Wilson Valdez has gotten 178 plate appearances this year. In those plate appearances he’s walked four times and grounded into 14 double-plays. That means he’s hit into a double-play 3 1/2 times more than he’s walked this season.

That seems a little unusual. I thought I would go on a hunt to see when the last time a player in either league a) got at least 150 plate appearances in a season and b) hit into a double-play 3 1/2 or more times than he walked.

The chart below shows players who have gotten at least 150 plate appearances in a season and grounded into double-plays more than 1 1/2 times as often as they walked since the start of 2000:

Year Player GDP/BB
2010 (so far) Wilson Valdez 3.5
2009 Robinson Cano 1.53
2007 Jose Castillo 1.83
2007 Ivan Rodriguez 1.78
2007 Howie Kendrick 1.67
2006 Mike Redmond 2.25
2005 Ivan Rodriguez 1.75
2001 Jorge Fabregas 1.67
2000 Devei Cruz 1.92
2000 Shawon Dunston 1.83

So it doesn’t happen all that often. None of those guys in the ten previous seasons are close to Valdez’s rate. Redmond is the closest with his effort in 2006 when he got 190 plate appearances for the Twins, walked four times and hit into nine double-plays.

How far back do we have to go to find someone to top Valdez? Not quite as far as you might think, cause it’s Shawon Dunston to the rescue in 1999. Between the Mets and the Cards he got 255 plate appearances in which he walked just twice while hitting into eight double-plays. That gives him a four for GDP over BB, topping Valdez’s 3.5 at least for the time being.

Valdez still has seventy-fives games to go, though.

The next update to Philliesflow will be next week.