Akinori Otsuka had surgery on his right elbow. This says that it will keep him out for the 2008 season. Not a medical professional, but all that seems like it makes it less likely he’ll see much time with the Phils this year.

Jimmy Rollins and Geoff Jenkins may be participating Royce Clayton’s celebrity Poker tournament along with, according to the article, fellow MLB players Luis Gonzalez and Bob Lanier. If Bob Lanier is going to play Major League Baseball he’s got no time to dawdle. On the other hand, if he can pitch even a little bit he’s not somebody the Phillies should dismiss out of hand. Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes.

Ricky Bottalico will be part of the Iron Pigs broadcast team.

Article about prospects that could impact the NL East in 2008 here. I don’t think there’s any question that Cameron Maybin is going to be the most exciting of the group to watch. For the Phillies, the article mentions Carrasco, Happ, Golson, Zagurski and Outman. My guess would be the chances of seeing Zagurski, Happ and Outman are much better than the chances that Carrasco or Golson get significant time with the Phils in ’08. Carrasco won’t be 21 until March and even if Eaton struggles hugely I think the Phils will go elsewhere first. Golson has a career .304 on-base percentage in the minor leagues and 153 at-bats above Single-A.

This article says the Mets are not willing to give the Twins the five prospects they want for Johan Santana.