Brief aside. John Mayberry got 479 plate appearances in 2012 in which he hit into 17 double-plays. Seventeen double-plays was ninth-most among NL hitters in ’12, but virtually all of the eight players who hit into more than 17 double-plays in ’12 had a lot more plate appearances than Mayberry. Houston’s JD Martinez is the only NL player with more than 400 plate appearances to hit into double-plays in a higher percentage of plate appearances than Mayberry.

Here’s how the top of the list of players with the highest percentage of plate appearances in which they hit into double plays (for NL players with at least 400 plate appearances in ’12):

Player PA GDP % PA GDP PA per GDP
JD Martinez 439 18 4.10 24.4
John Mayberry 479 17 3.55 28.2
Chris Johnson 528 18 3.41 29.3
AJ Ellis 505 17 3.37 29.7
David Freese 567 19 3.35 29.8
Chipper Jones 448 15 3.35 29.9
Michael Morse 430 14 3.26 30.7
Ryan Zimmerman 641 20 3.12 32.1
Buster Posey 610 19 3.11 32.1
Ian Desmond 547 17 3.11 32.2

Overall in the NL in 2012, batters grounded into 1,840 double-plays in 98,063 plate appearances. That’s about 1.87% or one GDP per 53.3 PA. The Phillies overall grounded into 114 double-plays in 6,172 plate appearances, which is 1.85% of their PA and one about every 54.14. The Phils other than Mayberry registered GDP in just 1.7% of their PA or one every 58.7.

The good news for Mayberry and the rest of the Phillies is that none of them are likely to eclipse Wilson Valdez’s double-play pace from 2010, hopefully for a long time. In 2010, Valdez got 363 plate appearances and hit into 20 double-plays. That’s about 5.51% of his PA and once every 18.15 times to the plate.

This article looks at position battles for spring training and offers a projected lineup that looks like this:

  1. Rollins, SS
  2. Utley, 2B
  3. M Young, 3B
  4. R Howard, 1B
  5. D Young, RF
  6. TBD, LF
  7. Ruiz, C
  8. Revere, CF

Again, I still think Delmon Young won’t see much time in right and will play mostly in left when he plays. I think Revere will hit higher than eighth, especially against righties. I think Brown will be a regular guy at one of the corner positions — I’m hoping left, but think that right is more likely.

This article reviews the NRIs for the Phils.