I was pretty much in support of putting Brad Lidge on the DL after he struggled in the series against the Yankees. So when the Phillies did earlier this week my first reaction was that the move was necessary and maybe even a little overdue. Lidge did pitch well after the games in New York, though, and a Feliz error in LA was a huge part of one of Lidge’s two blown saves in that series.

Lidge has made 28 appearances for the Phillies this season and the results have been very bad. In his last seven appearances before hitting the DL he was a lot better, though. Here are his numbers and what opponents hit against him in his first 21 appearances of the season, ending with the series against the Yankees, and what he did in his last seven appearances before the Phillies put him on the DL:

4/6 thru 5/24 21 19.7 9.15 2.08 337 420 640
5/25 thru 6/6 7 6.3 1.42 0.95 182 250 364

I understand why the Phillies put him on the DL. I also think it was the right move — Brad Lidge of 2009 simply hasn’t been Brad Lidge of 2008 and Ryan Madson has a better chance to get the job done at the end of the game the way both pitchers are throwing. At the same time, it’s not hard to see why Lidge would be less than thrilled with the news or wonder how much the error by Feliz that contributed to the first blown save in LA contributed to his current situation.

This suggests the Phillies are looking at several right-handed hitters, including Ryan Spilborghs. Spilborghs would be a great addition.

This suggests that Raul Ibanez has not ruled out legal action against the person who wrote this.

This says that Lidge is hopeful he we will be able come off the DL near the June 23 date he is eligible to return.