Remember this? Earlier this month I pointed out that the 2010 Phillies called on their relievers to throw fewer innings than any NL team had over the past five seasons. That’s not the only remarkable achievement of the pitching staff, however.

In 2010, Phillies pitchers combined to walk 416 batters on the season. That was the not only the fewest number of walks issued by a National League team in 2010, but the fewest number of walks issued by an NL team since 1995.

The table below shows the NL team that walked the fewest batters in each of the past 16 seasons:

Year Team Walks
2010 PHI 416
2009 STL 460
2008 ARI 451
2007 SD 474
2006 CIN 464
2005 HOU 440
2004 SD 422
2003 MON 463
2002 ARI 421
2001 NYM 438
2000 ATL 484
1999 HOU 478
1998 HOU 465
1997 ATL 450
1996 ATL 451
1995 NYM 401

In 1995, the Expos also issued 416 walks, finishing second in the league in the category.

In 2010, it wasn’t close. The Phillies walked 416 batters for the year. The team that issued the second-fewest number of walks overall was the Cardinals — they walked 477.

Charlie Manuel continues to talk as if John Mayberry has a real chance to get significant time in right field this season. Ross Gload notably does not appear on his list of potential right fielders.