It’s been a miserable couple of weeks for the Phillies as they’ve struggled badly at home and against teams from the American League. The runs they’ve scored as a team are down compared to the first two months of the season:

Games R/Game
April 119 20 5.95
May 148 28 5.29
June 89 19 4.68
Season 356 67 5.31

Compared to the rest of the season, or at least last month, the pitching has been bad but not that much worse:

Games RA/Game
April 112 20 5.60
May 133 28 4.75
June 91 19 4.79
Season 336 67 5.01

Allowing 4.79 runs per game is still bad, it’s just not terrible compared to what the team had done the rest of the season. If the Phillies allowed 4.79 runs per game over 162 games they would give up 776 for the year. In 2008 they allowed 680 runs. Five NL teams allowed more than 776. Their best month of the year in terms of preventing runs so far has been May. In May they allowed 4.75 runs per game — if they allowed runs at that rate over 162 games they would allow about 770 over 162 games, which is still 90 more than they allowed in 2008.

Finally, given how awful the recent home stand was it is easy to forget that the Phillies started the month with a 7-3 road trip in which they got fantastic pitching. The hitting wasn’t real impressive in the nine games at home, but the problems the Phils have had winning at Citizens Bank Park this season still have a lot more to do with pitching than they do with hitting. Here’s how the runs the Phils have scored and allowed at home and away break down for June:

  G RS per game RA per game
Home 9 38 4.22 60 6.67
Away 10 51 5.10 31 3.10
Total 19 89 4.68 91 4.79

It’s real tough to win when you allow more than six runs per game. On the other hand, the Phils have scored more than five runs a game on the road and the pitching has been outstanding in the games away from Philly. In ten games the Phillies have allowed 31 runs.

Condrey was put on the DL and Escalona called up.

This says the Phillies are hopeful that Howard will be able to play today.