The Phillies are putting tons of runs on the board in July. Offensively it has been their best month of the year. Here’s the number of runs they’ve scored per game for the season (nothing in this post includes results from yesterday’s games):

Month R per game NL rank R
per game
July 6.18 1
June 4.77 3
May 5.29 2
April 5.95 1

So the Phillies must be doing something better this month than they have earlier in the season. It’s not hitting home runs, though. The Phillies rate of home runs is still real high compared to the rest of the NL in July, but it’s down compared to the three previous months. Hits and walks per game are both up significantly, though:

Month HR/G NL Rank H/G NL Rank BB/G NL Rank
July 1.41 1 9.73 3 4.41 2
June 1.46 1 8.81 7 3.58 5
May 1.43 1 8.93 7 3.89 5
April 1.45 1 9.30 5 4.00 8

So the Phillies have hit a lot of home runs this month, but fewer per game than they have other months. They have scored a lot more runs though.

The number of extra-base hits the Phillies get is up since June, but not up compared to the other two months of the season. What is up dramatically is the number of singles the Phillies are hitting per game:
















The percentage of their hits that the Phillies get that go for extra-bases is at the team’s lowest level of the season. They’ve had about 36.0% of hits go for extra-bases in July compared to 36.2% in June, 45.6% in May and 38.2% in April.

It’s the walk rate, though, that’s up even more than the rate of hits per game. The Phillies have walked 379 times in their first 96 games, a rate of about 3.95 per game. They’ve gotten 879 hits, which is a rate of about 9.15 per game. This month they’ve gotten about 9.73 hits per game, which is about 1.06 times their rate for the season, but their rate of 4.41 walks per game is about 1.12 times their rate of drawing walks. So it’s been a huge amount of home runs all season long, but compared to the rates of hits and walks for the season it’s the walks that are up more in July.

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