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Phils get no relief from line drives or their bullpen

The Phils got more scoreless innings from Hamels yesterday, just not enough of them. He had to leave the game after the fourth after Adrian Gonzalez smashed a line drive off of his right hand. The pen didn’t exactly shine after his exit as Herndon and Carpenter combined to allow five runs in the next four innings, turning a scoreless game into a 5-0 lead for Boston. Howard blasted a two-run homer in the ninth, his 17th of the year and his 17th against right-handed pitching, but it wasn’t enough and the Red Sox held on to salvage a game in the set.

If the names of the guys appearing for the Phils in relief these days are starting to concern you, the results should as well. The bullpen was a huge strength of the team in the early going, but they’ve run into trouble lately and been terrible in three of the last five games they’ve been called on to pitch. In the first 75 games of the season, the bullpen combined to pitch to a 2.80 ERA with a 1.31 ratio. In the last seven games they’ve thrown to a 7.94 ERA with a 1.82 ratio. They didn’t pitch at all in two of those seven games thanks to complete games by Halladay and Lee. In three of the last five games they have pitched they’ve allowed runs — in two of the three, including yesterday’s, they were hit real hard. The Start Log tracks bullpen performance by game and starting pitcher.

The Phillies are 51-31 on the year after losing to the Boston Red Sox 5-2 last night. The Phils take the series two games to one. They are in first place in the NL East, four games ahead of the Braves.

Hamels got the start for the Phillies and went four scoreless innings before leaving the game after taking a line drive off his non-pitching hand. He allowed two singles and two walks in the game and dropped his ERA on the year to 2.41.

This article from the Phillies web site says he could miss his next start, which would bring the rotation down to two of its original members (Halladay and Lee).

Jacoby Ellsbury was the first batter of the game and he hit a ball slowly towards short. Rollins charged and threw to first, but Ellsbury beat it out for a single. Darnell McDonald was next and Hamels got him to hit a double-play ball to third, clearing the bases. Hamels struck Adrian Gonzalez out swinging 3-2 for the third out.

After the strikeout, Gonzalez was 1-for-8 in the series.

Josh Reddick singled to center with two outs in the second. Hamels got Drew Sutton to ground to short for the third out.

Hamels set the Red Sox down in order in the third, making a nice play to snag a line drive by Marco Scutaro for the first out.

He got McDonald on a fly ball to left to start the fourth. Gonzalez was next and he hit a line drive off of the palm of Hamels’s glove hand. Hamels picked up the ball and threw to first to get Gonzalez for the second out, but was obviously hurting from the ball hit off of his hand. He stayed in to get Pedroia on a ground ball to third for the third out.

Herndon started the fifth and got Varitek on a ground ball to short for the first out before Reddick hit a ball to right that got passed Francisco and to the wall for a triple. Drew Sutton was next and he singled to right, scoring Reddick to put Boston up 1-0. Scutaro followed that with another single, which moved Sutton to third. Herndon struck the pitcher Lester out swinging for the second out, but Ellsbury delivered a two-out single into left. Sutton scored, 2-0, and Scutaro took second. McDonald grounded to short to leave the runners stranded.

Herndon was back for the sixth. He got Gonzalez and Pedroia on a pair of ground balls for the first two outs, but Varitek was next and hit a 3-2 pitch out to right, putting Boston on top 3-0. Reddick grounded to second for the third out.

Herndon hadn’t been charged with a run in seven June appearances coming into the game, but that didn’t go well. He gave up three runs on five hits in two innings.

Didn’t go well for Carpenter, either. He made his first appearance of the year for the Phils when he started the seventh. Sutton and Scutaro started the inning with back-to-back singles, putting men on first and third for Lester. Lester tried to bunt Scutaro to second, but struck out fouling off strike three for the first out. Carpenter struck Ellsbury out looking 2-2 for the second out and lefty JD Drew hit for McDonald and lined to center to leave both runners stranded.

Carpenter struck Gonzalez out to start the eighth and things were looking just ducky. But. Pedroia hit an 0-2 pitch out to right. 4-0. Varitek was next and he hit his second homer of the day, hitting a 2-0 pitch out to right to make it 5-0. Carpenter got Reddick on a fly ball to right and struck out Sutton to end the frame.

Mathieson pitched the ninth with the Phils still down five runs. He got the first two before Ellsbury and Drew singled back-to-back. It put men on first and third for Gonzalez and Mathieson walked him on four pitches to load the bases. Mathieson kept the Red Sox off the board, getting Pedroia to pop to Utley on a 3-2 pitch to leave the runners stranded.

Third outing of the year for Mathieson. He hasn’t been charged with a run, but has allowed seven hits and four walks in three innings.

Herndon threw 46 pitches in the game. Carpenter 39 and Mathieson 26.

Five innings from the pen on the day before Kendrick’s start probably wasn’t what the Phillies were looking for.

The Phillies lineup against lefty Jon Lester went (1) Rollins (2) Polanco (3) Utley (4) Howard (5) Victorino (6) Francisco (7) Ibanez (8) Ruiz. Brown on the bench with the righty Francisco in right. Francisco came into the game hitting 209/329/328 against lefties for the season. Ruiz catches the day game with the lefty Lester pitching after the lefty Schneider started on Wednesday night with the righty Lackey on the mound for Boston. Ruiz also had terrible numbers against lefties for the season coming into the game — 196/328/235 with two extra-base hits (both doubles) in 61 plate appearances.

The Phils went in order in the first.

Howard started the second with a walk. Victorino flew to left for the first out before Francisco grounded to third for the second with Howard moving up to second. Ibanez struck out swinging to leave him there.

The Phils went in order in the third.

Utley singled with one out in the fourth and stoles second. Howard flew to left and Victorino flew to center to leave him there.

Down 2-0, the Phils went in order in the fifth.

Down 3-0 they went in order in the sixth. Martinez hit for Herndon and fouled out to Gonzalez for the first out.

Howard singled to center with one out in the seventh and moved to second when Victorino followed with a walk. Francisco flew to center for the second out and Ibanez struck out again, leaving both runners stranded.

The Phils were down 5-0 when Daniel Bard set them down in order in the eighth. Gload hit for Carpenter and the righty Bard got him on a ground ball to first for the second out.

Polanco singled off of righty Bobby Jenks to start the ninth. Utley popped to third for the first out, but Howard was next and he hit an 0-1 pitch out to right, getting the Phils on the board at 5-2. Victorino walked on five pitches behind Howard and righty Jonathan Papelbon came in to pitch to Francisco. Victorino stole second before moving to third when Francisco grounded to second for the second out. Ibanez struck out looking to end the game and top off a day where he went 0-for-4 with three strikeouts and left four men on base.

Seventeen homers for Howard, all of which have come against righties. Francisco stays in to hit against the righty Papelbon with the lefty Brown presumably available.

Rollins was 0-for-4 in the game and 1-for-11 in the three-game set. He’s 5-for-his-last-28 and has gone 0-fer in five of the last seven games. 254/327/368 on the year. He’s on-basing .259 against lefties for the year.

Polanco 1-for-4 in the game and 3-for-12 with three singles in the series. 288/339/363 on the year. 232/284/281 since the end of April. He has 15 extra-base hits in 340 plate appearances for the year, which is about 4.4% and the worst mark for his career.

Utley 1-for-4 with a strikeout. 4-for-10 with a triple and a walk in the series. 280/381/449 for the year. 325/424/532 over his last 93 plate appearances.

Howard 2-for-3 with a walk and a two-run homer. 3-for-10 with two walks in the series. 254/354/488 for the year. 260/330/354 against lefties for the year.

Victorino was 0-for-2 and walked twice. 2-for-9 with a double, a homer and two walks in the series. He’s been the best hitter for the Phils so far this year with a 289/359/504 line. His OPS against lefties for the year dropped below 1.200, though. He’s at 1.170 now.

Francisco was 0-for-4, left four men on base and didn’t look real good in the outfield in his only action of the series. 220/336/351 on the year. I’d keep giving him some starts against lefties, but his numbers against lefties are worse than his numbers against righties for the season — 200/317/314 against left-handed pitching for the season. Brown did not play yesterday, but was 2-for-6 with a double and a home run in the series. 214/294/411 for the year. 165/258/354 in 89 plate appearances in June. After hitting .210 in 77 plate appearances in 2010, he’s hitting 214 in his first 126 plate appearances in 2011.

Ibanez 0-for-4 with three strikeouts and four men left on base in stark contrast to his game two heroics. 3-for-10 with a double and a home run in the series. 235/285/393 for the year. The .636 OPS for Phillies left fielders for the year is 14th-best of the 16 NL teams. The .292 on-base percentage is 16th of 16.

Ruiz 0-for-3 in the game and 0-for-7 in the series. He’s 1-for-his-last-14 and hitting 243/348/333 for the year. I still like the Schneider against the righty and Ruiz against the lefty in the day/night game thing, but Ruiz is now hitting 189/317/226 against lefties for the year with two extra-base hits, both doubles, in 63 plate appearances.

Kyle Kendrick (4-4, 3.23) faces lefty Ricky Romero (7-7, 2.74) today. Romero has a 1.95 ERA and a 1.08 ratio over his last nine starts. Lefties have had more luck against him than righties for the season — righties are hitting just 208/273/336 against him. Kendrick will be making his sixth start of the season and has thrown just 23 innings in his first five starts (4.6 innings per start). He’s 2-2 with a 3.91 ERA as a starter this season. Lefties are hitting just .234 against him for the year, but slugging .468. Ten of the 18 hits that Kendrick has allowed to left-handed batters this year have gone for extra-base hits, five doubles, two triples and three home runs.

This says that Oswalt will see a spine surgeon today for a second opinion on his back and that he could return by August. It also says that Madson may not be ready to return on Monday.

Sixth sense

A brief moment to reflect on how the Phillies could be sixth-best in the league overall in runs allowed if their starters were seventh best and their relievers were ninth best.

There were five teams in the NL last year that allowed fewer runs than the Phils. They were the Dodgers, Giants, Cardinals, Braves and Cubs.

By runs allowed per nine innings there were six teams whose starters were better than the Phils in ’09. They were the five above plus the Rockies.

By runs allowed per nine innings there were eight teams better relievers than the Phils. The five above plus the Reds, Brewers and Padres.

If every team plays a similar amount of innings, it’s tough to allow fewer runs overall if both your starters and relievers are worse than the Phils at preventing runs per nine innings. So I don’t think there’s a lot of confusion about how the teams that didn’t have better starters or relievers wound up allowing more runs overall than the Phils. Here’s how the total runs allowed for the four teams that had better starters or relievers than the Phils in ’09 looked for the season:


Runs allowed

  Starters Relievers Total
COL 469 246 715
CIN 509 214 723
MIL 568 250 818
SD 504 265 769
PHI 477 232 709

Despite the fact that they allowed more runs per nine innings, the Phillies relievers allowed fewer runs overall than Milwaukee or San Diego. The Brewers bullpen threw 52 more innings than the Phillies pen while the Padres threw 79 2/3 more.

The Phils scored two in the ninth to top the Yankees 3-2 yesterday. Timing, fellas. Halladay struck out three in two perfect innings and was followed by Kendrick , Contreras and Carpenter, who each threw two scoreless frames. Ozzie Chavez doubled in Juan Castro to put the Phils up 1-0 in the bottom of the seventh. Sergio Escalona got hit in the top of the ninth, yielding two runs on four hits as the Phils fell behind 2-1. Paul Hoover tied it up with an RBI double in the bottom of the ninth and Wilson Valdez’s infield single scored pinch-runner Dewayne Wise to give the Phils the win. Polanco made a throwing error at third and dropped a wind blown foul ball. Release the hounds.

Cole Hamels and Jamie Moyer are expected to pitch this afternoon as the Phils face the Blue Jays.

Um, really?

Carpenter complex

Turns out that the remaining issue of spring training for the Phillies isn’t who fills out the last two spots on the roster so much as whether Andrew Carpenter should be made the fifth starter or traded for A-Rod. It’s an issue intelligent people can disagree about, so maybe they can make him the fifth starter for a while and then trade him for A-Rod.

Brett Myers and prospect Andrew Carpenter shutout the Yankees on four singles yesterday as the Phils improved to 12-15 with a 4-0 win.

Myers got the start and went five innings in his final spring tune up. He struck out three while allowing two singles and two walks to drop his ERA to 1.13. Carpenter followed Myers and struck out six in four innings, allowing a pair of singles and two walks.

Andrew Carpenter is a 22-year-old righty the Phils took in the second round of the 2006 draft. He was really good at Single-A Clearwater in 2007, going 17-6 in 27 games, 24 of which were starts. He threw to a 3.20 ERA with a 1.25 ratio. In 163 innings he gave up 150 hits and walked 53 while striking out 116.

Article about him here. A lot of people think his name is Drew Carpenter, but Phuture Phillies got to the bottom of that one and some other issues in an interview earlier this month.

Jenkins was 3-for-4 with a double for the Phils. He has his spring average up to .254. Burrell had two singles in three at-bats to raise his average to .275. Rollins drove in two runs with a bases-loaded single, he was 1-for-3 on the day with a stolen base. Utley returned after missing some time for personal reasons and went 0-for-4. Werth was 0-for-4 and struck out twice, dropping his average to .159. Taguchi was 1-for-1 with a double, he’s hitting 371/488/457 in 43 spring plate appearances.

The Phillies play Detroit today.

This article says that Benson may still be back in May. It also says that Davey Lopes feels good after prostate surgery and that there is still a possibility the Phils will get Jimmy Rollins fan and left-handed pitcher Steve Kline.

This suggests that the efforts to trade for Kline fell through, that JD Durbin thinks his chances to make the team don’t look good and that Helms has an advantage over Snelling if the Phils carry a 14th hitter. Over the last couple of days several articles have suggested it’s Snelling that would have the edge over Helms. And there’s always the good chance that neither of them make the team.

Update: This suggests the Phillies put JD Durbin on waivers.

Update again: David Murphy says Travis Blackey cleared waivers and was sent to Triple-A.

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