Only July 21 the Phillies lost to the Cardinals 5-1 in St Louis. It was their fourth loss in a row and sixth in seven games. They had fallen to 48-46 on the season and were in third place in the division, a half game behind the second-place Mets.

And then they started winning and haven’t stopped. They’ve gone 14-3 since and things are looking a whole lot brighter.

During the 17-game stretch they have been better both at scoring and preventing runs than they were over their first 94 games.

scored per game
allowed per game
First 94
4.63 4.36
Last 17 games 5.24 3.18

The Phils have been better both at scoring and preventing runs over the streak, but have shown more dramatic improvement in preventing runs than scoring them. Over the last seventeen games they scored about 113% of the runs per game they scored over their first 94 games. Over the first 94 games they allowed about 137% of the runs per game they’ve allowed over the past 17.

The starting pitching has been hugely improved over the past 17 games. They have been pitching deeper into games with better results.

  IP/G ERA Ratio H/9 BB/9 SO/9
First 94 6.38 4.08 1.24 9.1 2.1 6.4
Last 17 6.69 2.85 1.09 7.8 2.1 8.9

The Phils have gotten longer starts from the rotation in their recent run. They are walking batters at about the same rate, but striking out more and allowing a lot fewer hits. Most importantly they are being charged with a lot less runs. The starting pitching was charged with about 3.16 runs per game over the first 94 games. Over the last 17 games they have allowed about 2.18 runs per game.

The Phils have 11 quality starts in the 17 games and in each of the eleven their starting pitcher allowed fewer than three runs. In the six games where they didn’t get a quality start they went 4-2. In their first 94 games they didn’t have a quality start in 43 of them and went 15-28 in those games (that’s a .349 winning percentage).