Here’s the bullpen record by starting pitcher for the Phils for 2010:

Pitcher Team Record in Starts W-L as SP % of starts with decision Bullpen record in starts
Halladay 22-11 21-10 93.9 1-1
Hamels 18-15 12-11 69.7 6-4
Kendrick 17-14 11-10 67.7 6-4
Blanton 17-11 9-6 53.6 8-5
Moyer 9-10 9-9 94.7 0-1
Oswalt 10-2 7-1 66.6 3-1
Happ 2-1 1-0 33.3 1-1
Worley 1-1 0-1 50.0 1-0
Figueroa 1-0 0-0 0.00 1-0
Total 97-65 70-48 72.8 27-17

The bullpen had a total of three decisions in the 52 games started by Halladay or Moyer, but 13 in the 18 games started by Blanton.

Halladay pitched well enough to win in the games he didn’t get a decision, too. On July 10, Halladay threw nine shutout innings against the Reds, but the Phillies didn’t score until the eleventh when a double by Ruiz and a walkoff single by Rollins gave them a 1-0 win. Halladay wasn’t as dominant in his other no-decision in 2010. On May 12, he allowed three runs over 6 1/3 innings against Colorado. That game was also decided in extra innings — this time when Miguel Olivo homered off of Chad Durbin in the bottom of the tenth to give the Rockies a 4-3 win (it was Olivo’s fifth hit of the game).

Moyer had a decision in each of his first 18 starts on the season. His 19th start came on July 20 and he went just one scoreless inning before leaving the game with a strained elbow. Carpenter and Baez combined to allow six runs over the next four innings and the Phils lost the game 7-1.

Overall for the season in the NL in 2010, the teams that weren’t the Phillies saw their starter get a decision in 70.5% of their starts. As you know, the Phillies had the best winning percentage in the NL last year. Here’s how the difference in winning percentage breaks down between the starting pitchers and the bullpen:

Winning percentage
PHI SP .593
All NL SP .491
NL SP other than PHI .484
PHI Pen .614
All NL Pen .541
NL Pen other than PHI .505

The Phillies starting pitchers went 70-48 for a .593 winning percentage. The starting pitchers for the other teams in the league that weren’t the Phillies went 829-884, a .484 winning percentage. So the winning percentage for the starters was .109 higher than the winning percentage for the teams in the league other than the Phils. The winning percentage for the bullpen was also .109 higher. The pen went 27-17 for a .614 winning percentage. The bullpens of every team in the league other than the Phils combined to go 362-355, a .505 winning percentage. .614 minus .505 is .109.