coste catches with Victorino again dropped in the order but ahead of Feliz. I like Utley, Burrell, Howard 2-3-4 a lot (even though they aren’t doing anything). Bruntlett had a great game but shouldn’t hit leadoff — I think it’s got to be Werth and if not Werth Victorino.

Burrell singled to left with two outs in the first but Howard struck out behind him.

Victorino reached on an infield single with one out in the second. Feliz popped to short and Coste struck out swinging.

Bruntlett singled to left with one out in the third. Utley struck out and Burrell flew to center.

Perez struck out Howard and Werth in a 1-2-3 fourth.

And Coste and Moyer in a 1-2-3 fifth.

Bruntlett led off the sixth with a double to left and Utley moved him to third with a ground out. Burrell flew to left and Bruntlett had to hold. Howard struck out to leave Bruntlett stranded.

Burrell fails to bring the runner in from third with less than two outs.

Werth led off the seventh and got ahead 2-0 before he hit one out to center, tying the game at 1-1. It was the first run that the Phillies had scored against Oliver Perez in 24 1/3 innings this season. Victorino, Feliz and Coste went in order behind him.

With the game still tied at 1-1 in the eighth, Moyer was due to lead off. Taguchi hit for him and grounded to short. Glad they hit for Moyer despite the results. Bruntlett was next and blasted a ball off the wall in left for another double. Utley struck out and the lefty Perez walked Burrell intentionally. Howard was hit by a pitch to load the bases with two outs. Righty Aaron Heilman came in to pitch to Werth and Werth stayed in with Dobbs and Jenkins on the bench. Werth got behind 0-2 before he flew to center for the third out.

Jenkins 4-for-12 with a home run against Heilman in his career. Dobbs 1-for-4. Werth 3-for-8 and had driven in the Phillies’ only run in the game with a home run. Coming into the game righties hitting 197/295/254 against Heilman on the season, lefties 312/413/610. Think you gotta have a lefty there.

Billy Wagner came on in the ninth to protect a 3-1 lead. He got the first two before Coste singled to left. Ruiz ran for Coste at first and Rollins hit for Romero and grounded to third to end the game.

Bruntlett was 3-for-4 with two doubles in the game and 3-for-5 in the series. He’s hitting 243/321/338 for the season. Rollins was 0-for-1 in the game and 2-for-10 with two doubles in the series. 269/332/430.

Fantastic job by Bruntlett.

Utley was 0-for-4, struck out three times and left three men on base. 0-for-12 with a walk in the set. 287/370/566 for the year. 243/309/378 in July.

Burrell 1-for-3 with a walk. 3-for-10 with a double and three walks in the series. 281/408/588 for the year.

Howard was 0-for-3 with three strikeouts. 2-for-12 in the series. No walks in his last 22 at-bats. 234/322/501 for the year.

Werth was 1-for-4 with his 13th home run. 3-for-8 with a walk in the series. 272/355/478. Jenkins was 1-for-3 with a home run in the series. He’s hitting 240/292/401 for the year. 242/306/545 in July — it’s not time for the Phils to give up on Jenkins.

Victorino 1-for-4. 4-for-12 with two home runs in the series. 278/345/417 for the year.

Feliz was 0-for-4 with a strikeout. 0-for-8 with three strikeouts in the series. 256/304/424 for the year. 1-for-21 with nine strikeouts since the All-Star break. Kinda hoping he starts catching a ride to the yard with J-Roll.

Coste was 1-for-4 and struck out twice. 1-for-5 in the series. 274/326/469 for the year. He’s hitting 135/135/189 in July. He doesn’t have a walk in his last 49 at-bats. Ruiz was 3-for-7 with three singles and a walk in the series. He’s hitting 212/311/274 for the year.

Kyle Kendrick (8-4, 4.87) faces righty Jair Jurrjens (9-5, 3.22) tonight. Coming off a string of three starts where he did not allow an earned run, Jurrjens has allowed ten earned runs in his last 19 1/3 innings (4.66). Over his last six starts he’s thrown 41 innings and allowed just three home runs, all of which were hit by the Phillies on July 3 in Atlanta. Utley, Howard and Feliz all homered off of him in that game. Kendrick got hammered by the Fish on Saturday, allowing seven runs on ten hits, including a career-high three home runs, in 4 1/3 innings. Lefties are hitting .326 against him for the year and have hit nine of the 15 home runs he has allowed. He’s made three starts against the Braves this year and is 2-0 with a 4.15 ERA and a 1.62 ratio. In 17 1/3 innings against the Braves he’s walked 11.

If I had to do the same again, I wouldn’t, my friend, Fernando

The Phillies apparently get one extra-base hit a game these days. At least they’re making the most out of them. On Friday Pedro Feliz doubled in the ninth and came in to score the winning run on a single by Victorino. On Saturday the lone extra-base hit was a three-run shot by Howard that tied the game at 3-3 early before the pen imploded late. Yesterday the Phils were down 4-2 and down to their last strike before Werth’s shot tied the game in the bottom of the ninth. The Phils lost in 12.

The bullpen is still the story for the Phils. They came into the game dragging and left even more so. With his choices limited, Manuel called on Chad Durbin to throw two innings after a long outing on Friday. It didn’t work. Fernando Tatis connected for a two-run shot in the 12th that won it for the Mets.

The bullpen hasn’t been great against the Mets, but the Phils need more out of their offense. The Phillies have scored nine runs in the first three games of the series.

The Phillies lost to the New York Mets yesterday, falling 4-2 in 12 innings to drop to 48-41 on the season. The Mets lead the four-game set two games to one.

Kyle Kendrick got the start for the Phillies and went six innings, allowing one run on eight hits and three walks. Two of the hits went for extra-bases, a double and a home run. He struck out two and dropped his ERA on the year to 4.39.

Endy Chavez singled with one out in the first, but Kendrick got the next two behind him.

With one out in the second Damion Easley singled. Marlon Anderson followed with a walk that put men on first and second for Brian Schneider and Schneider loaded the bases with a single to center. Kendrick got the pitcher Oliver Perez on a popup fisted to third for the second out. Jose Reyes flew to center to end the frame.

With two outs in the third Carlos Beltran lined a 3-2 pitch out to right to put the Mets up 1-0. Carlos Delgado followed with a single but Easley went down on a ground ball to short for the third out.

Schneider walked with one out in the fourth and Perez bunted him to second for the second out. Reyes singled to left and Schneider went to third. Reyes stole second before Kendrick got Chavez on a ground ball back to the mound to leave both runners stranded.

David Wright led off the fifth with a single and was forced at second for the first out of the inning when Beltran followed with a ground ball to short. Beltran stole second as Delgado struck out for the second out. He stole third without a throw before Easley walked. Kendrick got Anderson to ground to second to leave both men stranded.

Reyes doubled to left with two outs in the sixth. Kendrick got Chavez to ground to first for the third out.

Condrey started the seventh after Kendrick had needed 112 pitches to get through six. Beltran singled with one out. Delgado popped to short for the second out. With Easley at the plate Ruiz made a snap throw to first that got passed Howard and into right for an error on Ruiz that allowed Beltran to got to second. Easley grounded to second for the third out.

Romero started the eighth with the Phils still down 1-0, coming off a weak outing the night before. He got the first two before pinch-hitter Chris Aguila drew a walk. Romero picked him off to end the frame.

Nice bounce back outing for Romero.

Lidge started the ninth with the Phils down 1-0. Reyes led off with a single to right and stole second. Chavez bunted him to third for the first out. Lidge got behind Wright 3-0 but came back to strike him out for the second out. Beltran was next and he lined the first pitch he saw into right field for a single. Reyes scored to give Beltran his second RBI of the day and the Mets were up 2-0. Lidge struck out Delgado for the third out.

Madson pitched the tenth, coming off a four-pitch outing the night before. He got the first two before Schneider singled. Switch-hitter Argenis Reyes hit for the pitcher Billy Wagner. Madson got behind him 3-1 but came back to strike him out to set the Mets down.

Chad Durbin pitched the eleventh having thrown 35 pitches on Friday night. Chavez singled with one out, but he struck Wright out swinging for the second out got Beltran to pop to Feliz to end the frame.

Durbin came back for the twelfth. He got ahead of the leadoff man Delgado 0-2 but lost him and gave up the walk. Easley bunted him to second. He got behind Fernando Tatis 2-0 before Tatis drove a 2-2 pitch out to left-center, putting the Mets up 4-2. Durbin struck out Schneider and pitcher Joe Smith.

Six innings for the pen. They allow three runs on five hits and two walks while striking out seven. In the first three games of the four-game set they have thrown 12 1/3 innings. That’s too many.

The guys in the pen that Manuel didn’t use instead of bringing Durbin back after 35 pitches on Friday to thrown two innings were Seanez and Gordon. Both pitched on Saturday. Seanez threw 23 pitches on Saturday, but before that had not pitched since June 27. Gordon threw 16 pitches on Saturday and had thrown a single pitch to get the final out in Thursday’s game. Asking Durbin to come back for a second inning was asking a lot.

After the game the Phillies put Tom Gordon on the DL and called lefty RJ Swindle back up.

Big problems in the pen for the Phils with the amount of usage they’ve been getting. They don’t have an off day till July 14, so somebody’s going to probably need to take one for the team before it’s over.

Madson threw 20 pitches in the game, Lidge 19, Romero 16 and Condrey 14. Durbin threw 37 more. Too many.

The Phillies’ lineup against lefty Oliver Perez went (1) Werth (2) Utley (3) Rollins (4) Howard (5) Burrell (6) Feliz (7) Victorino (8) Ruiz. Rollins dropped to third again against the lefty for the second time in three games. Victorino down to seventh with Utley hitting second. Werth plays right and leads off against the lefty. Ruiz catches. Just hit Rollins leadoff, please. Coming into the game he was a career 241/286/353 in 126 plate appearances as a three hitter. The Phils have scored five runs in the two games in this series they’ve hit Rollins third against a lefty.

Werth started the first with a walk. Utley popped out for the first out before Werth was picked off but beat the throw to second for a stolen base. Rollins moved Werth to third with a single. With Howard at the plate Schneider tried to pick Werth off third and Rollins made a nice play on the bases to steal second. With men on second and third and one down, Howard struck out for the second out. Burrell fouled out to Delgado to end the inning.

Bad strikeout for Howard with one out and men on second and third.

Feliz drove a ball to left center that Anderson dropped for a two base error to start the second. The Phils went in order to leave Feliz stranded.

Werth started the third with another walk, but Utley flew to center and Rollins hit into a double-play.

Burrell singled to left with one out in the fourth. He moved to second on a wild pitch, but Feliz struck out and Victorino popped to Delgado.

Ruiz started the fifth with a single but the Phils went in order behind him.

Howard singled to right with one out in the sixth. Burrell flew to center and Feliz flew to right.

The Phils went 1-2-3 in the seventh. With the lefty Perez still on the mound, Coste hit for Condrey and flew to center for the third out.

With one out in the eighth Utley reached on an error by pitcher Duaner Sanchez and stole second. Rollins followed with a walk. It put men on first and second for Howard and lefty Pedro Feliciano came into the game and struck him out swinging for the second out. Aaron Heilman walked Burrell with the Phillies down 1-0 and Jenkins ran for Burrell at first. Feliz grounded back to the pitcher to end the inning.

Running for Burrell, who would be the run that puts you up 3-1, is just a miserable play. It’s especially bad with lefties Scott Schoeneweis and Billy Wagner looming in the Mets pen and no possibility of the double-play with two outs.

Second big strikeout of the game for Howard.

With the Phils down 2-0, Victorino led off the ninth with a single off of Billy Wagner. Ruiz flew to center for the first out. Bruntlett hit for Lidge and was called out looking at a 2-2 pitch that was outside. Werth got behind in the count but blasted a 1-2 pitch out to left center to tie the game at 2-2. Utley followed with a single but Rollins grounded to short for the third out.

Schoeneweis started the tenth and struck out Howard and Jenkins, in Burrell’s spot, to start the inning. Feliz and Victorino singled back-to-back to put men on first and second, but righty Joe Smith came in and got Ruiz to ground to third for the third out.

Smith set the Phillies down in order in the eleventh.

With the Phils down 4-2, Rollins started the twelfth with a single and stole second. Howard flew to left, Jenkins grounded to short and Feliz dribbled a ball down the third base line that Smith fielded and threw to first to end the game. Jenkins at least got to hit against a righty this time.

Werth was 1-for-4 with a home run and two walks. He’s 10-for-his-last-25.

Utley 1-for-6 and left three men on base.

Rollins 2-for-5 with a walk.

Howard 1-for-6 with four strikeouts and five men left on base.

Burrell 1-for-3 with a walk.

Feliz 1-for-6 with six men left on base.

Victorino 2-for-5.

Ruiz 1-for-5. He’s 1-for-his-last-23.

A little down on Manuel’s game. I don’t know that Seanez was a much better option than Durbin, but I’m not a fan of the lineup with Rollins hitting third and don’t like Jenkins running for Burrell at all.

Adam Eaton (3-6, 4.79) faces righty Pedro Martinez (2-2, 7.39) tonight. Over his last three starts Pedro has allowed 17 earned runs in 15 innings. Lefties are hitting .370 against him for the season. The Phils have lost three of the last four games that Eaton has started, but he’s pitched pretty well. He’s allowed three or fewer runs in three of his last four starts.

Pat Burrell, who is in the top six in the league in on-base percentage and slugging, is one of five NL players who will be voted into the All-Star game. Despite the best efforts of Manuel, Taguchi and Bruntlett, Burrell is tied for seventh in the league in home runs. Voting ends on Thursday at 5 PM.

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