Cause I really don’t know what Plan B is if the starting rotation isn’t going to be good. I have this sinking feeling it might involve Michael Martinez, though.

If game one looked bad early for the Phils and got better as it went along, game two was just the opposite. After three innings, the Phils had a 4-0 lead with Cliff Lee on the mound and Chris Carpenter on the ropes. After nine innings, the Phils had lost 5-4 and the series was tied up.

The Phils jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the bottom of the first as five of their first six hitters for the game reached based. They extended the lead to 4-0 in the second when Rollins doubled with two outs and was knocked in by Pence. St Louis got back in the game with three runs charged to Lee on a leadoff walk and four hits in the fourth. The Cards tied things up at 4-4 in the top of the sixth when Ryan Theriot doubled off of Lee with two outs and came to score on a Jon Jay single. Allen Craig led off the seventh with a triple off the glove of Victorino and Pujols singled off of Lee right behind him to put St Louis up to stay at 5-4.

The St Louis bullpen was fantastic in the game. After allowing five runs in 2 2/3 innings in the series opener, Cardinals relievers had to pitch six innings in relief of Carpenter in game two. They allowed one single and didn’t walk a batter in six shutout frames.

The Phillies lost to the St Louis Cardinals 5-4 last night. With the loss the best-of-five NLDS is tied up a one game apiece.

Lee got the start for the Phillies and went six innings, allowing five runs on 12 hits and two walks. Five of the hits went for extra-bases, three doubles and two triples. The five runs he allowed in last night’s start were more than he allowed in his ten starts in June and August combined. In June and August, Lee threw 81 2/3 innings and allowed three runs.

Over his last three post-season starts, Lee has a 7.13 ERA and a 1.64 ratio. He has been charged with 26 hits and three walks in 17 2/3 innings.

He faced a St Louis lineup that went (1) Rafael Furcal (SS/S) (2) Allen Craig (RF/R) (3) Albert Pujols (1B/R) (4) Lance Berkman (LF/S) (5) David Freese (3B/R) (6) Yadier Molina (C/R) (7) Ryan Theriot (2B/R) (8) Jon Jay (CF/L). That’s the same lineup the Cards used in game one with Theriot replacing the lefty Skip Schumaker at second with the lefty Lee pitching for the Phils.

St Louis had six hitters on the bench to start the game, righties Matt Holliday and Gerald Laird, lefties Adron Chambers, Skip Schumaker and Daniel Descalso and switch-hitter Nick Punto.

Furcal hit the first pitch of the game off the wall in right. The ball rolled away from Pence and Furcal was safe at third with a triple. Lee struck Craig out swinging 1-2 for the first out. Pujols swung at the first pitch and popped to Utley in shallow right-center for the second out with Furcal holding. Berkman got ahead in the count and smashed a 2-0 pitch down the third-base line, but Polanco back-handed and threw to first to get him for the third out.

No run for St Louis after the leadoff triple. No contact for Craig and Pujols pops up to Utley. Berkman smashed the ball.

Lee threw nine pitches in the first.

He started the second up 3-0. Freese doubled to right on his first pitch of the inning. Molina struck out looking 1-2 for the first out and Theriot out looking 0-2 (on the seventh pitch of his at-bat) for the second. Neither Molina or Theriot liked the calls, but they looked like good pitches to me. Jay went down on a ball handled by Lee for the third out to leave Freese stranded.

Second time in two innings that St Louis can’t score after an extra-base hit to start the inning.

Lee was at 23 pitches.

The Phils were up 4-0 when Lee started the third. Carpenter led off and flew to right on a 3-2 pitch for the first out. Furcal hit a ball up the middle, but Utley made a nice play moving to his right and threw Furcal out on a close play at first for the second out. Lee walked Craig on a 3-2 pitch, but struck Pujols out waving at an 0-2 curve ball to leave Craig at first.

Odd deep count on Carpenter in the inning plus the walk of Craig, but Lee keeps St Louis off the board. You want to avoid walking guys ahead of Pujols.

Lee was at 43 pitches through three innings.

He got ahead of Berkman 0-2 to start the fourth, but couldn’t put him away as Berkman drew a walk. Lee struck Freese out looking at a 1-2 fastball for the first out. Molina hit a 3-2 pitch back up the middle, just missed by Lee and off the glove of a diving Rollins, putting men on first and second for Theriot. Theriot hit the first pitch from Lee the opposite way, past Howard and down the right field line for a double. Berkman scored to cut the lead to 4-1 with men on second and third. Jay hit a 1-0 pitch into right, scoring Molina (4-2). Pence came home with the throw, but Theriot held third. Jay took second as the throw came home, sliding in safely to second just ahead of the return throw from Ruiz. With one down and men on second and third, switch-hitter Nick Punto hit for Carpenter. Lee struck Punto out swinging 1-2 for the second out. Furcal singled into left on a 1-0 pitch. Theriot scored to make it 4-3. Jay tried to score from second, arriving at the plate at the same time as Ibanez’s lollipop throw from left. Jay buried Ruiz, but Ruiz held on to the ball for the third out.

Great play by Ruiz to hold onto the ball. Ibanez’s throw was accurate at least if not strong. Punto can’t put the ball in play with one out and men on second and third. Walking the leadoff guy often doesn’t work that well.

Lee’s pitch count was up to 70 after a 27-pitch inning.

Lee set the Cards down in order in the fifth, getting Craig and Pujols both looking 0-2 before Berkman popped to Rollins for the third out.

Twelve pitches in the inning put him at 82.

He got the first two hitters in the sixth, getting Freese swinging for the first out and Molina on a fly ball to left for the second. Theriot was next and doubled to left on a 1-0 pitch. Jay followed and singled into left on an 0-1 pitch. Theriot scored to tie the game at 4-4 with Jay taking second on the throw. Lefty Skip Schumaker hit for the pitcher Fernando Salas and reached on an infield single, moving Jay up to third. Furcal hit a 1-0 pitch to third with Polanco going to second to leave both runners stranded.

Nineteen more pitches in the game for Lee. He was at 101.

Craig led off the seventh and drove a ball to center the Victorino misplayed before it went off his glove for a leadoff triple. Pujols was next and he lined the first pitch he saw from Lee into left-center for a single. Craig scored and St Louis led 5-4. Berkman was next and he moved Pujols to third with a single. That was it for Lee. Lidge came on to pitch to Freese. Freese hit a ball that Lidge fielded. He threw home where Pujols was out for the first out with Freese taking second on the play and Berkman moving up to third. Lidge walked Molina intentionally to load the bases then got out of the jam by getting Theriot to ground into a double-play to set St Louis down.

Long run for Victorino, but the ball Craig hit would have been a nice one to have. Lidge does a great job, coming in with men on first and third and nobody out and keeping St Louis off the board.

Bastardo started the eighth and walked Jay on six pitches. Descalso, double-switched into the game in the bottom of the seventh, was next and bunted Jay to second with the first out. Bastardo struck Furcal out swinging 2-2 for the second out. Worley came in to pitch to the righty Craig and got him to fly to right 1-1 to leave Jay at second.

Glad to see Bastardo get the big strikeout on Furcal, but walking Jay on six pitches wasn’t a good way to start the inning.

Madson started the ninth. Pujols led off with a single to left. Berkman struck out swinging 3-2 as Pujols was hung up by Ruiz and eventually tagged out for the second. Madson struck out Chambers, double-switched into the game in the eighth, on a 2-2 pitch for the third out.

Three shutout innings for the pen in relief of Lee in which they allowed a hit and two walks. Madson threw 15 pitches, Bastardo 12, Lidge six and Worley three.

Furcal is 3-for-8 with a triple so far in the series. Pujols 3-for-8 with three singles. Berkman 2-for-8 with a big homer in game one.

Jay and Molina are both 2-for-7 with two singles.

Freese and Craig have gone 2-for-14 with seven strikeouts.

Schumaker 3-for-5 with a double and Theriot 2-for-4 with two doubles.

The Phillies lineup against righty Chris Carpenter went (1) Rollins (SS/S) (2) Utley (2B/L) (3) Pence (RF/R) (4) Howard (1B/L) (5) Victorino (CF/S) (6) Ibanez (LF/L) (7) Polanco (3B/R) (8) Ruiz (C/R). That’s the same lineup they used against righty Kyle Lohse in game one.

The Phils started the game with six players on their bench, righties John Mayberry, Wilson Valdez and Ben Francisco, lefties Brian Schneider and Ross Gload and switch-hitter Michael Martinez.

Rollins led off the bottom of the first and hit a 2-0 pitch off the top of the wall in right for a double. Utley and Pence both walked behind, loading the bases for Howard. Howard singled up the middle, scoring Rollins and Utley and moving Pence to third with the Phils up 2-0. Victorino swung at the first pitch from Carpenter and flew to center with Jay moving in. Pence held third. Ibanez was next and he lined a 1-1 pitch to left for a single, scoring Pence (3-0) and moving Howard up to second. Polanco got ahead in the count but grounded into a double-play on a 2-1 pitch to end the inning.

Again Howard and Ibanez deliver big hits to get the Phils on the board. Again Rollins starts the rally. Victorino can’t bring Pence in from third with the first out.

Carpenter threw 30 pitches in the inning.

Ruiz led off the bottom of the second and grounded to short on a 1-2 pitch for the first out. Lee was next and struck out trying to check his swing 2-2. Rollins was next and he smashed a 3-1 pitch even higher off the wall in right (more right-center this time) for another double. Rollins was running as Carpenter delivered a 3-2 pitch to Utley way out of the zone. Utley had another walk and the Phils had men on first and third. Pence got behind in the count but singled hard to right 0-2. Rollins scored from third to make it 4-0 with Utley moving up to second. Howard hit a 2-0 pitch well to left, but Berkman took it on the track to leave both runners stranded.

Two long doubles for Rollins in two innings. The one in the second was hit the bigger part of the field and very nearly a home run. Not sure that Rollins would have scored from second on the single by Pence. No chance without two outs, but he might have tried with two.

Another long inning for Carpenter, who had thrown 56 through two innings.

Victorino grounded to first to start the third. Ibanez grounded hard to second on a 2-0 pitch for the second out. Polanco struck out swinging 0-2 for the third out.

Polanco 0-for-2 with a strikeout and a grounded into a double-play in the first three innings of the game after going 0-for-4 with two strikeouts in game one. He went 6-for-33 in the post-season in 2010. In his most recent playoff action prior to 2010, Polanco had gone 0-for-17 for Detroit in the 2006 World Series against St Louis.

Carpenter was at 64 pitches for the game.

Righty Fernando Salas started the fourth for St Louis with the lead cut to 4-3. He set the Phils down in order on three ground balls, getting Ruiz, Lee and Rollins.

He was back for the fifth and threw another 1-2-3 frame, striking out Utley and Pence and getting Howard on a fly ball to center.

Utley struck out looking at a 3-2 pitch they looked like it was outside by a non-trivial amount.

Two huge shutdown innings for Salas after Carpenter leads in which the Cards get back into the game.

Righty Octavio Dotel started the sixth for St Louis with the score tied at 4-4. He was pitching for the second time in the series after two-thirds of an inning and seven pitches in game one. Victorino lined to center for the first out. Ibanez struck out swinging 1-2 for the second. Polanco flew to center for the third.

The Phils were down 5-4 when Dotel started the seventh and struck Ruiz out swinging 1-2 for the first out. Gload hit for Lidge. Lefty Marc Rzepczynski came in to pitch to Gload. Francisco hit for Gload against the lefty and flew to center for the second out. Rollins was next and he singled to left on a 1-0 pitch, but Rzepczynski picked him off of first with Pujols throwing down to second where Rollins was tagged out to end the inning.

Dotel has struck out four in two scoreless innings in the first two games of the series.

Rzepczynski was back to start the eighth and hit Utley with a 1-1 pitch. Boggs came in to face Pence, having thrown 36 pitches in game one, and Pence grounded to short with Utley forced at second for the first out. Lefty Arthur Rhodes came in and struck Howard out swinging 0-2 for the second out. Righty Jason Motte made his first appearance of the series, getting Victorino to fly to center 0-2 to leave Pence at first.

Motte was back for the ninth. He struck Ibanez out swinging 0-2 for the first out. Polanco flew to right for the second. Ruiz swung at the first pitch of his at-bat and grounded to second to end the game.

Six shutout innings from the St Louis bullpen in the game in which they allowed one hit, the single by Rollins against Rzepczynski, and struck out six. Motte, Dotel and Salas all had great days for St Louis.

Rollins was 3-for-4 with two doubles, a stolen base and a caught stealing. He’s 5-for-8 so far in the series.

Utley was 0-for-1 with two walks and was hit by a pitch. 3-for-6 with two walks and two doubles so far.

Pence 1-for-3 with a walk. 3-for-8 in the first two games.

Howard 1-for-4 with two RBI. 2-for-7 with a home run and six RBI in the series.

Victorino 0-for-4 and left three men on base. 3-for-8 with two RBI.

Ibanez 1-for-4 with an RBI and two strikeouts. 3-for-8 with a home run and four RBI in the series.

Polanco 0-for-4 with a strikeout. 0-for-8 with three strikeouts in the series. He hit 243/304/287 in his last 409 plate appearances in the regular season.

Ruiz 0-for-4 with a strikeout. 0-for-8 with two strikeouts so far.

Game three is tomorrow in St Louis.