The Phillies lost an ugly series in New York over the past two days. They lost game one in what is nearly unprecedented fashion for them, making three errors and allowing the only run of the game to score on an abysmal play by Feliz that allowed Carlos Delgado to score from first on a dribbler to third base. Last night they fielded fine, but didn’t have enough comeback in them to make up for the 7-1 hole Moyer’s miserable start found them in before the third inning was over.

There was some good news for the Phillies. JA Happ was absolutely fantastic in long relief last night, throwing 3 2/3 scoreless innings to drop his ERA to 2.84 on the year. Chan Ho Park was brilliant in the first game of the set. Jayson Werth remains hot, putting up a 4-for-4 with yet another homer in last night’s game. He’s on pace to hit 31.

I think there’s other good news, too, and it’s this: The Phillies just play like they own the Mets, even when they lose. Partly they earned that themselves and partly the Mets helped forge the dynamic with what they did in 2007 and 2008. Regardless of how the teams got to this point, though, it’s just the way it is until New York changes it or the Phillies give it away. The Phillies don’t look ready to give it away. You can see it when a Condrey pitch sends David Wright looking for cover and Shane Victorino throws elbows at Mets’ infielders on the bases. Not sure I would have cared for either of those plays were I not a Phillies fan. A long time ago, I wrote that I was getting a little tired of seeing the Phils look like a bunch of swell guys who went down with a lot of character. I was ready to watch them take somebody’s lunch money. A lot has changed since then.

The Phillies were swept by the Mets in a two-game series in New York. They are 14-12.

Chan Ho Park gave the Phillies their best start of the season in game one, but Bruntlett hit for him in the top of the seventh. Feliz made a critical error in the bottom of the seventh, fielding a dribbler to third and throwing the ball into right field to allow a runner to score all the way from first. It was the only run the Mets would need in a game where Johan Santana gave New York seven shutout innings. The Mets won game on 1-0.

Moyer put the Phils in a big hole in game two. He left in the third with the Phils down 7-1. Howard and Werth hit home runs to help get the Phillies back in the game, but the rally fell short and the Mets took the game 7-5.

Overall in the series, Phillies pitchers threw 16 innings, allowing eight runs on 12 hits and seven walks. They threw to a 3.94 ERA and a 1.19 ratio while striking out 11.

Combined, Park and Moyer threw to a 7.56 ERA and a 1.44 ratio.

Park was fantastic in game one. He pitched around two errors, one his own, in the bottom of the sixth. The Phillies hit for him in the top of the seventh with two outs and a man on third. He allowed a single and two walks over six shutout innings.

Moyer was awful in game two. He didn’t make it out of the third, allowing seven runs on seven hits and two walks over 2 1/3 innings. He gave up three homers.

Again, the relief pitching was fantastic for the Phils. They allowed one unearned run over 7 2/3 innings while giving up four hits and three walks. They threw to a 0.00 ERA and an 0.91 ratio and struck out five.

In the last two series combined, two games with the Mets and two with the Cards, the bullpen has thrown to a 1.26 ERA and an 0.84 ratio over 14 2/3 innings.

Happ entered game two in the bottom of the third with men on second and third with one out and the Phillies down 7-1. He pitched very well. He got the pitcher Pelfery on a ground ball and struck out Reyes to avoid further damage in the third. He pitched the fourth, fifth and sixth, keeping the Mets off the board while allowing just two singles.

Taschner came into game two in the bottom of the eighth with nobody out, a man on first and the Phils down 7-5. He set the three men he faced down in order to drop his ERA for the year to 4.38.

Eyre started the bottom of the seventh in game one with the score tied at 0-0. He was pitching for his third straight day. He walked Delgado, but got the righty Wright to pop to Werth in shallow right. Lefty Daniel Murphy blasted a ball to left-center, but Victorino tracked it down. He left the game when righty Fernando Tatis hit for lefty Jeremy Reed.

The Phillies just got lucky letting Eyre pitch to Wright.

Durbin came in to pitch to Tatis with two outs in the seventh. Delgado was on first and the score was tied at 0-0. Tatis hit a dribbler to third. Feliz had no chance to get even the slow Tatis, but made an off-balance throw anyway. The throw was horrid and went into right field. Delgado scored all the way from first to make it 1-0. Durbin walked Sheffield, but struck lefty Ryan Church out to leave two men stranded. He came back and was impressive in the eighth, setting down Reyes, Cora and Beltran in order.

It worked out as well as it could for the Phillies, but I’m not a fan of letting Durbin pitch to Church in the seventh, either. The Phils were at the top of the order so the pitcher wasn’t going to pitch for a long time. So Eyre pitched to Wright in the inning and Durbin to Church and the thing that hurt the Phils was Feliz throwing the ball into the outfield. Church’s at-bat in particular seemed a lovely time to call on Happ or Taschner.

Condrey pitched the seventh inning of game two with the Phillies down 7-3. He nearly killed Wright with a pitch up near his head. He went on to walk Wright, which was the only runner he allowed in the inning. He faced the first batter in the eighth and gave up a single before being removed for Taschner.

Madson did not pitch in the series.

Lidge did not pitch.

Happ is clearly unavailable tonight after throwing 47 pitches in last night’s game. I would guess the rest of the pen would be available.

Offensively, the Phillies scored six runs over two games.

Rollins was 2-for-9 in the series. He’s hitting 211/250/284 for the season. He has two walks and one extra-base hit, a double, over his last 36 at-bats.

Victorino was 2-for-8 with a double. 304/347/518 for the year.

Utley was 0-for-7 with a walk in the series. He’s hitting 318/458/612 for the year. He’s 2-for-his-last-15.

Howard made a great diving play on a ball that Reyes hit in between first and second with two outs in the bottom of the sixth and the score tied at 0-0. Park, however, did not handle his flip to first and Reyes was safe. He’s hitting 291/376/544 for the year after going 2-for-8 with a double and a home run in the two-game set.

Werth went 4-for-4 last night and was 4-for-8 with a double and a home run in the series. He’s hitting 284/384/547 for the season. 364/423/909 with three homers in 22 at-bats in May.

Ibanez was 2-for-8 with a double in the series. 343/405/676 for the season. If he slugs .676 for the season, it would be a career high for him.

Feliz had a miserable at-bat in game one. With nobody out in the seventh and Ibanez on second with the score tied at 0-0, Feliz popped to the catcher. Later in the same inning he made a miserable play on a dribbler to third that Tatis hit, throwing the ball away and allowing Delgado to score from first to put the Mets up 1-0. Bad decision to throw the ball at all and a terrible throw once he did.

He made a really nice play in the bottom of the second in game two. Beltran hit a ball hard down the line. Feliz back-handed and made a strong throw to get him. They didn’t decided to take five runs away from the Mets, though, for whatever reason.

He went 1-for-7 with a single in the series. He’s hitting 311/366/433 for the year. He hasn’t drawn a walk yet in May.

Ruiz threw the ball into center field in the bottom of the sixth in game one when Reyes stole second. Reyes took third on the error, but Park worked around it, getting Beltran to pop to left with men on first and third to turn the Mets away. He went 0-for-6 in the series. He’s hitting 185/267/222 for the season.

Coste is hitting 182/280/273 for the year. He didn’t play in the series and last got a plate appearance on May 2.

Dobbs was 0-for-1 in the series to drop his line for the season to 136/208/136 (3-for-22 with three singles).

Stairs got a chance against K-Rod with two outs in the ninth in game one with the Phils down 1-0. He flew to center to end the game. He was 0-for-1 with a walk in the series and is hitting 267/421/667 for the year in 15 at-bats.

Bruntlett hit for Park with two outs and a man on third in the top of the seventh in a scoreless game one. Santana struck him out on three pitches. Bruntlett is a poor, poor best pinch-hitting option against a left-handed pitcher.

Cairo was 0-for-1 in the series and is 1-for-13 with a single and no walks on the year.