Phillies batters hit with the bases empty in about 56.1% of their plate appearances in 2009 and in those plate appearances they drove in 16.2% of the runs that the Phillies scored. For the eight Phillies regulars, here’s the percentage of their plate appearances that came with the bases empty and the percentage of the runs they drove in last year that came with the bases empty:

  % of PA with bases empty % of RBI with bases empty
Rollins 66.2 14.3
62.1 9.7
Ruiz 59.1 11.6
Feliz 56.0 6.1
Werth 55.6 21.2
Utley 54.0 21.5
Ibanez 53.8 21.5
Howard 49.6 14.9

So of those eight, Rollins, Victorino and Ruiz got a higher percentage of their plate appearances with the bases empty than was the average for the team. Werth , Utley and Ibanez were the only three who had a higher percentage of their RBI come with the bases empty than was average for the team.

If Rollins at the top of the list and Howard at the bottom of the list maintained those percentages over a season in which they both got 650 plate appearances, Rollins would get about 430 plate appearances with the bases empty and Howard would get about 322. That’s 108 more times at the plate with the bases empty for Rollins.

The Phillies are trying to avoid arbitration hearings with Blanton, Ruiz and Victorino. This suggests that Blanton was offered $7.5 million and is seeking $10.25, Victorino was offered $4.75 million and wants $5.8 million and Ruiz is looking for $2.5 million and was offered $1.7 million.

This suggests that reliever Eric Gagne was expected to have a tryout with the Phillies yesterday afternoon. The righty Gagne turned 34 in January. He didn’t pitch in the majors in 2009 after a weak season with the Brewers in 2008. He made 17 starts for the Quebec Capitales in the independent CamAm league in ’09 and threw to a 4.65 ERA with a 1.38 ratio in 102 2/3 innings, which, when translated from the French, likely proves to be impressive, or, more likely, not impressive or somewhere in-between. Either way, he was really good in 2003 and if there’s some way the Phillies can capitalize on that I’m all for it.