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Short shelling

I’m not holding back on you, I genuinely have no idea what Kyle Kendrick needs to do to get left-handed hitters out. But I know it’s something different. Through four innings and one batter yesterday, lefties had driven in five runs against him on a pair of home runs and an RBI single.

Lefties are hitting 326/394/530 against Kendrick this season and 324/384/539 against him for his career.

Condrey and Seanez followed up Kendrick with weak outings yesterday, but despite a pair of home runs and a double from Burrell the Phils never did manage to overcome Kendrick’s short, miserable start.

Also of note yesterday was that Eaton did not pitch after Kendrick left after just 4 1/3 innings. If he’s not a starter, not a reliever, not a position player and not So Taguchi you have to kind of wonder what his role is at this point. Two would be too many guys to have on a 25-man roster that you never use (while on the subject, Mike Cervenak isn’t really seeing what you’d call regular time, either). Eaton’s last appearance came on July 12.

The Phillies lost to the Florida Marlins yesterday, falling 9-5 to drop to 53-45 on the season.

Kyle Kendrick got the start for the Phillies and went 4 1/3 innings, allowing seven runs on ten hits and a walk. Four of the hits went for extra-bases, three home runs and a triple. He struck out two. His ERA is up to 4.87 on the season. It was the first time in his career he had allowed three home runs in a start.

With two outs in the first, Jorge Cantu singled and Josh Willingham was hit by a pitch, moving Cantu to second. Kendrick struck out Dan Uggla to leave both runners stranded.

He started the second up 1-0 and hit Mike Jacobs to start the inning. Cody Ross moved Jacobs to second with a single before lefty John Baker hit the first pitch of his at-bat out to right, making it 3-1. The pitcher Scott Olsen was next and he singled on a ball deflected by Rollins. Hanley Ramirez followed with a ground ball to third and Olsen was forced at second for the first out. Jeremy Hermida grounded to second and Ramirez was forced at second for the second out. Hermida stole second before Cantu singled into left. Hermida tried to score from second, but Burrell threw him out at the plate to end the inning.

Kendrick again gets hurt by the lefty, giving up the three-run homer to Baker.

He threw a 1-2-3 third.

Ross led off the fourth with the score tied at 3-3 and hit a fly ball to right that Werth couldn’t track down. Ross wound up on third — it was originally called an error but changed to give Ross a triple. Baker followed and singled into center. Ross scored to make it 4-3, but Baker went for second and was thrown out by Victorino for the first out of the inning. Kendrick got the next two.

Hermida led off the fifth and hit a 2-2 pitch out to right. It put Florida up 5-4 with all five runs having been driven in by Marlins’ lefties. Willingham singled with one out and Uggla came up and hit the first pitch of his at-bat out to left to make it 7-4. Kendrick walked Jacobs on five pitches and Condrey came in to pitch to the righty Ross. Ross moved Jacobs to third with a double and Condrey walked Baker to load the bases with one out. Luis Gonzalez hit for the pitcher Olsen and hit into a double-play to avoid further damage.

Condrey returned for the sixth. Hermida walked with one out and moved to third on a double by Cantu. Willingham was walked intentionally to load the bases again, but Condrey struck out Uggla and got Jacobs to pop to third to end the inning.

Seanez started the seventh. Baker walked with one out and moved to second on a wild pitch. Wes Helms flew to center for the second out before Seanez walked Ramirez and Hermida back-to-back to load the bases yet again. Cantu blasted a ball off the wall in left and Baker and Ramirez both scored. 9-4. Willingham grounded to third for the third out.

Madson pitched the eighth. With one out Alfredo Amezaga hit for pitcher Doug Waechter and hit a fly ball to right that went over Jenkins’ head — he either misjudged it or didn’t see it, but it was the second bad defensive play in right for the Phils in the game. Amezaga got a double and Madson got the next two to leave him stranded.

Condrey and Seanez were both bad in the game, although Condrey wasn’t charged with any runs. As a group the pen went 3 1/3 innings, allowing two runs on four hits and six walks. Condrey threw 31 pitches and Seanez 34, so you would think neither would be available today. Madson threw 13.

The Phillies’ lineup against lefty Scott Olsen went (1) Rollins (2) Victorino (3) Utley (4) Howard (5) Burrell (6) Werth (7) Feliz (8) Coste. Werth in righty against the lefty and Coste catching.

Rollins led off the first with a walk, but Victorino hit into a double-play and Utley flew to right.

Howard led off the second with a single and moved to third when Burrell followed with a double. Werth hit a ground ball to third and Howard was thrown out at home for the first out with Burrell moving to third. Feliz followed and he hit a ground ball to third. Cantu fielded and was going to throw home, but lost the ball taking it out of his glove. Burrell scored to put the Phils up 1-0. Cantu picked the ball up and threw to first, but his throw was bad for a second error on the play. Feliz wound up at second and Werth at third with one out. Coste hit yet another ground ball to third and Werth was thrown out at home. Kendrick walked to load the bases, but Rollins grounded to third to end the frame.

That’s a lot of grounding to third. Phils put men on second and third with no outs and different men on second and third with one out and score one run in the frame.

Utley doubled to right with one out in the third, but Howard and Burrell went down behind him.

Feliz tripled with one out in the fourth. Coste was next and he hit a 2-1 pitch down the right field line for a double. Feliz scored to cut the Florida lead to 3-2. Kendrick grounded to short with Coste holding second for the second out. Rollins singled into right center and Coste scored to tie the game at 3-3. Victorino flew to left for the third out.

With two outs in the fifth, Burrell hit a 1-2 pitch out to left to tie the game at 4-4. Werth singled before Feliz popped to second to set the Phillies down.

1-2-3 in the sixth and again in the seventh.

Burrell led off the eighth and hit a 3-2 pitch out to left. 9-5 Florida. Burrell’s second home run of the day hitting with two strikes. The Phils went in order behind him. Dobbs hit for Seanez and flew to center for the first out.

Jenkins walked to start the ninth with the Phils down 9-5. Rollins struck out for the first out before Victorino and Utley singled back-to-back, loading the bases for Howard. Howard struck out and Burrell grounded to short to end the game.

Rollins was 1-for-4 with an RBI.

Victorino 1-for-5.

Utley 2-for-5 with a double.

Howard 1-for-5.

Burrell 3-for-5 with two home runs and a double.

Werth 1-for-3.

Feliz 1-for-4 with an RBI.

Coste 1-for-4 with an RBI.

Cole Hamels (9-6, 3.15) faces righty Josh Johnson (0-0, 5.40) this afternoon. Coming off Tommy John surgery the 24-year-old Johnson has made just one appearance this season. It came on July 10 against the Dodgers and allowed three runs over five innings. Johnson finished fourth in the voting for Rookie of the Year in 2006 after going 12-7 with a 3.10 ERA and a 1.30 ratio for the Fish. Hamels has gone at least seven innings in each of his last three starts and has a 1.99 ERA in those appearances. Hanley Ramirez (8-for-18 with five doubles) has hit him hard over his career.

Phils forced to consult rule book to figure out what it means if the other team scores more runs than you

It was bound to happen sooner or later and the Phillies finally lost one last night. Utley hit yet another home run, but the offense was largely silent and the Phils lost for the first time in six games.

Not much to worry about for the Phillies with the possible exception of Cole Hamels. Hamels made his second straight bad start last night. He allowed three home runs in 5 2/3 innings. Even Hamels can have a bad start or even two in a row, but there has to be a little concern when you consider the recent results in conjunction with some high pitch counts since late April. In two of his last eight starts Hamels has thrown at least 120 pitches. That’s too many.

The other bad news of the game was that Carlos Ruiz was hit in the left hand by a pitch and left early.

The Phillies lost to the Florida Marlins last night, falling 7-3 to drop to 32-25 on the season.

Hamels got the start for the Phillies and went 5 2/3 innings, allowing seven runs on eight hits and a walk. Five of the hits went for extra-bases, two doubles and three home runs. He struck out four. Over his last two starts Hamels has gone 9 2/3 innings, allowing 13 earned runs (12.10 ERA) while striking out just four.

Jeremy Hermida singled with one out in the first. Jorge Cantu ripped a ball down the third base line, but Feliz made a nice play to start a double-play to end the frame.

Hamels threw a 1-2-3 second and a 1-2-3 third.

He started the fourth up 2-0. Hanley Ramirez led off with a double to left and moved to third when Hermida followed with a single. Cantu flew to right for the first out, but former Phil Wes Helms doubled to Burrell’s side of left-center and both runners scored with the helped of a dropped relay by Rollins. 2-2. Dan Uggla flew to left for the second out before Luis Gonzalez hit a 3-2 pitch out to right, putting the Fish up 4-2. Cody Ross walked and stole second before Matt Treanor grounded to third for the third out.

Hamels threw a 1-2-3 fifth.

Cantu started the sixth with a home run to left. 5-2. Hamels got the next two before Gonzalez singled to right. Ross was next and he jumped on the first pitch of his at-bat, hitting it just out to left to make it 7-2. Seanez came in and got the righty Treanor to end the frame.

Seanez returned for the seventh. Ramirez singled with one out, but Seanez struck out Hermida and got Gonzalez on a ground ball to third to set the Marlins down.

Madson started the eighth down 7-2. Helms grounded out for the first out. Madson’s first pitch to Uggla was way up and in after Ruiz had been hit in the bottom of the seventh. Uggla struck out trying to check his swing on a bad 3-2 pitch for the second out. Gonzalez struck out looking for the third out.

Seanez threw 28 pitches, Madson 26.

The Phillies’ lineup against righty Ricky Nolasco went (1) Rollins (2) Victorino (3) Utley (4) Howard (5) Burrell (6) Jenkins (7) Feliz (8) Ruiz. Jenkins in right against the righty. Ruiz catches against the righty despite the big night from Coste on Friday.

Victorino doubled with one out in the first and went to third on a balk. Utley popped to first for the second out and Howard was walked intentionally to pitch to the righty Burrell. Burrell delivered a single into right. Victorino scored to put the Phils up 1-0 and Howard went to second. Jenkins struck out to leave both runners stranded.

Burrell’s single picks up Utley after Utley can’t bring the runner home from third with one out. Wouldn’t have walked Howard there.

Hamels singled with two outs in the second. Rollins was next and lined a 1-0 pitch into right-center. Hermida made a nice play, diving to make the catch and end the inning.

Victorino started the third with a double and moved to third on a fly ball to right from Utley. Howard grounded to second on a 3-2 pitch and Victorino scored to put the Phils up 2-0. Nice job by Howard to avoid the strikeout with the man on third. Burrell flew to center for the third out.

The Phillies went 1-2-3 in the fourth. Helms made a nice play on a ball hit by Ruiz and flipped to Nolasco at first to get the third out on a close play.

1-2-3 in the fifth. Hamels hit for himself to start the inning and grounded out on the first pitch of his at-bat.

Down 7-2 in the sixth, Burrell walked with two outs. Jenkins struck out behind him. Uggla made a nice play on a ground ball hit by Howard for the second out.

Third really nice defensive play by the Marlins in six innings — one by Uggla, one by Hermida and one by Helms.

With one out in the seventh, Ruiz was hit by a fastball on his left hand. He stayed in the game to run, but Coste came in to catch in the eighth. Coste hit for Seanez and Nolasco balked Ruiz to second. Coste hit it well, but Hermida tracked his fly ball down near the line in right for the second out. Rollins flew to center for the third out.

Utley homered with one out in the eighth, cutting the Marlins’ lead to 7-3. Burrell singled with two outs, but Jenkins grounded to first to end the inning.

The Phils went 1-2-3 in the ninth. Dobbs hit for Madson and popped to second for the second out.

Rollins was 0-for-4.

Victorino 2-for-4 with a double.

Utley 1-for-4 with his 19th home run. He has five home runs in the last six games.

Howard 0-for-3 with a walk.

Burrell 2-for-3 with a walk and an RBI.

Jenkins was 0-for-4 with two strikeouts and four men left on base.

Feliz 0-for-4. 3-for-his-last-16.

Ruiz 0-for-2 and Coste 0-for-2. X-rays on Ruiz’s hand were negative. He probably wouldn’t have played against the lefty today anyway.

Jamie Moyer (5-3, 4.45) faces lefty Andrew Miller (4-4, 5.53) this afternoon. Miller just turned 23 and was hit hard early in the season. Over his last five starts he’s allowed eight earned runs in 29 2/3 innings (2.43 ERA). Opponents are hitting .313 against him for the season, but he has allowed just four home runs in 55 1/3 innings this year. He’s surrendered just one home run in his last six starts. Moyer is 3-0 with a 3.20 ERA in his last three starts. Righties have hit .340 against him this season, lefties .233. Home runs were a problem for him early in the season, but he’s allowed just one in his last three starts.

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