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Looking for the Phillies to do something against a lefty? Get comfortable — it may be a Detwiler

The Phillies weren’t very good against lefties before they traded away Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence. They’re worse now and had no answer to lefty Ross Detwiler and the Nats last night. Detwiler and two relievers stymied the Phils, holding them to three singles as the Nats topped the Phillies 3-0.

Adam LaRoche hit a long home run off of Hamels in the second to give the Nats an early 1-0 lead. The Phillie defense was terrible in the third and the Nats scored two more times thanks to a trio of misplays, none of which was called an error. The Phillies had three hits in the game, all singles. They didn’t get a hit after the third inning.

The Phillies simply don’t have a lot of firepower to put in their lineup against left-handed pitching these days. Last night they started Ruiz, a right-handed hitter who has been great this year. Beyond that, though, things get ugly. Switch-hitter Jimmy Rollins led off — he’s on-basing .261 against lefties for the year. Kevin Frandsen hit second, he has a career on-base percentage against lefties of .281. Wigginton and his 200/317/388 line against lefties for the year hit fifth. Another righty who should hit lefties was next in Mayberry. He’s shown a lot of power against lefties this season and hit for average, but on-based just .274 against them. Michael Martinez curiously played center and hit eighth — his career line against lefties is 167/175/179. The other two spots in the lineup were filled by lefties Utley and Domonic Brown.

The Phillies are 47-58 on the year after losing to the Washington Nationals 3-0 last night. The Phillies take two of three in the series, but remain in last place in the NL East, 15 1/2 games out of first.

Hamels got the start for the Phillies and went seven innings, allowing three runs on eight hits and a walk. Two of the hits went for extra-bases, a double and a home run. He struck out nine. All three runs were earned, but Hamels was victimized by terrible defense in the third that led to two earned runs.

The Phillies have lost six of the last seven games that Hamels has started. Over those seven outings he has thrown to a 3.51 ERA with a 1.29 ratio and struck out 48 in 48 2/3 innings.

He walked Zimmerman with two outs in the first, but struck Michael Morse out swinging to leave Zimmerman at first.

Coming off an outing where he walked six, Hamels walks another in the first. Looked worrisome at the time, but Hamels wouldn’t walk another hitter in the game.

Adam LaRoche hit Hamels’s first pitch of the second way out to right. 1-0. Jayson Werth and Sandy Leon followed with back-to-back singles, putting men on first and second for Steve Lombardozzi. Hamels struck Lombardozzi out for the second out, struck the pitcher Ross Detwiler out trying to bunt for the second and Danny Espinosa swinging to leave both runners stranded.

With one out in the third, Zimmerman hit a grounder to second that bounced high off the mound and to Utley. Utley tried to glove it but didn’t handle the ball cleanly. Zimmerman was safe and given a hit, but Utley should have made the play. Morse was next and he hit a ball hard to short, off the glove of Rollins for another single. Again the play should have been made and Rollins could have been charged with an error. Instead of the double-play, the Nats had men on first and second with one out. LaRoche was the next hitter and he lined a single into center. Zimmerman scored (2-0) and, for reasons unknown, Martinez threw the ball to third where he had no chance to get Morse. This allowed LaRoche to move up to second and meant there was no double-play when Werth followed with a ground ball to second. Instead, Morse scored to make it 3-0 and LaRoche moved up to third as Utley went to first for the second out. Hamels struck Leon out to leave LaRoche at third.

Utley’s mishandle should have been an error. The Rollins play was harder, but would have been an inning-ending double-play if he handled it cleanly. Martinez made a big mental mistake and took away the double-play on Werth’s ball.

Both runs charged to Hamels in the inning were earned.

Hamels struck out Detwiler and Espinosa in a 1-2-3 fourth.

He got Zimmerman in a 1-2-3 fifth.

LaRoche singled to center to start the sixth. Werth popped to Rollins before Leon doubled to left, moving LaRoche to third. Lombardozzi was next and lined a ball to right. Mayberry handled it for the second out. LaRoche tagged and tried to score, but Mayberry made a fantastic throw to the plate. Ruiz took it on one hop and applied the tag as LaRoche slid in to end the inning.

Nice throw. Mayberry’s defense has been really good.

Hamels set the Nationals down in order in the seventh. Righty Tyler Moore hit for Detwiler and struck out swinging for the first out.

Schwimer started the eighth and walked the leadoff man Zimmerman. He got the next two before walking Werth, putting two men on for Leon. Schwimer struck the switch-hitter Leon out swinging 2-2 to leave both runners stranded.

Frandsen made a nice diving play to snare a line drive hit by Morse for the first out.

Schwimer has walked 15 in 27 1/3 innings for the season, which is too many. He got away with it last night, though, and has a 2.14 ERA over his last 23 appearances after throwing to an 8.10 ERA in his first six outings. Over his last nine appearances he has walked seven in 7 2/3 innings.

He threw 28 pitches in the game.

The Phillies lineup against lefty Ross Detwiler went (1) Rollins (2) Frandsen (3) Utley (4) Ruiz (5) Wigginton (6) Mayberry (7) Brown (8) Martinez. Martinez in center, Mayberry in right, Brown in left and lefties Schierholtz, Pierre and Nix on the bench. Ruiz returns to the lineup to catch. Howard gets the day off against the lefty with Wigginton at first. Detwiler has ugly left-right splits and has been tough on lefties, but you don’t want to see Martinez starting too often against anyone.

Utley singled with two outs in the first, but Ruiz grounded to second behind him to set the Phillies down.

Wigginton started the top of the second with a ground ball to third. Zimmerman bobbled twice and didn’t throw to first — Wigginton was safe on the error. Mayberry was next and grounded to third with Zimmerman going to second to force Wigginton for the first out. Brown was next and walked on five pitches, putting two men on for Martinez. Martinez singled into right and Mayberry tried to score from second, but Harper’s throw from right was good and beat Mayberry by a lot. Leon applied the tag for the second out. Hamels struck out looking to leave the runners on first and second.

Harper made a good throw, but Mayberry was out by a lot. Have to wonder how big a factor the fact that Hamels was due to hit next was in sending Mayberry.

The Phillies were down 1-0 when they hit in the third. Frandsen reached on an infield single on a ball deflected by Detwiler with one out. Utley walked behind him, putting two men on for Ruiz. Ruiz flew to right and Wigginton grounded to third to turn the Phillies away.

Down 3-0, the Phillies went in order in the fourth.

Detwiler set them down in order in the fifth, sixth and seventh.

Lefty Sean Burnett threw a 1-2-3 eighth. Kratz hit for Hamels and grounded to short for the first out.

Kratz was the only righty on the bench for the Phils at the start of the game. They also had five lefties in Nix, Pierre, Howard, Schneider and Schierholtz. One isn’t an ideal number of righties to have on the bench.

Righty Tyler Clippard started the ninth with a three-run lead and walked Utley. Ruiz flew to center for the first out. Nix hit for Wigginton and popped out to Zimmerman for the second out. Schierholtz hit for Mayberry and walked as well, bringing Brown to the plate as the tying run. Howard hit for Brown. Clippard threw an 0-1 fastball past Howard and then struck him out looking at an 0-2 fastball on the inside of the plate.

Rollins was 0-for-4 in the game. 3-for-13 in the series with a walk and three home runs. 250/308/413 for the season. 211/261/361 against left-handed pitchers for the year.

Frandsen 1-for-4. He played all three games of the set at third for the Phils, going 2-for-12 with a home run. 4-for-15 on the year.

Utley was 1-for-2 with two walks. 4-for-10 with four walks and a double in the series. 253/357/463 for the year. 276/417/517 over his last 76 plate appearances.

Ruiz was 0-for-4 and left four men on base. 1-for-9 with a double in the series. 335/399/559 on the year. 269/324/484 over his last 102 plate appearances.

Wigginton 0-for-3 to drop his average to .230. 1-for-4 in the series. 230/299/364 for the year. 162/222/263 over his last 108 plate appearances. We shouldn’t be counting on him to save the day against lefties — he’s hitting 200/317/388 against them for the year.

Mayberry was 0-for-3 with a pretty throw from the outfield. Started all three games of the series and went 3-for-11 with a double and a walk. 232/272/384 for the season.

Brown was 0-for-2 with a walk in the game and 1-for-7 in the series. So far he’s played 17 disaster-free innings in the outfield.

Not so much for Martinez, who was 1-for-3 with an unusual decision about where to throw the ball from center in the third inning. He’s hitting .146 in 51 plate appearances for the year. He’s not exactly a monster bat to add to your lineup against a left-handed pitcher given his career .175 on-base percentage against lefties with one extra-base hit (a double) and one walk in 81 plate appearances.

Blanton (8-9, 4.59) faces righty Ian Kennedy (9-8, 4.20) tonight in Philadelphia. Blanton has thrown to a 3.61 ERA over his last six starts. Kennedy has a 2.42 ERA over his last three outings. He’s seventh in the NL in fewest walks per nine innings at 1.733. Blanton leads the league in that category with 1.215.

As Jimmy goes, so go whoever these guys are

The new look Phils are 2-for-2 after getting past the Nats 3-2 last night as Schierholtz debuted and Brown made his first start of the season.

Jimmy Rollins had a game to remember. He hammered Edwin Jackson’s first pitch of the contest in the top of the first. The ball looked out off the bat, but fell just short and Bryce Harper hauled it in in right for the first out of the game. Rollins finished it off in his next at-bat, though, crushing a 3-1 pitch way out and into the second level in right to cut the Washington lead to 2-1. Rollins did it again in the fifth, homering off of Jackson again to tie the game at 2-2. Nate Schierholtz was the next batter and he hit the very next pitch from Jackson out to right as well, putting the Phils on top to stay at 3-2.

Schierholtz would have another big moment in the game. With nobody out in the top of the eighth and the Phils clinging to a one-run lead, Harper popped a 3-1 pitch into shallow right. Schierholtz made a long run and a sliding catch to keep the Washington rally from getting started.

The other memorable defensive play of the game came from Domonic Brown, who was notably not atrocious defensively in his first start of the year for the Phils. Brown made a strong throw to the plate to cut down Jackson trying to score to end the second.

It wasn’t all good for the Phils defensively in the game. Worley gave them seven strong innings, allowing two runs, both of which were unearned and came in the first when the Phils got a total of one out on two double-play balls that should have ended the inning.

The Phillies are 47-57 on the year after beating the Washington Nationals 3-2 last night. The Phils remain in last place in the NL East, 14 1/2 games behind the Nats.

Worley got the start for the Phillies and went seven innings, allowing two runs, both of which were unearned, on six hits and a walk. He didn’t strike out any batters.

Bryce Harper singled to center with one out in the bottom of the first. Chad Tracy was next and walked on five pitches, putting runners on first and second for Michael Morse. Morse hit a double-play ball to third that should have ended the inning. Didn’t happen. Frandsen booted it and the bases were loaded. Adam LaRoche was the next hitter and he smashed a single into center, moving everyone up a base. Harper scored and the Nats led 1-0 with the bases still loaded. Danny Espinosa was next and he hit another double-play ball, this one to Utley. Utley fielded it fine, but lost it as he tried to flip to Rollins to start the double-play. The ball rolled to Rollins and Rollins was lucky to force LaRoche at second for the second out. Tracy scored to put the Nats up 2-0. Roger Bernadina grounded to Utley to end the inning.

Two big misplays in the frame for the Phils. Frandsen can’t get an out on the first double-play ball and Utley only gets one out on the second.

The pitcher Edwin Jackson reached on an infield single with one out in the second. Steve Lombardozzi was next and grounded to third with Jackson moving up to second with two outs. Harper was the next hitter and he singled to left. Brown charged, gloved and made a strong and accurate throw home. Jackson was tagged out on a close play at the plate.

Very good throw by Brown keeps the Nats off the board. He did something weird with his feet as he charged the ball, trying to get his body into position to make the throw. It seemed like it took him a long time to get to the ball. When he did throw, though, it was just about perfect — strong and on line.

The lead was cut to 2-1 when Worley started the third. Tracy led off with a single to right, but Worley got the next three behind him.

Worley threw a 1-2-3 fourth. Kratz made a nice play on a foul ball he was trouble finding for the third out.

The Phils led 3-2 when Worley set Washington down in order in the fifth.

Morse singled to start the sixth, but Worley got LaRoche to hit into a double-play behind him. He hit Espinosa with a 1-2 pitch before getting Bernadina on a fly ball to right to end the inning.

Worley threw a 1-2-3 seventh. Righty Mark DeRosa hit for the pitcher Mike Gonzalez and popped to Utley for the second out.

Bastardo started the eighth with the Phils still up a run. He got behind Harper 3-0 before Harper popped a 3-1 pitch up to shallow right. Schierholtz made a long run and a sliding catch for the first out. Righty Ryan Zimmerman hit for the lefty Tracy and Lindblom came in to pitch to him, making his debut with the Phillies. Zimmerman singled past a diving Rollins and into center. Lindblom struck Morse out swinging for the second out and Manuel called on Horst to face LaRoche. Horst only threw one pitch to LaRoche. Zimmerman took off for second as LaRoche took strike one, but Kratz threw him out to set the Nats down.

Bastardo faces one batter and gets one out, thanks to a nice play after a long run by Schierholtz. He was pitching for the second day in a row. He’s been charged with a run in just one of his last nine appearances.

Lindblom faces two batters, allowing a single to the first and striking the other out. His previous outing was one inning on Monday, so he was throwing on one day of rest. He can surely help the Phillies. If you’re looking for things to worry about, I’d go with 1) walks against left-handed hitters and 2) his ERA away from Dodger Stadium this year is 5.24.

Horst threw one pitch in the game and got an out on the caught stealing by Zimmerman. He has an 0.87 ERA and an 0.97 ratio in 11 appearances with the Phillies. In 10 1/3 innings he has struck out 12.

Papelbon started the ninth with the Phils still up 3-2. LaRoche popped to Rollins for the first out. Espinosa flew to Brown at the wall in left for the second. Bernadina struck out swinging to end the game.

Espinosa just missed a game-tying home run. Papelbon has made four scoreless appearances in a row.

Two scoreless innings for the pen in which four pitchers combine to allow one hit while striking out two. Nobody threw more than 12 pitches in the game. Bastardo was pitching for the second straight day.

The Phillies lineup against righty Edwin Jackson went (1) Rollins (2) Schierholtz (3) Utley (4) Howard (5) Mayberry (6) Brown (7) Frandsen (8) Kratz. Wow, that’s really ugly. Schierholtz and Brown make their first starts of the year with the Phils with Brown in left and Schierholtz in right. Kratz catches with Ruiz on the bench. Mayberry hits fifth against a right-handed pitcher is probably the worst of it. Frandsen starts against a righty again after homering off of Strasburg in game one of the set. Three lefties in a row for the Phils 2-3-4. Three of the hitters in the lineup, Brown, Frandsen and Schierholtz, come into the game having combined to get a total of eight at-bats with the Phillies this season. If you add Kratz it’s four players with a total of 27 at-bats.

Rollins flew to Harper at the wall in right for the first out in the top of the first. Schierholtz was next and squibbed a ground ball to short for the second out. Utley drew a walk but was left stranded when Howard struck out.

Down 2-0, the Phillies went in order in the second.

Kratz led off the third with a single to right. Worley was next and bunted, but the first baseman LaRoche fielded and threw to second to start a double-play that cleared the bases. It cost the Phils a run, cause Rollins was next and he hammered a 3-1 pitch out to right, cutting the lead to 2-1. Schierholtz and Utley followed with back-to-back singles, putting runners on the corners for Howard. Howard struck out leave them there.

Rollins just missed a home run in the first. The Phillies get three singles and a home run in the inning and score just one run.

Mayberry led off the fourth and hit a ball back up the middle. It went off the glove of the pitcher Jackson and rolled to short. Espinosa fielded and threw to first even though he had no chance to get Mayberry. The throw went into the stands for an error that allowed Mayberry to take second. Brown moved Mayberry up to third with a ground out to first for the first out. Frandsen was next and hit a ground ball to third. Mayberry must have been running on contact and was caught up between third and home and eventually tagged out with Frandsen winding up on second. Kratz was walked intentionally and Jackson struck out Worley to leave both runners stranded.

Another hit for Mayberry off of a righty. Unfortunate not to get a run after putting a man on third with one out, but Mayberry did a nice job to keep the rundown going long enough for Frandsen to get to second.

Rollins led off the fifth and hit a 1-0 pitch out to right for his second home run of the day, tying the game at 2-2. Schierholtz was next and he hit the first pitch from Jackson out to right. 3-2. Utley followed that with a double. Then Howard walked. Mayberry struck out trying to check his swing 1-2 for the first out. Brown was next and grounded to second for the first out with Howard forced at second and Utley moving up to third. Frandsen grounded to short to end the frame.

Less impressive result for Mayberry against the righty that time, but things went well besides that. Rollins and Schierholtz both get Jackson early in the count.

Jackson walked Rollins with two outs in the sixth. Lefty Mike Gonzalez took over and struck Schierholtz out to leave Rollins at first.

Gonzalez struck out Howard and Mayberry in a 1-2-3 seventh.

Righty Ryan Mattheus set down Brown, Frandsen and Kratz in a 1-2-3 eighth.

Lefty Sean Burnett started the ninth. Wigginton hit for Horst and singled to right. Pierre ran for Wigginton at first and stole second. He stole third as Rollins struck out swinging for the first out. Schierholtz was next and flew to shallow left for the second. Pierre had to hold third. Utley grounded to first to leave Pierre stranded.

No RBI for Schierholtz against the lefty with one out and a man on third. Schierholtz’s career numbers against lefties and righties are pretty similar with a little more power and walks against righties but more hits against lefties. 266/319/416 against righties and 285/318/398 against lefties. In 2012, he has been terrible against lefties, hitting just 146/173/229 against them while pounding righties: 295/376/508.

Rollins was 2-for-4 with a walk and two home runs in the game. 3-for-his-last-9 with three home runs, including an inside-the-park homer in game one.

Schierholtz was 2-for-5 with a home run in his debut with the Phils. He also made a critical sliding catch after a long run for the first out in the eighth inning. He’s 3-for-his-last-13. He also couldn’t bring the runner home from third against a lefty with one out in the top of the ninth. He ends the day hitting 146/173/229 against lefties for the year. So, to recap: the Phillies replace Victorino, who didn’t hit righties this year, with a guy who’s worse against righties and replace Pence, a righty who didn’t hit lefties this year, with a lefty who’s hitting .146 against them.

Utley was 2-for-4 with a walk and a double. He’s on-basing .422 over his last 45 plate appearances.

Howard was 0-for-3 with a walk and three strikeouts. He’s 1-for-his-last-14 with nine strikeouts.

Mayberry 1-for-4 and struck out three times. He’s started the last two games against right-handed pitchers and gone 3-for-8 with a double and four strikeouts. For the year he’s hitting 201/270/266 against righties.

Brown was 0-for-4. Perhaps the biggest victory from last night is that we’re not talking about how terrible his defense was. Made a very strong throw in the second to get Jackson. He’s 1-for-5 on the season.

Frandsen was 0-for-4 with a big error that turned an inning-ending double-play into no outs. Also, all sources seem to agree that he’s 30, but he looks like he’s about 45 to me. Last night was the first game he’s appeared in with the Phillies without getting a hit. He’s 3-for-11 with a home run so far. I’m afraid the error last night means Michael Martinez is probably coming to a third base near you sometime soon.

Kratz was 1-for-3 with a walk. He’s 6-for-his-last-12 with a walk, three doubles and a home run.

Hamels (11-5, 3.31) faces lefty Ross Detwiler (5-4, 3.24) tonight. Hamels was awful his last time out — pitching for the first time since signing a massive new deal, Hamels walked six in five innings while allowing five runs. The Phillies have lost five of the last six games that he has started. Righties are hitting 292/342/413 against Detwiler for the season while lefties have put up a 146/224/271 line.

After getting back-to-back righties, this will be the first time the new look Phillies see a righty. That should be a problem. Utley and Howard have had people saying the Phils were too left-handed for a long time. Now the Phillies have five outfielders, John Mayberry and four lefties. That’s assuming you don’t count Martinez as an outfielder, but there are very few offensive problems a team can solve with Michael Martinez.

As of today, the Phillies are hitting 231/289/402 for the year against left-handed pitching. By OPS, that’s eleventh-best in the NL. Ruiz has been their best hitter against lefties this season. Victorino was fantastic against lefties, hitting 316/393/561 against them. Pence oddly was not, but by OPS he was still the fourth-best hitter on the team with at least 15 plate appearances against lefties, posting a 245/311/436 line against them.

Mayberry can hit lefties. But he’s not going to hit 316/393/561 against them. He’s on-basing .282 against left-handed pitching for the year with no walks in 108 at-bats.

Schierholtz has hit lefties in the past, but this year he’s at 146/173/229 against them. He’s a long way from a lock at matching Pence’s 245/311/436 line against left-handed pitching.

Left-handed batters for the Phillies have hit 159/232/290 against lefties for the season.

So the Phils start the day at 231/289/402 against lefties for the year. And that’s bad. We’ll see where it goes from here, but I don’t think the answer will prove to be up.

Day one leaves people wondering why the Phils didn’t trade away their good players months ago

The Phillies ushered in a new era last night, hammering Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals 8-0 on the day they traded away Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence.

Cliff Lee was very good in the game, throwing seven shutout innings and getting his second win of the year. Rollins and Frandsen both hit homers and Pierre had three hits. John Mayberry, miserable against righties this year but about to receive an extended second chance, twice reached base against right-handed pitchers.

The Phillies are 46-57 on the year after beating the Washington Nationals 8-0 last night. They are in last place in the NL East, 15 1/2 games behind the first place Nats.

Lee got the start for the Phillies and went seven shutout innings, allowing five hits and a walk. One of the hits went for extra-bases, a double. He struck out seven.

Four of Lee’s last five starts have been good. In the other he allowed six runs on 12 hits over seven innings.

Steve Lombardozzi walked to start the bottom of the first, but Lee got three ground balls behind him to keep the Nats off the board.

The Phils were up 2-0 when he started the second. He got the first two before Jesus Flores doubled to center. Lee struck Roger Bernadina out looking to end the inning.

Lee started the third with a 3-0 lead. The pitcher Stephen Strasburg led off with a single and Lombardozzi moved him up to second with another single. Lee struck out Bryce Harper for the first out before Danny Espinosa flew to left for the second out. Michael Morse was next and he singled to left, loading the bases for Tyler Moore. Moore grounded to third to leave them loaded.

No runs for the Nationals on three singles in the frame.

Bernadina singled with two outs in the fourth and the Phillies up 6-0. Strasburg grounded out on a ball handled by Lee for the third out.

Lee set the Nats down in order in the fifth, sixth and again in the seventh. Lefty Chad Tracy hit for the pitcher Tom Gorzelanny and flew to right for the third out in the seventh.

Frandsen made a nice play for the first out in the fifth, diving to his right to field a ball hit by Lombardozzi and throwing to first in time to get the out.

Bastardo got the first two hitters to start the eighth. Kendrick took over to strike switch-hitter Espinosa out swinging for the third out.

Bastardo drops his ERA under five to 4.98 with the two outs. He threw to a 9.72 ERA in July.

Kendrick doesn’t allow a run in July, throwing 15 scoreless innings. Opponents hit .154 against him in July and he struck out 13.

Schwimer struck out Moore, Morse and Mark DeRosa in a 1-2-3 ninth with the Phillies up 8-0.

Schwimer has a 1.96 ERA over his last 18 appearances and has struck out 21 in 18 1/3 innings.

Two perfect innings for the pen in which they strike out five without allowing a hit or a walk. Schwimer threw 14 pitches, Bastardo five and Kendrick four.

The Phillies lineup against righty Stephen Strasburg went (1) Rollins (2) Pierre (3) Utley (4) Howard (5) Ruiz (6) Nix (7) Mayberry (8) Frandsen. Lefties Pierre and Nix in left and right. Mayberry in center in the first game since the Victorino trade. Victorino on-based .299 and slugged .346 against righties this year. Seems like the Phillies would be able to improve on that, but Mayberry comes into the game on-basing .262 and slugging .256 against righties. Mayberry’s got a lot of work to do as a righty on a team will soon include lefties Pierre, Brown, Schierholtz and Nix in the outfield. I think it’s safe to say that lefty Mike Fontenot is not a favorite of Manuel’s as Frandsen starts against the righty.

Pierre and Utley singled back-to-back with one out in the top of the first. Howard was next and Lombardozzi made a fantastic play to field the ball and shovel to second to start the double-play that set the Phillies down.

Ruiz doubled to right to start the second. Nix and Mayberry both struck out behind him, but Frandsen hit the first pitch he saw from Strasburg out to center, putting the Phils up 2-0. Lee flew to left for the third out.

Pierre singled with one out in the third and stole second. With Utley at the plate, Pierre took off for third. Flores’s throw to third was on the shortstop side of the bag and into left field for an error. Pierre scored and the Phils were up 3-0. Utley flew to center before Howard walked. Ruiz grounded to second to leave Howard stranded.

Mayberry doubled to left with one out in the fourth. Frandsen was next and grounded to short for the second out. Lee was next and singled into right, scoring Mayberry to put the Phils up 4-0. Lee stole second with Rollins at the plate. Rollins hammered a ball to right on a 2-0 pitch. It hit high off the wall as Harper smashed into the wall. Harper stayed on the ground, either because he was dazed or thought the ball was out, and Rollins tore around the bases, making it all the way home for an inside-the-park two-run homer that put the Phils up 6-0. Pierre flew to left for the third out.

Mayberry doubles off the righty to help get the Phillies their first run of the frame.

Howard singled on a ball deflected by the new pitcher, lefty Tom Gorzelanny, with one out in the fifth. Ruiz flew to right for the second out and Nix struck out for the third.

Mayberry singled to start the sixth, but the Phillies went in order behind him.

Howard struck out swinging at a wild pitch by Gorzelanny with two outs in the seventh and made it to first. Ruiz fouled out to Espinosa to leave him at first.

Mayberry walked off of righty Henry Rodriguez with one out in the eighth. Frandsen flew to left for the second out. The lefty Brown hit for Lee and singled to center, moving Mayberry up to third. Rollins grounded to second to leave both runners stranded.

Again Mayberry reaches base against a righty, this time walking against Rodriguez.

Brown delivers a single in his first plate appearance of the year.

Pierre singled off of Rodriguez to start the ninth and moved to second when Utley followed with a walk. Howard was next and again Lombardozzi made a nice play to take a hit away from him, this time diving to his right and throwing to first for the first out as the runners moved up to second and third. Righty Drew Storen came in to pitch to Ruiz. Ruiz grounded to second with Utley moving up to third and Pierre scoring. 7-0. Nix followed that with a single into center. Utley scored and it was 8-0. Mayberry grounded to second for the third out.

Second time in the game Lombardozzi took a hit away from Howard.

Rollins was 1-for-5 in the game with his tenth homer of the season. He hit 208/276/375 in July.

Pierre was 3-for-5, stole two bases and scored two runs. He has 25 stolen bases for the year with four caught stealings and has been picked off just once. He’s 7-for-his-last-17 (.412).

Utley 1-for-4 with a walk. 2-for-his-last-15.

Howard 1-for-4 with a walk and twice victimized by nice plays from Lombardozzi. 2-for-his-last-15 with nine strikeouts.

Ruiz 1-for-5 with a double. 5-for-his-last-21 (.238). July was his worst month of the season and he hit 288/348/513.

Nix was 1-for-5 and struck out three times. 2-for-12 with seven strikeouts since returning from the DL.

Mayberry 2-for-4 with a walk and a double. The walk and the double both come against righties. 271/327/438 in July.

Frandsen 1-for-4 with a two-run homer. First home run for Frandsen since September 30, 2007 when he was with the Giants. 3-for-7 with the Phils so far.

Worley (5-6, 3.88) faces righty Edwin Jackson (6-6, 3.52) tonight. Worley started July with a 2.92 ERA for the year. In July he made five starts in which he threw to a 6.43 ERA and opponents hit .353 against him. Jackson has allowed one run in 14 innings over his last two starts.

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