Take a look at the start log.

The Phillies started the season with seven games in a row in which they did not get a quality start. They don’t have a quality start in any of their last seven games. In between the first seven games of the season and the last seven games of the season there was never more than three games in a row in which they failed to make a quality start.

It sure seems like the bullpen is the Phillies biggest problem in their recent struggles to close out the division. But the starting pitching has been awful of late. This recent stretch of games isn’t quite as bad as the seven to start the year. But it’s been bad. Here’s how the starting pitching in the two funks compare:

  IP ERA Ratio
First 7 games
of season
35 9.00 1.91
Most recent 7
40 2/3 6.41 1.62

The Phils went 4-3 in the first seven games of the year and have gone 3-4 over the last seven. So they are 7-7 in the 14 games combined despite the fact that in those 14 games their starting pitchers combined to throw to a 7.61 ERA and a 1.78 ratio. They managed that because they were hitting well. Even as badly as they are playing in this most recent funk, they have still scored 39 runs. That’s 5.57 runs per game, which is more than the 5.06 runs per game they have averaged for the season. In the first stretch of seven games when they didn’t get a quality start they scored 40 runs (or about 5.71 per game).