Here’s a look at the record for the Philies, how many runs they’ve scored and allowed per game and the ERA and ratio their starters and bullpen pitched to for each month of the season so far:

Month Record RS/G RA/G SP ERA SP Rat RP ERA RP Rat
April 11-12 3.30 3.39 2.77 1.09 3.81 1.33
May 16-13 5.00 4.59 4.05 1.22 5.23 1.34
June 9-19 4.43 5.21 4.99 1.36 4.32 1.47
July 5-8 3.62 4.62 3.45 1.19 7.20 1.43

The Phillies are over .500 in just one month this season. They went 16-13 in May. A miserable June was the worst month of the season as they went 9-19.

The offense was solid in May and June. The Phils were third in the NL in runs scored in May and sixth in June. Twelfth in April and fourteenth so far in July.

Early in the year they were doing very well at preventing runs, but have dropped off significantly since April. Fourth in the NL in runs allowed in April, tenth in May, thirteenth in June and fourteenth so far in July.

The starting pitching was good in April. That’s about it. The numbers overall for July are okay — starters threw to a 4.70 ERA in the first six games of July, but have been good lately, throwing to a 2.45 ERA with a 1.09 ratio over the last seven games.

The first part of May, about the first half, was good for the starters as well. From May 1 to May 18, the Phillies went 10-7 and their starters pitched to a 3.13 ERA with a 1.09 ratio.

From May 18 to the end of June, the starting pitchers threw to a 5.34 ERA with a 1.38 ratio. The Phillies went 15-25 in those games.

The bullpen had its best month in April. A 3.81 ERA and a 1.33 ratio might look good compared to the rest of that chart, but it isn’t that good compared to the rest of the league. For the year, the average NL team has seen their relievers throw to a 3.86 ERA with a 1.36 ratio. A 3.81 bullpen ERA for the year would be ninth-best in the NL at this point. The Padres are eight-best with a 3.56 ERA and the Rockies ninth-best at 4.09.

Since the end of April, the bullpen has a 5.17 ERA and a 1.41 ratio.

Since June 12, the bullpen has a 6.15 ERA and a 1.58 ratio over 31 games.