For each of the eight offensive positions, here’s the Phillies team OPS at the position, the rank of that OPS in the NL this year, the NL average for the season, the team’s OPS rank in the NL in 2008 and the ’09 OPS for the position over the NL average OPS for the position as a percentage:

C .757 5 .709 10 107
1B .928 5 .858 4 108
2B .896 1 .741 1 121
3B .686 12 .752 15 91
SS .699 10 .721 6 97
LF .827 4 .781 5 106
CF .831 2 .762 4 109
RF .898 1 .781 12 115

So, for example, the chart shows that Phillies catchers overall posted a .757 OPS this season, which was the fifth-best for the teams in the league. The average NL team saw their catchers post a .709 OPS. The Phillies’ .757 is about 107% of .709.

There are 16 teams in the NL. By OPS, the Phillies were in the top five in six of the eight positions. The two where they were not were shortstop and third base.

By rank of the positional OPS compared to other teams, the Phillies improved at five positions in 2009 compared to 2008: catcher, third base, left field, center field and right field. They were down at two, first base and shortstop, and they had the best OPS at second base in both 2008 and 2009. Despite dropping from fourth to fifth in the league in OPS by first basemen, the Phils still got a lot of production from the position. The Padres and Cubs both topped the Phils in OPS at first base after the Phils had finished ahead of them in 2008.

Finally, if you rank how the team OPS by position compares to the league averages, the list goes like this:

  1. 2B (121)
  2. RF (115)
  3. CF (109)
  4. 1B (108)
  5. C (107)
  6. LF (106)
  7. SS (97)
  8. 3B (91)

I have added a page where I will track my guess at who will be on the 2010 Phillies team that you can access through the 2010 link at the top of the page.

The Phillies aren’t going to trade Cole Hamels or trade for Roy Halladay. If Amaro trades Cole Hamels for Roy Halladay they should fire him. He won’t, but if he did getting fired would be the least of his problems — his first priority would no doubt be finding someone to exercise the baseball-illiterate demon that had taken up residence within him. It is a little interesting if the Phillies truly don’t have any interest in Halladay, although I don’t think the Phillies need to add a big starting pitcher before the start of the season. They might need to add one before the end of season, though, and they had mixed results with that in 2009. The Lee trade was fantastic, but signing Pedro cost them.

The article linked above also says that Moyer will have surgery on his left knee in December.

Amaro says the two top priorities are third base and the bullpen. Figgins, Tejada, Belte, DeRosa and Polanco seem like the most common guesses about who the Phils might go after for third. Polanco is the least exciting name in that group, coming off of a season where he hit 266/304/434 against lefties.

Rollins and Victorino won Gold Gloves.

This says the Phillies may be interested in Fernando Rodney.

Lidge had elbow surgery and should be throwing within eight weeks. Amaro says he’s hopeful that Lidge will be ready close to opening day.