The Phils topped the Cardinals 4-0 last night behind still more dominant pitching from Cliff Lee. Lee threw a complete-game shutout and rolled to his eighth win of the year, backed up by home runs from Rollins and Howard.

Over his last four starts, Lee has allowed one run in 33 innings, throwing to an 0.27 ERA with an 0.76 ratio. He has thrown two complete games in a row and threw 15 innings in the two starts before that — he’s averaging 8.25 innings pitched over his last four starts.

Lee and Halladay have now combined for seven complete games on the season — Halladay has four and Lee has three. No other team in either league has more than six complete games for the year.

The Phillies are 47-28 on the year after beating the St Louis Cardinals 4-0 last night. They have won the first two games of the set, outscoring St Louis 14-2.

Lee got the start for the Phillies and threw a complete game shutout, allowing six hits and a walk. Two of the hits went for extra-bases, both doubles. He threw a career-high 126 pitches.

He walked Ryan Theriot to start the bottom of the first. Jon Jay grounded to second with Theriot forced at second for the first out. Matt Holliday hit into a double-play to end the inning.

Yadier Molina singled to left with one out in the second. Lee struck Andrew Brown out looking for the second out and got Daniel Descalso on a fly ball to center for the third.

Pitcher Kyle Lohse doubled to left to start the third. Pete Kozma, the nine hitter behind Lohse hitting eighth, was next and hit a ball hard back up the middle, but Lee leaped up and snared it, looking Lohse back to second and throwing to first to get Kozma. Theriot moved Lohse to third with a single, but Lee got Jay to hit into a double-play to end the inning.

Great defensive play by Lee on the ball hit hard by Kozma saves the Phils a run.

Up 3-0, Lee set the Cards down in order in the fourth.

He threw a 1-2-3 fifth as well. He had thrown 69 pitches through five innings.

Two popups and a fly ball to center in a 1-2-3 sixth.

Lance Berkman doubled to left with one out in the seventh. Molina was next and grounded to third with Berkman holding. Brown grounded to third for the third out.

Kozma singled to center with two outs in the eighth. Theriot was next and hit a ball back up the middle that was deflected by Lee, but went to Utley who threw to first for the third out.

Up 4-0, Lee got the first two hitters in the ninth before Berkman singled to center. Molina grounded to short to end the game.

The Phillies lineup against righty Kyle Lohse went (1) Rollins (2) Victorino (3) Utley (4) Howard (5) Polanco (6) Francisco (7) Brown (8) Ruiz. Francisco plays left with Ibanez on the bench against the righty.

Rollin started the game with a single to center on a ball deflected by Kozma at second, but Victorino hit into a double-play behind him. Utley flew to right to set the Phillies down.

The Phils went in order in the second and again in the third. Francisco ripped a ball down the third base line, but was robbed of extra-bases by a diving Descalso to end the second.

Rollins led off the fourth and hit a 2-2 pitch out to right, putting the Phils up 1-0. Victorino grounded to second before Utley singled to left. Howard was next and he hit a 1-0 pitch out to left. 3-0. Polanco followed with a single before Francisco hit into a double-play to set the Phils down.

Sixteen homers for Howard on the year, all 16 against righties.

The Phils went in order in the fifth and again in the sixth.

Howard started the seventh with a single to right. Polanco was next and hit a line drive, but it was caught by Kozma at second and Kozma threw to first where Howard was doubled-off. Francisco flew to center for the third out.

Ruiz singled to right with one out in the eighth. Lee hit for himself and grounded to short for the third out.

Lee had thrown 99 pitches through seven innings when he hit for himself in the eighth.

Victorino tripled to right with one out in the ninth and came in to score when Utley followed with a fly ball to right, putting the Phils up 4-0. Howard struck out for the third out.

Rollins was 2-for-4 with a home run in the game. He has three home runs in the last nine games. In those games he’s hitting 297/381/568 in 42 plate appearances.

Victorino 1-for-4 with a triple.

Utley 1-for-3 with an RBI. 3-for-his-last-15 with three singles.

Howard 2-for-4 with a two-run homer. 258/370/570 against righties for the year and 267/327/367 against lefties.

Polanco 1-for-3. He’s 1-for-his-last-14.

Francisco 0-for-3 to drop his average to .218. Descalso made a great play to take extra-bases away from him in the second. 4-for-his-last-26 with four singles and eight walks.

Brown was 0-for-3 and is hitting .141 in 64 June at-bats. He has outslugged Francisco for the year, but Francisco is out-on-basing him .338 to .278 for the season.

Ruiz 1-for-3. He’s raised his average from .238 to .257 over the past two games, going 5-for-7.

Oswalt (4-5, 3.38) faces righty Chris Carpenter (1-7, 4.47) tonight. Carpenter has allowed a ton of hits so far this year. After allowing 370 in 472 2/3 innings in 2009 and 2010 combined, he has given up 113 in 98 2/3 innings so far this season. Righties are hitting .302 against him for the year. The Phils are just 5-7 in the games that Oswalt has started this year and have lost three of the last four. Oswalt has allowed at least three runs in each of his last three starts. He’s thrown to a 5.12 ERA with a 1.40 ratio over his last three outings.

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