The Phillies took a 3-0 lead into the bottom of the ninth in San Diego last night, but lost for the fourth time in their last five games as the Padres beat them 4-3 in ten innings.

Lee got the start and pitched very well for eight innings. The Phils led 3-0 as they hit in the top of the ninth. With two outs and Mayberry on second, Lee was due to hit, having thrown 109 pitches in the game and struck out three times at the plate. He hit for himself and struck out to end that frame, then started the ninth and allowed back-to-back hits to the only two men he faced. Papelbon took over to try and get the Phils a win, but the Padres tied things up on a two-run single by Kyle Blanks that was followed by a big passed ball by Ruiz with two outs and a man on third.

The Phils couldn’t score in the top of the tenth despite a two-base error that left Rollins on third with one out. Justin De Fratus was miserable in the bottom of the tenth, allowing four of the five men he faced to reach base as the Padres plated a run to win 4-3.

The Phillies are 36-41 on the year after losing 4-3 to the San Diego Padres in ten innings last night. They have lost four of their last five.

Lee got the start for the Phillies and went eight innings, allowing two runs on eight hits and a walk. Three of the hits went for extra-bases, all doubles. He struck out seven.

Lee hasn’t allowed more than three earned runs in any of his last ten outings, throwing to a 2.00 and a 0.86 ratio in 76 2/3 innings in those appearances. 76 2/3 innings over his last ten starts means he’s averaged about 7.7 innings per start his last ten times out.

He set the Padres down in order in the first.

The Phillies led 1-0 when he set them down in order again in the second.

Yasmani Grandal walked on five pitches to start the third, but Lee got Pedro Ciriaco to ground into a double-play behind Grandal. The pitcher Eric Stults grounded to Utley to set San Diego down.

Carlos Quentin singled to right with two outs in the fourth, but Lee struck Chase Headley out on three pitches to leave him at first.

Kyle Blanks singled softly to right to start the fifth with the Phils up 2-0, but Lee got Jesus Guzman to ground into a double-play behind him to clear the bases with two down. Grandal followed with a double to center, but was left at second when Lee struck Ciriaco out swinging 1-2 to end the inning.

Second time in three innings that Lee got a double-play after allowing the leadoff man to reach base.

Stults doubled softly to center to start the sixth. Lee struck Logan Forsythe out swinging for the first out before Chris Denorfia moved Lee up to third with a ground out to second. Quentin went down looking 0-2 to leave Stults stranded.

Lee gets two big strikeouts in the frame to keep the Padres off the board after the leadoff double.

Headley and Blanks singled back-to-back to start the seven, putting men on the corners with nobody out for Guzman. Guzman hit an 0-1 pitch softly into left. Brown charged and made a terrific diving catch coming forward for the first out with the runners holding. Lee struck Grandal out swinging 0-2 for the second out and Ciriaco lined to first to leave the runners on the corners.

Fourth time in five innings that the leadoff man gets aboard for the Padres and the fourth time they don’t score. That one took some magic with Brown violating the never dive rule to make a very nice catch. Guzman and Grandal both get to hit with a man on third and less than two outs and Lee sets both of them down.

It was 3-0 when Lee set the Padres down in order in the eighth.

He started the ninth having thrown 109 pitches. Quentin singled to left on his first pitch of the ninth. Headley was next and doubled to left 0-1, putting runners on second and third with nobody out. Papelbon took over for Lee to pitch to Blanks and Blanks singled into center, scoring both runners. 3-2. Papelbon hit Guzman, putting runners on first and second with nobody out, before getting Grandal to ground into a double-play. It left Blanks at third with two outs for the righty Ciriaco and lefty Mark Kotsay hit for Ciriaco. Kotsay got ahead in the count and swung and missed at a 2-0 pitch. Ruiz didn’t catch the ball, which was a little low, but not in the dirt. The ball got behind him and rolled to the backstop. Blanks stormed home from third and slid in just ahead of Papelbon’s tag, tying the game at 3-3. Kotsay went on to walk, but Papelbon got lefty Alexi Amarista on a fly ball to center to leave Kotsay at first.

Lee starts the ninth having thrown 109 pitches, throws three more and allows two hits with both of those runners coming around to score. He had allowed the leadoff man to reach base in four of the last five innings coming into the ninth. Five of the last seven after the ninth.

Ruiz doesn’t catch the ball with two outs and the tying run on third, allowing Blanks to score. Would have been a great time to catch the ball.

Papelbon faces five hitters in the game, allowing a two-run single, hitting one batter and walking another. Also gets Grandal to ground into a double-play, which kept the inning from being worse. Still, not a good day for Papelbon.

Papelbon has allowed seven runs in ten innings over his last 11 appearances. Two of the runs have been unearned, but opponents have hit .268 against him and he’s allowed three walks and three home runs. Last night was his fourth blown save since the start of the day on June 17. The Phils are 1-2 in the last three games in which he has appeared.

De Fratus started the ninth. Denorfia walked with one out and moved up to second when De Fratus hit Quentin 0-1. Headley walked on a 3-2 pitch in the dirt to load the bases for Blanks with one down. Blanks singled past Young and down the left field line. Denorfia scored to give the Padres a 4-3 win.

Atrocious outing for De Fratus. He faced five batters, allowing a single, two walks and a hit batter while getting one out. He’s walked five of the last 16 batters he’s faced over his last four appearances. Prior to those four outings he had walked two of the 45 batters he had faced on the year.

Overall the pen went 1 1/3 innings, allowing two runs on two hits on three walks. De Fratus threw 22 pitches in the game and Papelbon 12.

The Phillie lineup against lefty Eric Stults went (1) Rollins (2) Utley (3) Michael Young (4) Brown (5) Frandsen (6) Delmon Young (7) Mayberry (8) Ruiz. Howard on the bench with a sore leg against the lefty and Frandsen at first. Revere on the bench against the lefty with Mayberry in center. Brown/Mayberry/Young is an atrocious outfield defensively.

Utley singled to center with one out in the top of the first. Michael Young flew to center and Brown grounded to short to turn the Phils away.

Delmon Young singled to right with one out in the second. Mayberry was next and grounded to short with Young forced at second for the first out. Mayberry stole second before Ruiz singled into center. Mayberry tried to score on the play. It would have been close at the play, but Denorfia’s throw from center hit Mayberry as he slid in safely to put the Phils up 1-0. Ruiz took third as the ball bounded away and Denorfia was charged with an error. Lee struck out swinging to leave Ruiz at third.

Tough error on Denorfia. He made a nice throw, it just hit Ruiz.

Ruiz’s single wouldn’t have scored Mayberry without the stolen base. Mayberry has stolen five on the year and been caught three times. 14 safe and seven caught stealing for his career. Picked off six times. Those aren’t good numbers, but he helped the Phils out with the early stolen base last night.

The Phillies went in order in the third and again in the fourth.

Mayberry led off the fifth with a double to center and moved third on an infield single by Ruiz. Lee struck out swinging for the first out, but Rollins followed and flew out to right for the second, deep enough for Mayberry to tag and score, extending the lead to 2-0. Utley grounded to short to leave Ruiz at first.

Two runs for the Phillies in the game, both thanks largely to Mayberry.

The Phils went in order in the sixth.

Mayberry and Ruiz singled back-to-back with one out in the seventh, putting runners on first and second for Lee. Lee struck out trying to bunt for the second out and Rollins flew to center to leave the runners stranded.

Mayberry (and Ruiz) again, but this time the Phils are turned away. Third strikeout of the game for Lee gets the Padres the second out in the frame.

Utley led off the eighth and homered 1-1 off of lefty Tommy Layne to extend the lead to 3-0. Layne would face just one batter in the game. Nick Vincent took over after the Utley homer and got Young on a ground out before Brown singled to right. Frandsen grounded into a double-play to end the frame.

Eighth home run of the year for Utley and his second off of a lefty. He’s hitting 188/250/375 against left-handed pitching for the year.

Righty Brad Brach pitched the ninth for San Diego. Mayberry singled with one out, but Brach struck Ruiz out swinging 3-2 for the second out as Mayberry stole second. Lee had thrown 109 pitches in the game and struck out three times at the plate, but Manuel let him hit for himself. Lee struck out swinging 2-2 to leave Mayberry at second.

Manuel lets Lee hit with a runner in scoring position, having thrown 109 pitches in the game. Lee strike out again, then returns for the bottom of the inning and faces two batters. Both of them get hits and score on the Blanks single as the Padres tie the game to send it to extra-innings.

So it didn’t work out so well.

First time in his career that Mayberry has stolen more than one base in a game.

Rollins led off the top of the tenth in a 3-3 game with a single to left off of righty Luke Gregerson. Utley was next and drove a ball to deep center. Denorfia took it moving back on the track, right in front of the wall, for the first out. He lost the handle when he tried to throw the ball in, though, and it dribbled away from him in front of the track. Rollins tagged up and moved all the way to third with one out for Michael Young. Gregerson struck Young out swinging 0-2 for the second out. Lefty Joe Thatcher came in to pitch to Brown and got him on a fly ball to center to set the Phillies down.

No run for the Phillies after putting the go-ahead runner on third with one out. Huge strikeout for Michael Young as he goes down swinging 0-2 for the second out with Rollins on third.

Second throwing error of the game for Denorfia. The first wasn’t his fault at all and the second was just weird.

Rollins was 1-for-4 with an RBI. He’s on-basing .290 over his last 70 plate appearances.

Utley 2-for-5 with a home run. 4-for-18 with a double and a home run since his return.

Michael Young 0-for-5 and struck out twice. Huge strikeout in the tenth with one out and Rollins on third. Hitting 333/341/494 in June.

Brown 1-for-5. 192/259/250 over his last 58 plate appearances. On-basing .319 for the season against both righties and lefties.

Frandsen 0-for-4. 4-for-his-last-20 with a home run and an on-base percentage of .200. 1-for-11 in the last three games he’s started.

Delmon Young 1-for-3. 2-for-his-last-14 with two singles and a walk.

Mayberry 3-for-4 with a double and two stolen bases. Scored two of the three Phillie runs. He came into the game 0-for-his-last-10. His UZR/150 at center field as calculated by FanGraphs is only -4.1. He’s a way, way better offensive player than Revere, especially against lefties.

Ruiz 3-for-4 with an RBI and a huge passed ball in the bottom of the ninth. First three-hit game of the season. He’s 6-for-19 (.319) with six singles since returning.

Kendrick (6-4, 3.56) faces righty Jason Marquis (9-2, 3.59) tonight. Kendrick has a 4.91 ERA over his last seven starts as three of his last seven times out have been bad. He’s struck out just 23 in 44 innings over his last seven times out. Opponents have hit .269 against him after posting a .231 average through his first eight starts of the season. Marquis has walked 48 in 90 1/3 innings this year and allowed 15 home runs, but held opponents to a .235 average. BABIP of .239. Just saying that in case you’re counting on your Jason Marquis stock to carry you through your retirement years.