Anybody noticed that Raul Ibanez is playing rather well recently? If you haven’t, don’t worry. If you wait long enough one of his three-run homers will probably hit you in the head.

He probably will have hit it off a righty, though.

On June 30, Ibanez went 0-for-4 with a strikeout against the Reds to drop his line on the year to 240/328/394. Yesterday his three-run homer off of RA Dickey in the third inning was the big blow of the game for the Phils and he ended the day hitting 274/359/439. Since the end of July he has gotten 133 plate appearances in which he has hit 348/429/539.

And he still isn’t hitting left-handed pitching.

Here’s what he has done against lefties in July and August, keeping in mind that those are the months he has torn things up offensively:

July 29 241 267 414
August 13 231 267 231
Combined 42 238 267 357

That’s about the same as his results against lefties through the end of June.

Raul Ibanez vs lefties
Before July 67 224 288 373
July and
42 238 267 357
Season total 109 229 280 367

He’s actually been a little worse against lefties on his tear. He has hit for a slightly higher average, but is walking less and seeing his hits go for fewer bases.

Thankfully, though, he is just hammering righties. Here are his numbers against right-handed pitching for July and August and how they compare to the start of the season:

Raul Ibanez vs righties
July 63 381 480 587
August 10 600 692 1.000
July and
73 411 511 644
Before July
and August
187 246 341 401
Total for
260 292 389 469

Compared to his career numbers, Ibanez is walking more against righties and showing a little bit less power this year. It’s pretty close, though. He had an .850 OPS for his career against righties and .858 for the season. Against left-handed pitching, though, his numbers continue to be way off. Ibanez has a career 267/323/429 mark against lefties for his career compared to 229/280/367 for the year.