Seriously? He really threw that 1-2 pitch there? Swept by the Orioles? Lost six in a row? Lost eight of nine? 13-22 at home? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

If nothing else, at least the little-home-stand-that-couldn’t is finally over. Good riddance. Things have gotten just plain ugly and hard to believe as the Phillies struggle in a whole lot of different ways. The team seems stuck in a fog they can’t find there way out of. Most recently the fog featured the Baltimore Orioles pummeling them this way and that as the O’s swept a three-game set in Philadelphia.

It sure looked like Ryan Howard, struggling most of the weekend with flu-like symptoms that had him in and out of the hospital, had snapped the team out of its collective funk with a pinch-hit three-run homer in the bottom of the seventh in game two that put the Phillies up 5-3. That illusion lasted for one full inning, before Madson gave up three runs on two homers in the top of the ninth. Madson has allowed three home runs in his last two appearances after not allowing any in his first 34.

The finale yesterday was almost as bad. It featured Cole Hamels and the Phils squaring off against a guy who came into the game with a 5.42 ERA and sat atop the American League in home runs allowed. Hamels pitched great, but not great enough for a Phillies team that suddenly has a lot of problems scoring runs. Baltimore took the game 2-1 to complete the sweep.

The Phillies are 36-31 on the season after being swept by Baltimore in a three-game set. They remain in first place in the NL East and are two games ahead of the Mets. They have lost six in a row.

Baltimore won game one 7-2. Werth put the Phils up 2-0 with a two-run double in the first, but the Phillies got four more hits the rest of the game. Bastardo went deep into the game, throwing seven innings and allowing four runs on just five hits without walking a batter. Bastardo left with the Phils down 4-2, but the O’s broke the game open against Taschner with three runs in the top of the ninth.

Game two was a little tough to take. The Phils went into the bottom of the seventh down 3-0. They got it to within 3-2 when Ryan Howard, unable to start after being in the hospital the night before with a high fever, came off the bench to deliver a pinch-hit three-run homer. The 5-3 lead stood in the top of the ninth when Madson came on to close. Greg Zaun hit a solo homer to cut it to 5-4. Madson had Brian Roberts down 1-2 with two outs and a man on first when Roberts hit a horrible pitch from Madson out to right-center to put Baltimore up 6-5. That was how it ended.

The Phillies lost 2-1 yesterday. Hamels pitched very well. Dobbs, starting at first again, put the Phils up 1-0 with a solo homer in the bottom of the fourth. The O’s tied it up at 1-1 in the top of the sixth with a double, a stolen base and a single. Hamels allowed another run in the top of the eighth when Robert Andino led off with a double and came around to score on a single by Roberts. The Phils should have tied the game in the bottom of the eighth, but Rollins was called out at first and Victorino followed with a two-out double that would have tied things up. Victorino was left stranded when Utley grounded back to the pitcher and the Phils went down in order in the bottom of the ninth.

The Phillies got good starting pitching in the series and miserable work from their bullpen. Overall they threw 27 innings in the series with a 5.00 ERA and a 1.52 ratio.

The starting pitching was not the problem. The Phils got three good starts in the set and all three pitchers went at least six innings. As a group the three went 21 innings with a 3.43 ERA and a 1.33 ratio. In 21 innings they walked just four and did not allow a home run.

Bastardo pitched well in game one. He went seven innings and allowed four runs on five hits and no walks. Three of the five hits went for extra-bases, all doubles. He’s made four starts so far and just one of them is bad, the game where he walked three in the first and Boston scored five runs with the help of three errors before rain forced him from the game.

Happ allowed two runs over six innings in game two, but with a lot of base-runners. He allowed ten hits, eight singles and two doubles, and four walks.

Hamels went eight innings in game two, allowing two runs on nine hits (seven singles and two doubles). He struck out ten and did not walk a batter. He’s allowed one home run over 28 innings in four June starts.

The bullpen was terrible in the series. Taschner gave up three runs in the first game to make a close game not close anymore. Durbin allowed a run in game two before Madson got hammered in the ninth. As a group the relievers threw six innings in the series, pitching to a 10.50 ERA with a 2.17 ratio. They allowed three home runs in six innings.

Romero did not pitch in the series.

Taschner pitched the eighth and ninth innings of game one. He kept Baltimore off the board in the top of the eighth, but in the ninth he allowed three runs as the O’s extended their lead from 4-2 to 7-2.

He has a 5.26 ERA and a 1.87 ratio for the season. Six runs on ten hits and three walks over four innings in his last three appearances.

Durbin started the seventh inning of game two, taking over for Happ with the Phils down 2-0. The first three hitters he faced all reached on singles. Durbin got the next two, but then walked Roberts to force in a run and make it 3-0 Baltimore. He struck out the next hitter to leave the bases loaded.

Park pitched the eighth inning of game two with the Phillies up 5-3. He set the O’s down in order, striking out two.

He also pitched the ninth inning yesterday with the Phillies down 2-1. He faced four hitters. He got three out and the other reached on an error by Dobbs.

Over his last seven appearances Park has been charged with one earned run over eleven innings. Eight hits, two walks, thirteen strikeouts.

Condrey did not pitch in the series.

Madson started the ninth inning of game two with the Phillies up 5-3. Zaun homered with one out to make it 5-4. Oscar Salazar bounced a two-out single into right. Madson got ahead of Roberts 1-2 and Roberts homered to right-center to put Baltimore up to stay at 6-5. Terrible pitch by Madson, who left the ball in a terrible place given the count.

Walker didn’t pitch in the series.

Park is the only guy in the pen who has pitched two days in a row. The Phillies don’t play today, so you would assume he will be available for tomorrow’s game.

The Phillies scored eight runs in the three-game set.

Rollins went 0-for-10 with three walks in the series. He’s hitting 217/261/338 for the year. .217?

Victorino was 5-for-9 with three doubles and three walks in the set. 304/365/465 for the season. He’s hitting 338/430/515 in June.

Utley was 1-for-12 with a double. 297/428/547. He’s 2-for-his-last-19.

Howard started game one and was out after that with flu-like symptoms with the exception of the monster pinch-hit home run in game two. 1-for-4 with a walk and a homer. 257/332/558.

Werth was 2-for-12 with a double and two RBI. He’s hitting 256/343/456 for the year. 247/320/408 against righties, which is a problem if you’re going to play every day as a corner outfielder. The Phillies actually have some bigger problems that Werth’s splits against righties, though.

Feliz was 0-for-11. He’s hitting 294/339/409 after going 2-for-his-last-24 with two singles. He has walked once in his last 101 at-bats. That sounds like something that would have to be made up, but that’s sadly not the case.

Mayberry started in left in game one. He was 2-for-6 with a double in the series. 6-for-20 with the Phils on the year with two doubles and two home runs.

Ruiz started games one and three was 1-for-8 with a single in the series. 260/377/415.

Coste was 0-for-3 in the series and is hitting 244/343/407 for the year.

Bruntlett was 0-for-2 with two strikeouts. 157/250/235 for the season.

Dobbs started at first in games two and three. He was 3-for-6 with a home run in the series. 215/278/431 for the year, but 4-for-his-last-7 with two home runs.

Stairs started in left in game two. 2-for-8 in the set and at 277/424/489 for the year.

Bako started at catcher in game two. He was 1-for-2 in the series and is 1-for-3 with the Phils on the year.

Finally, I would like to note that I almost titled today’s post I-guess-I-picked-the-wrong-week-to-quit-sniffing-glue (in homage to Airplane!), but had the feeling I had used that headline before. Turns out I had, almost exactly one year ago today. The Phillies had just been swept by the Angels and had lost five in a row.