For the 11 Phillies that got at least 200 plate appearances last season, here’s how many outs they made, how many plate appearances they got and their outs per plate appearance:




Howard 407 648 .628
Burrell 369 598 .617
Rowand 450 684 .658
Nunez 207 287 .721
Utley 370 613 .604
Rollins 527 778 .677
Victorino 349 510 .684
Werth 183 304 .602
Dobbs 247 358 .690
Ruiz 303 429 .706

The outs formula is AB – H + CS +GIDP + SH + SF. The formula uses caught stealing and the number of times the player grounded into double-plays, so an outs/pa of .628 doesn’t mean that Ryan Howard made an out in 62.8% of his plate appearances (but it’s close).

And if you order those guys from fewest outs per plate appearance to the most, the list looks like this:


That Werth tops the list was a surprise to me. Utley out on-base percentaged him .410 to .404. The outs formula is relevant again, there. Utley takes a hit for grounding into seven double plays in 2007 while Werth didn’t ground into any.

Ruiz is another guy whose outs per plate appearance was striking. Despite his respectable .340 on-base percentage, Ruiz made a ton of outs. He hit into 17 double-plays, more than anyone on the ’07 team except for Rowand. Rowand hit into 18 double-plays but got 255 more plate appearances than Ruiz.

Speaking of making a lot of outs, Doug Glanville can flat out write. Glanville is the guy I always think of when someone argues that players who take walks aren’t smart. It’s not that they aren’t smart, it’s that they aren’t able. Glanville had a career on-base percentage of .315 and didn’t on-base .300 once in the last four seasons he played. If you think it’s because he didn’t believe that taking a walk would make him a better offensive player I don’t agree.

This suggests the Phillies are willing to make a three-year offer to Kyle Lohse. The Phils need a whole lot more pitching and the addition of Lohse would be a huge help.

Jon Lieber signed a one-year deal with the Cubs.

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Pat Burrell thinks Philadelphia is a good place to walk his dog.

Lefty Mark Hendrickson will presumably be making a lot of starts for the Fish in ’08.

Matt Smith signed a minor league contract with the Phils and will come to spring training.