Three months from today, the 2013 Phillies, whoever they are, will have likely played five games. Here’s my current guess as to the hitters that are on the team at this point, as well as other candidates to fill the remaining slots:

Other candidates
1 Kratz D Ruf
2 Howard H Quintero
3 Utley S Lerud
4 Rollins K Frandsen
5 Young E Inciarte
6 Nix T Gillies
7 Revere L Collier
8 Brown J Mitchell
9 Mayberry C Hernandez
10 Galvis M Martinez
11 P Orr
12 A Blanco
13 J Fields

Of those ten, Howard, Utley, Rollins, Young and Revere seem like no-brainers. I can’t see how the Phillies could leave off Kratz, given the Ruiz suspension for the start of the year. Someone has to backup short and Galvis seems like he has a huge advantage over NRI Michael Martinez or any of the other choices that will be in camp. The Phillies are super-thin in the outfield, but I think Brown, Mayberry and Nix are all likely to start the year with the Phils if they are still with the team.

That’s not a hugely impressive group, especially given the miserable years from Young and Howard in 2012.

If those ten hitters started the year with the team it would leave three open spots (or four if the Phils started the year with 14 hitters).

Of those three open spots, one would surely go to a backup catcher and another likely to a fifth outfielder.

The backup catcher seems like it’s either Quintero or Lerud. I’d guess Quintero.

Given the addition of Young, I don’t think there’s a lot for Frandsen to do except help Galvis backup third. He did hit .338 last year, so I’d guess the Phillies give him a spot on the roster to do just that, barring an addition.

The Phillies still have time to trade for a veteran outfielder and will likely try to do so. I’d guess if they do, and don’t trade away an outfielder in the process, that guy takes the other outfield spot. If they don’t, or if they trade away Nix, Mayberry or Brown getting a new outfielder, I’d guess Ruf starts the year with the team.

At this point I would guess that Quintero, Frandsen and Ruf fill the remaining three spots on the list.

The article from the Phillies web site on Friday suggests that the Phillies continue to have interest in free agent Scott Hairston or the Angels’ Vernon Wells.

Shane Victorino says that returning to Philadelphia was his first choice this off-season. He signed a three-year, $39 million deal with Boston.