Ben Revere walked in 5.2% of his plate appearances in 2012. Here’s that 5.2% walk rate in the context of Phillies hitters with at least 100 plate appearances in 2012:

Chase Utley 362 11.9
Ty Wigginton 360 10.3
Domonic Brown 212 9.9
Laynce Nix 127 9.5
Jimmy Rollins 699 8.9
Ryan Howard 292 8.6
Hunter Pence 440 8.4
Shane Victorino 431 8.1
League Average 7.9
John Mayberry 479 7.1
Erik Kratz 157 7.0
Carlos Ruiz 421 6.9
Mike Fontenot 105 6.7
Placido Polanco 328 5.5
Ben Revere 553 5.2
Juan Pierre 439 5.2
Kevin Frandsen 210 4.3
Michael Martinez 122 4.1
Freddy Galvis 200 3.5
Team Total 6172 7.4

Revere just tops Pierre, walking in 5.244% of his ’12 plate appearances compared to 5.239% for Pierre. Again, it feels like it’s a good time to point out that Pierre and Revere are kind of similar offensive players, except that Pierre has more power.

Also, Kevin Frandsen deserves mention for walking in just nine of his 210 plate appearances in 2012, giving him a walk rate below a lot of the guys you would normally put on the suspect list of people who never walk. 4.3% is low even for him, but he’s not a guy who takes walks. He’s walked in about 5.4% of his plate appearances over his career. So if he wants to on-base .383 again, he should make sure to remember to hit .338 or so.

Also catching your eye has to be Ruiz, who on-based .394 thanks to hitting .325, but despite a walk rate well below league average. After walking in at least ten percentage of his plate appearances for the last four years, Ruiz’s walk rate dropped to 6.9% in 2012.

This suggests the chances that Josh Hamilton will stay in Texas have increased in recent days.