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30 days of plight

The Phils were an ugly 11-15 in June, a .423 winning percentage over 26 games.

By winning percentage, June of 2009 is the worst month in which they played at least three games they’ve had since June, 2006. In June of 2006 the Phils went 9-18 and never recovered. The Phils went into June ’06 at 27-25 and came out of it 36-43. They went 49-34 after the end of June but it wasn’t enough. They finished in second place in the NL East at 85-77, 12 games behind the Mets. The Dodgers were the Wild Card team that year at 88-74.

Charlie Manuel took over as the manager of the Phillies for the 2005 season. Here are the best months the Phillies have had since then (not including this month or months where they played less than four games):

Month Record WPCT WPCT Rank
September ’08 17-8 .680 1
September ’06 18-10 .643 2
August ’06 18-11 .621 3
May ’06 17-11 .607 4
May ’09 17-11 .607 4
September ’07 17-11 .607 4

And here are the worst:

Month Record WPCT WPCT Rank
June ’06 9-18 .333 1
April ’05 10-14 .417 2
April ’06 10-14 .417 2
June ’09 11-15 .423 4
April ’07 11-14 .440 5

Each of the five worst months have come in the first three full months of the six-month season. Four of the six best months have come in either August or September.

Even if the Phillies hadn’t played better historically under Manuel towards the end of the season, a big difference between the ’06 swoon in June and the ’09 swoon in June is the quality of the teams in the National League East. In 2006 the Phils finished their miserable June 11 games out of first. This year when June ended they led the NL East by a game and half.

The other thing about 2009 was how good their May was — they went 17-11, giving it a place as one of the three months tied for fourth-best on the list above. It helped the Phils come into June this season with a 28-20 record, which put them in first place in the NL East atop the Mets by a half game.

Finally, as bad as the Phillies were in June of this year, the team that most people see as their primary competition for the division, the Mets, were even worse. New York went 9-18 in the month. They came into June half a game behind the Phils and even with the Phillies playing terribly ended June three games behind them.

Ibanez went 0-for-2 with a walk yesterday at Reading and may be activated in time to play against the Pirates this weekend.

You can vote for Victorino to make the All-Star team until the afternoon of July 9 at the Phillies web site (click on the big thing that says, “Get Victorino to the All-Star game.”)

This says the Phils will be watching Pedro Martinez pitch in the Dominican Republic today. Please no. Charlie Manuel doesn’t sound particularly geeked up about it either.

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Pen out of tune in June

Just about everyone watching the Phillies these days has the same reaction: Man, the starting pitchers sure are throwing well. Okay, maybe not so much. Maybe that hasn’t really been anyone’s reaction. Maybe everyone’s been too stunned watching Marco Scutaro run around the bases to notice much of anything. Still, the starting pitching had been much better in June than it was in the two previous months even before Moyer pitched well last night (nothing in this post includes numbers from last night’s game):

Month IP ER H BB ERA Ratio
April 107.7 76 144 37 6.35 1.68
May 158.0 97 169 51 5.53 1.39
June 115.3 51 125 32 3.98 1.36
Total 381.0 224 438 120 5.29 1.46

Granted, there was a lot of room for improvement given that the starters put up a 6.35 ERA in April. But improve they have. The 3.96 ERA in the first 19 June starts is downright impressive — should be more than good enough given the offense. The walk rate for the starters has gone down as the season has progressed as well. They walked 3.1 hitters per nine innings in April, 2.9 in May and 2.5 so far this month.

Not counting last night, the Phillies have gotten 11 quality starts in 19 games in June (57.9%), including six in a row to start the month. They got 20 quality starts in 48 games before the start of June (41.7%).

Less impressive is what the bullpen has done this month:

Month IP ER H BB ERA Ratio
April 71.3 36 56 37 4.54 1.30
May 93.3 31 82 43 2.99 1.34
June 65.0 34 74 40 4.71 1.75
Total 229.7 101 212 120 3.96 1.45

Phillies relievers have a ridiculous 1.75 ratio for the month as the rates at which they allow both hits and walks have skyrocketed. They’ve allowed 10.2 hits per nine innings and 5.5 walks per nine innings. Both those numbers are real bad. To help put “real bad” into context, the Pirates had the worst bullpen in the NL by ERA in 2008. In 567 2/3 innings they allowed 277 walks and 573 hits. That’s a rate of 9.1 hits per nine innings and 4.4 walks per nine. Not including last night’s games, the Nats have the worst pen in the NL by ERA — in ’09 Washington has allowed 5.0 walks per nine innings and 9.7 hits per nine.

This says that Ibanez is hopeful he can be activated from the DL on July 3.

Brad Lidge guesses the Phillies will activate him tomorrow.

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