Spring Training stats don’t matter at all, everyone knows that. Right? Right? Well, let’s hope so. Cause the offense isn’t looking so hot right now any formula for success for the Phillies until they get their big bats back and probably even after they do has a lot to do with dominating starting pitching. Joe Blanton got banged around yesterday, and a look at the numbers for the guys in the rotation this spring shows they haven’t been especially dominating:

IP ERA Ratio K
Halladay 20 5.40 1.30 24
Lee 15 2/3 3.45 1.28 16
Hamels 18 4.00 1.39 10
Blanton 15 4.80 1.20 13
Worley 16 2.81 1.13 18
Total 84 2/3 4.15 1.26 81

Worley has had a nice spring so far and Lee’s numbers are pretty good overall. Halladay’s high ERA has been well documented and Blanton’s is getting up there as well after a rough day yesterday. Hamels doesn’t have the high ERA, but opponents have hit .303 against him and he has struck out just ten in 18 innings.

One thing the guys in the rotation have done is continue to prevent walks. As a group, the five pitchers above has walked just ten in 84 2/3 innings so far, which is a tiny walk rate of 1.06 per nine innings. That helps keep their ratio as a group pretty low, but hidden in that number is the fact that they have allowed 97 hits in 84 2/3 innings. That’s too many.

Three hits for the Phils yesterday as the fell to Boston 6-0.

Blanton started the game for the Phillies and was hit hard, allowing five runs on seven hits over five innings to raise his ERA to 4.80. He didn’t walk a batter and struck out five. Qualls was the only other pitcher likely to stat the year with the Phils to pitch in the game. He struck out one in a scoreless seventh, dropping his ERA to 4.15. He has now allowed just six hits and two walks in 8 2/3 innings.

Galvis had another extra-base hit, a double. He was 1-for-3, upping his line to 274/294/484. Orr played three innings at short for the Phils and was 1-for-1 at the plate to raise his average to .293. Montanez started in right and got the other hit, going 1-for-3. He’s at 326/362/465.

Wigginton and Mayberry were both 0-for-3 and struck out twice. Wigginton is hitting .230. Mayberry is at an ugly 206/254/270 in a team-high 63 at-bats.

The Phillies sent Brian Sanches, Scott Elarton and Jake Diekman to minor league camp.