The 2014 Start Log is up.

Highlights so far include:

  • Phillies are 0-2 when they get a Quality Start. In 2013 the Phillies were awful and went 57-34 in their Quality Starts. In 2012 they were .500 and went 62-37 when they got a Quality Start.
  • The bullpen has an 8.22 ERA and a 2.35 ratio, including a 20.25 ERA and 4.50 ratio on days when Kendrick pitches and a 7.71 ERA and 2.57 ratio on days when Burnett pitches.
  • The bullpen is on pace to walk 432 in 414 innings for the season. That might not even happen. If it does, you will have stopped watching the games six weeks ago by the time the season ends.
  • If the Phillies play the rest of their games at their current Pythagorean Winning Percentage, they will finish the year 89-73. Again, that might not even happen.

You can view the Start Log for 2013 here.