I updated the Start Log, which should now include all of the first half games.

Some scattered thoughts:

  • The Phillies are 19-27 on the year when Halladay (2-5), Hamels (6-14) or Lee (11-8) have started and 29-21 when anybody else (Kendrick, Lannan, Cloyd and Pettibone) have started.
  • The Phils went 1-11 in the first 12 starts that Hamels made on the year as he threw to a 4.86 ERA. During that stretch of 12 games, the Phillies lost five different games in which Hamels a) threw at least six innings and b) allowed two runs or fewer.
  • On April 13, Hamels held the Fish to a run over six innings. The game went into the ninth tied and Florida won 2-1 on a walkoff error by Utley.

    On April 23 he held the Pirates to two runs over eight innings. The Phils didn’t score in the game and lost 2-0.

    On May 4 he went eight again, holding the Marlins to two runs on four hits and no walks. The Phils had one hit and lost 2-0.

    May 9 he didn’t pitch especially well, allowing six hits and five walks over six innings, but he did manage to hold Arizona to a pair of runs. The Phillies managed one in the game and lost 2-1.

    May 20 he struck out ten Marlins while allowing two runs over six frames. The Phillies again scored one run and the bullpen gave up three in the bottom of the eighth as Florida won 5-1.

  • The Phils are 11-8 when Lee starts, but in 15 of the 19 games, Lee’s Game Score for the game is higher than the Game Score of the other team’s starting pitcher. Game Score is a miserable stat, but that still means that, using Game Score, in 15 of the 19 games that Lee started, the combination of Lee and the Phillie offense was better than the combination of the other team’s starting pitcher and offense, at least according to Game Score, and the Phillies only won 11 of those games. The Phils were 0-4 when Lee’s Game Score was worse than his opponent and 11-4 when it was better. On June 7, June 24 and June 29, Lee outpitched his counterpart all three times and the Phils still went 0-3. The bullpen threw to a 6.75 ERA in those games for the Phils.
  • The bullpen was bad for Lee, throwing to a 3.99 ERA with a 1.64 ratio in games that he started, but it was even worse in games that were started by Kendrick (5.36, 1.65) or Halladay (6.20, 1.62).
  • The Phillies scored 3.37 runs per game in the 46 games started by a Halladay, Hamels or Lee and scored 4.32 runs per game in 50 games started by someone else.
  • The Phils are 16-9 when Lannan or Pettibone starts and that has a lot to do with the offense (especially when Pettibone starts). On days that Pettibone starts the Phils are scoring an average of 4.63 runs per game and on the days that Lannan starts they are scoring an average of 4.44 runs per game. That’s a little misleading as Lannan started the game where the Phillies scored 16 runs — over his other eight starts they scored 24 runs or 3.0 runs per game.
  • The 16-run Lannan game was one of only two games this season in which the Phillies have scored more than eight runs. They scored nine on April 27.
  • The bullpen is just absolutely terrible. They’ve thrown to a 4.39 ERA (worst in the league) and a 1.50 ratio (worst in the league) in a year where the NL average is a 3.53 ERA and a 1.28 ratio.
  • The bullpen is third in the NL in total walks allowed, which is a ton given that they are last in innings pitched. The average NL bullpen has thrown about 289 innings and the Phillie bullpen has thrown 252.
  • Over 96 games, the Phillies have scored 371 runs on the year and allowed 416, which means they are allowing 0.47 runs per game more than they score. They shouldn’t count on playing .500 for too much longer if they continue to do so. Their Pythagorean Winning Percentage has them at 43-53.