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Worser by far

The point of the last post was that the Phillies were extremely bad in 2013, perhaps better than only the Marlins in the 15-team National League.

Today’s point is that relative to the rest of the league, the Phillies were worse at preventing runs last year than they were at scoring them. That’s not to suggest that they couldn’t have been miserable at both — they were, in fact, miserable at both. But worse at preventing them than they were at scoring them.

The Phillies scored 3.77 runs per game in 2013 in a year when the average NL team scored 4.0 runs per game. So they scored about 94% of the average runs per game in the NL for the season.

They allowed about 116% of the average runs allowed in the league for the season, giving up 4.69 runs per game in a year when the average NL team allowed 4.04.

Using runs per game, the Phillies were better than only the Rockies at preventing runs in 2013. The Rockies allowed 4.76 runs per game, a very similar mark to the 4.69 surrendered by the Phillies.

Both the Phils and the Rockies were way above the rest of the NL in runs allowed per game. The Phillies were 14th in the category and the Padres were 13th. San Diego allowed 4.33 runs per game, more than a third of a run less per game than the Phils.

The Phillies also had two outstanding pitchers in Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels — each of them finished the year in the top ten in the NL in WAR for pitchers as calculated by both Baseball-Reference and FanGraphs.

bWAR NL Rank fWAR NL Rank
Lee 7.3 2 5.1 4
Hamels 4.6 7 4.2 8

Lee was top five at each of the sites and Hamels top ten. The problem was pretty much everybody else. Here’s some of the numbers for Lee and Hamels as well as the other pitchers on the team compared to NL averages for 2013:

IP ERA Ratio
Lee and Hamels 442 2/3 3.23 1.08
All other PHI P 993 2/3 4.80 1.50
Team Total 1436 1/3 4.34 1.37
NL Avg - 3.73 1.28

In a year when the average NL pitcher threw to a 3.73 ERA and a 1.28 ratio, all of the pitchers on the Phillies other than Lee and Hamels combined to pitch to a 4.80 ERA with a 1.50 ratio. That requires some pitchers having some miserable years and the Phillies had them. Lannan, Martin, Horst, Cloyd, Halladay, Valdes, Ramirez, Durbin and outfielder Casper Wells all threw to an ERA over 5.00 on the year and everyone on that list other than Lannan threw to an ERA over 6.00. Cloyd, Lannan and Halladay all threw at least 60 innings on the season. Cloyd, Halladay, Martin and Lannan combined to make 46 starts (about 28.4% of the team’s starts) for the season and threw to a 5.97 ERA in in 236 2/3 innings in those starts.

Hit the road jacks

More than one Phillie has done his best to try and talk his way off the nose-diving team in recent days, but last night two guys whose names have been in the air as the trade deadline approaches looked like they might be more interested in trying to hit their way off. Carlos Ruiz and Michael Young both hit two-run homers to back seven innings from John Lannan as the Phils topped the Giants 7-3.

The Phillies snapped an eight-game losing streak with the win.

The Phils are 50-56 on the year after beating the San Francisco Giants 7-3 last night. They are in third place in the NL East, 11 1/2 games behind the first-place Braves and 1 1/2 behind the Nats. Eight games out for the Wild Card with 56 to play.

Lannan got the start for the Phillies and went seven innings, allowing three runs on seven hits and two walks. Two of the hits went for extra-bases, both doubles. He struck out three.

Three of Lannan’s last four starts have been good. He allowed four runs in four innings against the Cardinals in the other. 3.49 ERA over his last eight outings. He’s allowed just two home runs in 63 2/3 frames on the year.

Andres Torres led off the top of the first with a double. Marco Scutaro bunted him to third with the first out. Pablo Sandoval was next and flew to Ruf in left center. Torres tagged and Ruf made a pretty nice throw home. The ball and Torres arrived at about the same time, but Ruiz didn’t handle it cleanly. Torres scored and the Giants led 1-0. Hunter Pence flew to center for the third out.

Ruf’s throw from left was right on line, but not especially strong.

Brett Pill singled to center with one out in the second and the Phils up 2-1. Guillermo Quiroz was next and Lannan got him to ground into a double-play to set the Giants down.

Brandon Crawford started the third with a single. The pitcher Barry Zito was next and bunted. Ruiz fielded and threw to second to force Crawford for the first out. Rollins took the throw and went to first in time to double Zito up. Lannan walked the next two batters, Torres and Scutaro, on 16 pitches. It brought Sandoval to the plate with two outs and men on first and second and he reached out over the plate and blooped a single to right. Torres scored, tying the game at 2-2, and Scutaro went to third. Pence grounded to short to leave the runners at the corners.

Sandoval’s RBI-single to right was ridiculous, but it only got the Giants a run because Lannan had walked the two previous batters. Lannan also got a huge break in the frame when the Phils got a double-play on Zito’s bunt.

Pill singled softly to left with one out in the fourth, but Lannan got the next two hitters to leave him at first.

The Phils led 4-2 when Lannan started the fifth. Scutaro singled to left with two outs, but Lannan got Sandoval on a ground ball to third to set San Francisco down.

He threw a 1-2-3 sixth.

Quiroz doubled to center to start the seventh with the Phils leading 6-2. Lefty Gregor Blanco hit for the pitcher Guillermo Moscoso and moved Quiroz up to third with a ground out. Joaquin Arias followed with a softly hit grounded to second. Utley threw to first for the second out as Quiroz scored, cutting the lead to 6-3. Lannan struck Torres out swinging to set the Giants down.

Bastardo pitched the eighth with the Phils up 7-3. Pence singled softly to center with two outs, but Bastardo got Jeff Francoeur on a fly ball to right to end the frame.

Bastardo has a nice frame coming off allowing a run over 1 2/3 innings on Sunday. 1.42 ERA and 0.87 ratio in 12 July appearances with 17 strikeouts in 12 2/3 innings.

De Fratus pitched the ninth with the Phils up four. He allowed a leadoff single to Pill, but got the next three on a pair of line drives and a ground ball.

De Fratus has walked 15 in 25 innings for the year, but hasn’t been charged with a run in 4 1/3 innings over his last four times out.

Two scoreless innings for the pen in which they allow two singles and no walks while striking out one. Bastardo threw 20 pitches and De Fratus 15.

The Phillie lineup against lefty Barry Zito went (1) Rollins (2) Michael Young (3) Utley (4) Ruf (5) Frandsen (6) Delmon Young (7) Mayberry (8) Ruiz. Ruf comes into the game with 104 career plate appearances, but hits cleanup and plays left field. He seems like a lock to be a butcher in left given enough time. Frandsen at first and Mayberry in center. Michael Young plays third as non-specific trade rumors abound. Ruf shouldn’t be hitting cleanup for anyone, but the lineup doesn’t look quite as atrocious against a lefty as it would a righty.

The Phillies were down 1-0 when they hit in the bottom of the first. Michael Young and Utley singled back-to-back with one out, putting runners on the corners for Ruf. Ruf struck out swinging for the second out, but Delmon Young followed with a single to right. Michael Young scored (1-1) and Utley went to third. Frandsen was next and was hit by a pitch, loading the bases for Mayberry. Mayberry walked 3-2, forcing Utley home. 2-1 with the bases still loaded for Ruiz. Ruiz popped to third to leave them loaded.

Ruf can’t bring the runner home from third with less than two outs, striking out against the lefty with one down and runners on the corners. Delmon Young picks him up with a big hit that gets the Phils on the board.

Mayberry draws a big walk to force in a run.

Frandsen again is hit by a pitch. He’s been hit ten times this season. Nobody else has been hit more than four. Ten hit-by-pitch for the year and eight walks in 141 plate appearances. Only three players across both leagues have been hit more than ten times this season.

Michael Young walked with two outs in the second, but Utley struck out behind him.

The game was tied at 2-2 when the Phils went in order in the third.

Mayberry singled to left to start the fourth. Ruiz was next and hammered a 1-1 pitch from Zito out to left, putting the Phils up 4-2. Zito got Lannan on a liner to second for the first out and righty Guillermo Moscoso came in to pitch to Rollins. Rollins singled softly to left and took second on an error by the left fielder Francoeur. Michael Young flew to right for the second out with Rollins moving up to third. Utley was walked intentionally, bringing Ruf to the plate with runners on the corners. Moscoso got ahead of him in the count before hitting Ruf 0-2, loading the bases for Delmon Young. Young lined to second to end the inning.

First home run of the year for Ruiz and first since September 25, 2012, against the Nats.

The Phillies went in order in the fifth.

Lannan walked off of Moscoso to start the sixth. Rollins flew to right behind him for the first out, but Michael Young was next and hit a 2-0 pitch out to left, putting the Phils up 6-2. Utley and Ruf went down behind Young.

Eighth home run of the year for Michael Young and his sixth off of a righty. He’s been good against righties this year, but is oddly hitting just 226/327/387 against lefties.

The lead was cut to 6-3 when the Phils hit in the seventh. Delmon Young led off and reached on softly hit infield single off of righty Jean Machi. Martinez ran for him at first and moved up to second when Frandsen grounded to short for the first out. Mayberry was next and doubled into the left field corner, scoring Martinez to extend the lead to 7-3. Ruiz moved Mayberry up to third with a ground out to second. Just up Cody Asche hit for Lannan, making his major league debut. He got ahead in the count, but popped up to second on a 2-0 pitch to end the inning.

Utley singled to center off of Machi with two outs in the eighth. Ruf struck out swinging to leave him at first.

Third strikeout of the game for Ruf, including a big one in the first with one out and runners on the corners.

Rollins was 1-for-5. 2-for-his-last-13. On-basing .315 for the year with an isolated power of .092. .092 is his worst mark for isolated power in any season in which he’s had 100 plate appearances. He hit 23 home runs last year with an isolated power of .177. Baseball-Reference calculates his WAR for the season at 0.0. From 2004 to 2008, he ranged between 4.6 and 6.1. Negative dWAR for the year and negative UZR at short as calculated by FanGraphs.

Michael Young 2-for-4 with a walk and a two-run homer. 6-for-his-last-36 (.167) with seven walks and two home runs.

Utley 2-for-4 with a walk. Came into the game 0-for-his-last-12. 287/359/503 over his last 192 plate appearances.

Ruf 0-for-4 with three strikeouts and was hit by a pitch. Almost threw Torres out at the plate from left in the top of the first. But not quite. 214/313/286 over his last 48 plate appearances. 3-for-16 (.188) so far against lefties with two home runs.

Delmon Young 2-for-4 with an RBI. 2-for-his-last-15. 26-for-his-last-90 (.286), but with just four extra-base hits, all doubles, and an isolated power of .044.

Frandsen 0-for-3 with a hit-by-pitch. 294/432/500 against lefties this year after posting a 400/426/556 line against them in 2012.

Mayberry 2-for-3 with a walk, a double and two RBI. 7-for-his-last-18 with two walks and two doubles. The way he can help a team is by hitting lefties, but he didn’t do a ton against lefties last night other than the bases loaded walk off of Zito. Still just hitting 262/308/492 against lefties for the year. I’d expect the on-base numbers against lefties to go up as he plays more with a ton of power. He’s on-basing .319 against righties and I would not be holding my breath for that number to go up.

Ruiz 1-for-4 with a two-run homer. 4-for-his-last-15. One walk in his last 74 plate appearances.

Kendrick (9-7, 3.96) faces righty Chad Gaudin (4-2, 2.77) tonight. Kendrick threw to a 3.22 ERA over his first 13 starts, but has a 5.26 ERA in his last eight times out. Gaudin threw to a 2.05 ERA in 18 relief appearances for San Franciso before moving into the rotation in early June. He threw to a 2.23 ERA in his first seven starts before allowing six runs to the Reds in 3 2/3 innings his last time out.

I updated the Start Log

I updated the Start Log, which should now include all of the first half games.

Some scattered thoughts:

  • The Phillies are 19-27 on the year when Halladay (2-5), Hamels (6-14) or Lee (11-8) have started and 29-21 when anybody else (Kendrick, Lannan, Cloyd and Pettibone) have started.
  • The Phils went 1-11 in the first 12 starts that Hamels made on the year as he threw to a 4.86 ERA. During that stretch of 12 games, the Phillies lost five different games in which Hamels a) threw at least six innings and b) allowed two runs or fewer.
  • On April 13, Hamels held the Fish to a run over six innings. The game went into the ninth tied and Florida won 2-1 on a walkoff error by Utley.

    On April 23 he held the Pirates to two runs over eight innings. The Phils didn’t score in the game and lost 2-0.

    On May 4 he went eight again, holding the Marlins to two runs on four hits and no walks. The Phils had one hit and lost 2-0.

    May 9 he didn’t pitch especially well, allowing six hits and five walks over six innings, but he did manage to hold Arizona to a pair of runs. The Phillies managed one in the game and lost 2-1.

    May 20 he struck out ten Marlins while allowing two runs over six frames. The Phillies again scored one run and the bullpen gave up three in the bottom of the eighth as Florida won 5-1.

  • The Phils are 11-8 when Lee starts, but in 15 of the 19 games, Lee’s Game Score for the game is higher than the Game Score of the other team’s starting pitcher. Game Score is a miserable stat, but that still means that, using Game Score, in 15 of the 19 games that Lee started, the combination of Lee and the Phillie offense was better than the combination of the other team’s starting pitcher and offense, at least according to Game Score, and the Phillies only won 11 of those games. The Phils were 0-4 when Lee’s Game Score was worse than his opponent and 11-4 when it was better. On June 7, June 24 and June 29, Lee outpitched his counterpart all three times and the Phils still went 0-3. The bullpen threw to a 6.75 ERA in those games for the Phils.
  • The bullpen was bad for Lee, throwing to a 3.99 ERA with a 1.64 ratio in games that he started, but it was even worse in games that were started by Kendrick (5.36, 1.65) or Halladay (6.20, 1.62).
  • The Phillies scored 3.37 runs per game in the 46 games started by a Halladay, Hamels or Lee and scored 4.32 runs per game in 50 games started by someone else.
  • The Phils are 16-9 when Lannan or Pettibone starts and that has a lot to do with the offense (especially when Pettibone starts). On days that Pettibone starts the Phils are scoring an average of 4.63 runs per game and on the days that Lannan starts they are scoring an average of 4.44 runs per game. That’s a little misleading as Lannan started the game where the Phillies scored 16 runs — over his other eight starts they scored 24 runs or 3.0 runs per game.
  • The 16-run Lannan game was one of only two games this season in which the Phillies have scored more than eight runs. They scored nine on April 27.
  • The bullpen is just absolutely terrible. They’ve thrown to a 4.39 ERA (worst in the league) and a 1.50 ratio (worst in the league) in a year where the NL average is a 3.53 ERA and a 1.28 ratio.
  • The bullpen is third in the NL in total walks allowed, which is a ton given that they are last in innings pitched. The average NL bullpen has thrown about 289 innings and the Phillie bullpen has thrown 252.
  • Over 96 games, the Phillies have scored 371 runs on the year and allowed 416, which means they are allowing 0.47 runs per game more than they score. They shouldn’t count on playing .500 for too much longer if they continue to do so. Their Pythagorean Winning Percentage has them at 43-53.

Can you hear me now?

The Nats didn’t want John Lannan, but his performance last night may have them wondering why. Lannan was outstanding, throwing eight shutout innings as the Phils topped Washington 3-2.

An overused Papelbon gave up a pair of runs in the ninth, but held on to get his 19th save.

It was Lannan’s day, but Revere and Rollins stole the show offensively for the Phils. Hitting one and two in the order, the duo combined to go 5-for-9 with a double and two stolen bases and scored all three Phillie runs. They were the driving forces behind a two-run bottom of the first and produced another run in the sixth when Revere doubled with two outs and Rollins singled him home. They did their best to start another rally in the second, but a nice play from Ian Desmond at short took a hit away from Rollins.

The Phils have gone 5-2 over their last seven games, playing against some of the best teams in their division and in the NL between the Pirates, Braves and Nationals.

The Phillies are 44-46 on the year after beating the Washington Nationals 3-2 last night. The Phils lead the four-game series one game to none. They’re 5-2 in July despite allowing the same number of runs they’ve scored (33). They’ve scored 70 runs in their last 13 games, an average of 5.38 runs per game. Prior to those 13 games, they had scored 283 runs in 77 games, or about 3.68 runs per game. The 5.38 runs per game over the last 13 is inflated by a single game on June 28 when they beat the Dodgers 16-1, but even removing that game they’ve still scored 4.5 runs per game over their last 12.

Lannan got the start for the Phillies and went eight shutout innings, allowing four hits, all singles, and two walks. He struck out four.

That’s definitely Lannan’s best start as a Phillie and probably his best since May 27, 2011. He allowed two hits and two walks over 7 2/3 scoreless innings that day as the Nats topped the Padres 2-1.

He drops his ERA on the year to 4.23 after eight starts. He’s allowed just two home runs in 44 2/3 innings over his eight appearances, but righties are hitting 309/362/441 against him.

He set the Nats down in order in the top of the first.

He started the second up 2-0. Jayson Werth reached on a softly hit infield single with one out, but Lannan got Andy LaRoche on a fly ball to center for the second out and struck Anthony Rendon out swinging for the third.

He threw a 1-2-3 third.

Bryce Harper walked with one out in the fourth, but Ruiz threw him out trying to steal second for the second out. Ryan Zimmerman followed with a single into center and Werth walked behind Zimmerman, putting men on first and second for LaRoche. LaRoche hit the ball well, but Utley handled it and threw to first to set the Nats down.

Huge caught stealing of Harper for the second out in the inning saves the Phils at least one run. Harper looked like he was actually safe at second on a close play, but the Phils catch a big break with the call.

Lannan set the Nats down in order in the fifth.

Harper singled to right with two outs in the sixth. Zimmerman grounded to short for the third out.

Up 3-0, Lannan threw a 1-2-3 seventh.

Steve Lombardozzi bunted for a single with one out in the eighth. Denard Span was the next batter and grounded to second with Utley going to Rollins to force Lombardozzi for the second out. Lannan struck Ian Desmond out swinging 0-2 to end the frame.

Lannan allowed just four hits in his eight innings. One was the bunt single by Lombardozzi in the eighth and the other was a softly hit infield single by Werth in the second.

Papelbon started the ninth with the Phils still up by three. Harper led off with a single into center and moved up to third when Zimmerman doubled to center. It brought Werth to the plate as the tying run with nobody out and man on second and third. Werth blasted an 0-1 pitch to center, but Revere took in on the track in front of the wall for the second out. Harper tagged and scored (3-1) and Zimmerman moved up to third. LaRoche was next and he flew to center for the second out. Zimmerman tagged and scored. 3-2 with two outs and nobody on. Lefty Chad Tracy hit for the pitcher Ross Ohlendorf and flew to center to end the game.

Papelbon started the inning despite having thrown in three of the past four days, including 25 pitches the day before.

Papelbon gets Tracy to end the game. On June 17, Tracy homered off of Papelbon with two outs in the top of the ninth to tie the game at 4-4. The Phils won it in the bottom of the ninth on a two-out single by Brown that scored Revere. Lannan also started the June 17 game.

Papelbon has pitched two days in a row and four times in five days. He almost surely will not pitch tonight, which is a problem for the Phillies given his status as the the only effective reliever in their pen.

Last night was just the second time this year he’s allowed more than one earned run in an appearance. He has a 4.09 ERA over 11 innings in his last 11 times out. He’s also allowed two unearned runs over those outings.

The Phillie lineup against righty Dan Haren went (1) Revere (2) Rollins (3) Utley (4) Brown (5) Michael Young (6) Delmon Young (7) Ruf (8) Ruiz. Rollins hit second in the order for the first 11 games of the season and now has hit second two in a row. He’s been in the starting lineup 86 times — batting first 39 times, third 31 and second 16. Ruf plays first against the righty with Howard on the DL and out 6-8 weeks.

Revere and Rollins singled back-to-back to start the bottom of the first and pulled off a double-steal that left them on second and third with nobody out. Utley struck out swinging for the first out, but Brown was next and hit a ball back up the middle and off Haren’s foot. The ball rolled towards first and Brown beat it out for a single. Revere scored (1-0) and Rollins moved up to third, leaving runners on the corners with one down for Michael Young. Haren uncorked a wild pitch with Young at the plate, which moved Brown up to second with Rollins holding third. Young went on to walk, loading the bases for Delmon Young. Delmon Young struck out swinging 1-2 for the second out. Ruf was next and walked on a 3-2 pitch, moving everyone up a base and forcing Rollins home to make it 2-0. Ruiz flew to right to leave them loaded.

The Phils get three hits, two walks, two stolen bases and a wild pitch in the frame, but wind up with just one run. Big strikeouts for Utley and Delmon Young with less than two outs before Ruiz flies out with the bases loaded.

Brown moves up to second on the wild pitch with Rollins holding third, which looks weird in the box score, but looked less weird when it happened. The ball went under the catcher Ramos and to the backstop, off the wall and straight back towards the catcher. Rollins held and would have been out had he tried to go home, except that Ramos didn’t handle the ball as it came off the wall and it kicked away from him. So Rollins would actually have been safe. Didn’t matter at all as he scored on Ruf’s walk anyway.

Revere singled softly to right with one out in the second. Rollins was next and hit a ball in the hole between short and third, but Desmond made a nice diving play and threw to first to retire Rollins. Utley flew to left for the third out.

Second time in two innings that Revere and Rollins do their part to get a rally started at the top of the order. Desmond made a very nice play to take a hit away from Rollins and change the inning.

Brown walked to start the third and moved up to second when Michael Young followed and singled softly into center. Delmon Young struck out swinging for the first out and Ruf struck out swinging for the second. Ruiz flew to right to end the inning.

No run for the Phillies after they put runners on first and second with nobody out to start the inning. Second huge strikeout for Delmon Young in two at-bats. In the first he struck out swinging with one out and the bases loaded. In the third he struck out swinging with nobody out and runners on first and second.

The Phillies went in order in the fourth.

Michael Young singled with one out in the fifth and moved to third when Delmon Young singled softly to right. It put runners on the corners for Ruf with two down. Ruf struck out swinging to leave them stranded.

Revere doubled to left off of lefty Fernando Abad with two outs in the sixth. Rollins was next and lined a single to right. Revere tried to score from second and slid in just ahead of a strong throw from Werth, putting the Phils up 3-0 with Rollins on second and two down. Utley grounded to second to end the frame.

Revere and Rollins again come up big. Back-to-back singles in the first and they both score. Revere singled with one out in the second and Rollins has a hit taken away by Desmond. Revere doubles in the sixth and scores on a two-out single by Rollins.

Revere doubles against the lefty. Ends the day with a 369/379/492 line against left-handed pitching for the season with seven extra-base hits in 66 PA. His isolated power for the year against righties is .030 and .123 against lefties.

Righty Ross Ohlendorf set the Phillies down in order in the seventh. Brown got an extra chance when Ramos dropped a foul popup, but grounded to third for the first out.

Ruf singled off of Ohlendorf to start the eighth and McDonald ran for him at first. Ruiz struck out for the first out. Frandsen hit for Lannan and struck out swinging for the second. Revere grounded to second to set the Phillies down.

Two scoreless innings and three strikeouts for Ohlendorf, who pitched kinda like he was channeling Fozzie Bear after Fozzie had spent a week studying pitchers from the 1920s. Don’t know where he came up with that windup, but it’s definitely entertaining. The whole thing owes an assist to the reality that Ohlendorf’s last name is Ohlendorf and he has an eightish ERA over the last two years.

Revere was 3-for-5 with a double and a stolen base in the game. Scored two of the three Phillie runs and his double was the only extra-base hit of the game for the Phils. 11-for-his-last-23 with two doubles and a triple. 343/379/406 in his 222 plate appearances since the end of April.

Rollins 2-for-4 with a stolen base and an RBI. 3-for-his-last-12. Two extra-base hits, both doubles, and a .281 slugging percentage over his last 141 plate appearances.

Utley 0-for-4 with a big strikeout after the double-steal in the first. 6-for-27 (.222) to start July.

Brown 1-for-3 with a walk and an RBI. 370/404/700 so far in July. 300/333/614 over his last 285 plate appearances.

Michael Young 2-for-3 with a walk. 5-for-his-last-10 with two walks.

Delmon Young was 1-for-4, struck out three times and left five men on base. He had two huge early strikeouts with less than two outs. Struck out with the bases loaded and one out in the first and with men on first and second with nobody out in the third. He’s hitting 429/462/551 over his last 52 plate appearances.

Ruf 1-for-3 with a walk and an RBI. Struck out twice. 3-for-7 with a double and two walks on the year.

Ruiz 0-for-4 with a strikeout and six men left on base. 2-for-his-last-10. Three extra-base hits in 122 PA for the year and an isolated power of .028.

Hamels (3-11, 4.38) faces righty Taylor Jordan (0-1, 2.70) tonight. The Phillies have won two games started by Hamels in a row for the first time this season. Coming in those two starts they were 2-14 in games he started. The 24-year-old Jordan was drafted by the Nats in the ninth round of the ’09 draft and has made two appearances with Washington this year, both starts. He hasn’t allowed an extra-base hit to any of the 46 batters he’s faced this season.


The Phillies started yesterday with a chance to end the night over .500 for the year. They ended it at 6-9 for the season, quickly falling in the conclusion of Wednesday night’s suspended game before getting blown out 11-2 in the scheduled game.

Aumont start the bottom of the ninth in the suspended game with the score tied at 0-0, nobody out and Zack Cozart at the plate. Cozart singled to left and moved up to second when Aumont walked Joey Votto. Brandon Phillips was next and lined a ball into left-center, which went off of Revere’s glove for an error that loaded the bases. Jay Bruce singled to right, scoring Cozart to get the Reds a 1-0 win.

Aumont faced four batters and all four reached base. He faced lefties Joey Votto and Jay Bruce in a tie game in the bottom of the ninth and both reached base. Horst and Valdes were presumably available to pitch, although anyone who saw game two probably isn’t really sorry they didn’t bring in Valdes.

The Phillies got bombed 11-2 in the scheduled game. John Lannan got hit hard and left with an injury after just 1 2/3 innings. Valdes got hit hard after Lannan left. The Phils got all their offense in the game on a two-run homer by Galvis in the eighth when they were trailing by 11 runs.

Two injuries for the Phils in the game — Lannan left his ugly start early with a knee injury and Domonic Brown hurt his back diving for a ball. He should never, ever dive for any reason. He should only swim in pools that have had the diving board removed. Just one man’s opinion. Lannan and Brown will both be examined by a team doctor today.

The Phillies scored two runs in the game and four runs in the three-game set. They have scored a total of ten runs in their last six games. Over their last six games they have not scored a run before the sixth inning in any game.

The Phillies are 6-9 on the season after losing 11-2 to the Cincinnati Reds last night. The Reds sweep the three-game series.

Lannan got the start for the Phillies and went 1 2/3 innings, allowing six runs on eight hits and one walk. Four of the hits went for extra-bases, two doubles, a triple and a home run. He didn’t strike out anyone.

Cozart doubled with one out in the bottom of the first and scored on a single by Phillips. 1-0.

Todd Frazier homered to start the second. 2-0. Devin Mesoraco doubled with one out and scored when pitcher Mike Leake tripled to the wall in center. 3-0. Leake scored on a single by Derrick Robinson. 4-0. With two outs and the bases empty, the Reds loaded the bases on a single by Cozart, a Votto hit by pitch and a walk to Phillips. It brought Bruce to the plate and Bruce delivered a two-run single to right. 6-0. Valdes came in to pitch to the righty Frazier and got him swinging to leave the runners on first and third.

Chris Heisey and Mesoraco doubled off of Valdes back-to-back to stat the third. 7-0. Leake moved Mesoraco to third with an infield single before Valdes walked Robinson to load the bases. Valdes got Cozart to pop to Utley in foul territory for the first out and struck Votto out swinging for the second, but Phillips was next and singled softly to right. Mesoraco and Leake both scored (9-0), but Mayberry threw Phillips out trying to move up to second to end the inning.

Valdes came back and set the Reds down in order in the fourth.

He pitched the fifth, too. Leake reached again on an infield single with one down. Valdes struck Robinson out swinging for the second, but Cozart was next and hit a two-run homer to left. 11-0. Votto struck out swinging to set the Reds down.

Fourth appearance of the year for Valdes. He went 3 1/3 innings in the game, allowing five runs on six hits and a walk. 11.00 ERA and a 1.67 ratio for the season over nine innings. Opponents have hit .375 against him. The Phillies have asked him to pitch more than an inning in each of his four appearances, which sure seems like a bad idea to me.

Durbin pitched the sixth. He allowed a one-out single to Bruce, but got Frazier to ground into a double-play behind him.

Durbin came back to throw a 1-2-3 seventh.

The silver linings in the game for the Phillies are slim, but I’d go with Galvis’s home run and two scoreless innings for Durbin. After giving up runs in each of his first two outings of the year, Durbin has thrown 4 1/3 scoreless innings over his last three appearances.

Horst pitched the eighth with the Cincy lead cut to 11-2. He walked the leadoff man Robinson, but got the next three Reds in order.

Horst dropped his ERA to 8.10 with the scoreless inning. He’s walked three in 6 2/3 innings for the season. Lefties are curiously 5-for-11 with two walks, a double and a triple (455/538/727) against him in the early going.

Overall the pen went 6 1/3 innings in the game, allowing five runs on seven hits and two walks. Durbin and Horst combined to go three scoreless innings while Valdes allowed five runs over 3 1/3.

Durbin threw 20 pitches in the game and Horst 13. Valdes is clearly unavailable tonight after throwing 59 pitches in relief of Lannan.

The Phillie lineup against righty Mike Leake went (1) Revere (2) Rollins (3) Utley (4) Howard (5) Young (6) Brown (7) Mayberry (8) Kratz. Mayberry starts in right against the righty with Nix on the bench.

Rollins singled with one out in the top of the first, but Utley and Howard went down behind him.

Down 1-0, the Phillies went in order in the second.

Down 6-0, Valdes doubled to center with one out in the third. Revere and Rollins went down to leave him stranded.

First plate appearance for Valdes since 2010. He’s 5-for-11 in his career with two doubles.

Down 9-0, Howard and Young struck out as the Phils went in order in the fourth.

Ezequiel Carrera was hit by a pitch to start the fifth. Mayberry flew to left for the first out and Kratz grounded into a double-play behind Mayberry.

Down 11-0, the Phillies went in order in the sixth. Galvis hit for Valdes and grounded out for the first out of the inning.

Young singled with two outs in the seventh. Carrera struck out behind him.

Mayberry doubled off of righty Justin Freeman to start the eighth. Kratz flew to right for the first out, but Galvis was next and he hit the first pitch he saw from Freeman just out to right, getting the Phils on the board at 11-2. Revere and Nix went down behind Galvis.

Galvis is now 5-for-15 with two walks and a home run on the year. Four home runs in 218 plate appearances for his career.

Righty Logan Ondrusek pitched the ninth for the Reds. Howard singled with one out, but Young hit into a double-play behind him.

Revere was 0-for-4 with a strikeout in the game and 0-for-12 in the series. 194/242/194 for the season. He leads the team in plate appearances with 67. Raul Valdes has more extra-base hits than Revere for the season.

Rollins 1-for-3 last night and 1-for-10 in the series. Top two in the order for the Phils go 1-for-22 without a walk. Rollins is hitting 232/283/375 for the season. He’s 1-for-his-last-18.

Utley 0-for-2 in the game and 2-for-6 with a home run in the set. 283/328/566 for the year. He’s 4-for-his-last-20.

Howard 1-for-4 with a strikeout. 1-for-11 with three strikeouts in the series. 241/274/362. 1-for-15 against lefties on the season.

Young was 1-for-4 in the game and 3-for-10 with four strikeouts in the series. 346/404/481 for the year. Still hitting 390/444/561 against righties for the season.

Brown 0-for-1 with a strikeout yesterday. 1-for-7 in the series. 231/273/365 for the year.

Mayberry 1-for-3 with a double. 1-for-4 with a double in the series. 280/400/560 for the year. Leads the team in OPS for players with 20 or more PA.

Kratz 0-for-3 with a strikeout and hit into a double-play. 0-for-7 in the series. 156/152/267 for the year. 0-for-his-last-12.

Hamels (0-2, 7.56) faces St Louis righty Adam Wainwright (2-1, 2.05) tonight in Philadelphia. Hamels has made one good start in three tries this season. It came his last time out against the Marlins as he allowed a run over six innings. For the year he has walked eight in 16 2/3 innings and allowed four home runs. Wainwright has allowed two runs in 16 innings over his last two starts.

Johnny B not-so-goode

The Blue Jays demolished John Lannan yesterday, scoring 12 runs charged to Lannan in his four innings on their way to a 13-4 win.

Down 13-0, the Phillies got on the board with four runs in the top of the ninth.

They had one extra-base hit in the game, a double by Frandsen in the ninth inning. Frandsen was 2-for-4 on the day and was also the only Phillie with more than one hit. Just one walk in 59 plate appearances and a 286/310/518 line. Frandsen walked in just 4.3% of his 210 plate appearances with the Phillies in 2012. If you’re not going to walk or play good defense, slugging .518 is the way to go.

Revere was 1-for-2 with a walk and a stolen base. 329/372/397 for the spring. Five walks in 79 plate appearances is 6.3%, which is a little better than his career mark of 5.4%.

Rollins 1-for-3. 292/452/417 in 24 at-bats. There’s a good chance he doesn’t on-base .452 for the regular season, but if he does I’m picking the Phillies to win the World Series.

Utley 0-for-4 and struck out once. Mayberry 0-for-4 and struck out twice. Mayberry’s line drops to an ugly 194/250/269.

Brown 0-for-3 and struck out three times. 354/414/646.

Kratz was 1-for-4 with a two-run single in the ninth-inning rally. 270/289/568 with six extra-base hits and 11 RBI in 38 plate appearances.

Lannan got the start for the Phillies and went four innings, allowing 12 runs on 14 hits and a walk. After a 1-2-3 first, Lannan allowed eight runs in a bottom of the second that included a three-run homer for JP Arencibia and a two-run triple by Jose Reyes. Toronto scored their ninth run in the third on three singles. Arencibia hit another homer off of Lannan in the fourth, this time a two-run shot, as Toronto scored three more times.

Lannan started the day with a 3.21 ERA and ended it with an 8.50 ERA. Opponents have hit .338 against him over 18 innings, cause 14 is a lot of hits to give up in four innings. He had pitched well prior before yesterday’s disaster.

Miner pitched the fifth. He allowed a leadoff homer to Melky Cabrera before getting the next three. One run in one inning keeps Miner’s ERA at nine after nine official appearances. Opponents have hit .364 against him.

Mike Adams allowed a leadoff walk to start the sixth, but struck out the next three hitters he faced. 1.29 ERA and an 0.71 ratio for Adams. He’s allowed four hits and a walk over seven innings.

Aumont threw a 1-2-3 seventh and Kyle Simon a 1-2-3 eighth. Aumont has allowed just three hits and three walks in 6 1/3 innings over six appearances. He seems like a lock to start the year with the Phils. Simon has allowed two runs in four innings over six appearances.

The Phillies play the Rays this afternoon.

This article suggests that Horst and Valdes are the front-runners for the two bullpen jobs with Aumont ahead of Stutes for the final spot. If the Phillies carry Stutes to start the season and do not carry Aumont I will be stunned.

Kendrick pitched in a minor league game on Monday and allowed five runs in six innings. He gave up three home runs in the game.

This article talks about who will lead off for the Phillies in 2013. I am going to be very surprised if Ben Revere leads off against left-handed pitchers.

Update: The Phillies released Aaron Cook.

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