The Phillies bullpen was hugely improved in 2008 compared to 2007. There was some overlap of guys who pitched in both seasons. Four pitchers threw at least 25 innings in relief in each of the two seasons, Romero, Condrey, Madson and Gordon. Here’s what they did in 2007:

Romero 36.3 15 25 31 5 1.24 1.10
Gordon 40 40 13 32 21 4.73 1.33
Madson 56 48 23 43 19 3.05 1.27
Condrey 50 61 16 27 28 5.04 1.54
Total 182.3 164 77 133 73 3.60 1.32

They contributed more innings, but as a group they were about the same in 2008:

Romero 59 41 38 52 18 2.75 1.34
Gordon 29.7 31 17 26 17 5.16 1.62
Madson 82.7 79 23 67 28 3.05 1.23
Condrey 69 85 19 34 25 3.26 1.51
Total 240.3 236 97 179 88 3.30 1.39

Romero didn’t reproduce his silly numbers from ’07, but may have helped the team more by pitching more. Gordon was worse and pitched less. Condrey was better and pitched more and Madson was just about the same but pitched a lot more.

For both 2007 and 2008, here’s what the guys in the Phillies pen that weren’t Romero, Condrey, Madson or Gordon combined to do for each year:

PHI pen without Romero, Madson, Condrey and Gordon
2007 337.7 366 172 253 187 4.98 1.59
2008 242.7 220 114 232 85 3.15 1.38

So while the group of four didn’t combine to be hugely better in 2008, the rest of the Phillies relievers were far better than the other guys on the ’07 team.

Of those 242 2/3 innings the Phillies got in relief from pitchers other than Condrey, Madson, Gordon and Romero in 2008, a large percentage (64.7%) came from Lidge and Durbin:

Durbin 87.7 81 35 63 28 2.87 1.32
Lidge 69.3 50 35 92 15 1.95 1.23
Others 85.7 89 44 77 42 4.41 1.55
Total 242.7 220 114 232 85 3.15 1.38

Notably, those guys in the “others” category, the relievers from 2008 who weren’t Condrey, Madson, Gordon, Romero, Lidge or Durbin, combined to throw to a 4.41 ERA with a 1.55 ratio. Those numbers are pretty similar to what the Phillies pen overall pitched to in 2007. In 2007, Phillies relievers as a group threw to a 4.50 ERA with a 1.50 ratio.

Yesterday the Phils played Team USA and lost 9-6.

Kendrick got the start and put up zeroes in the first two frames but couldn’t make it out of the third. Chipper Jones connected for a three-run homer and Team USA scored four runs in the inning, all charged to Kendrick. Antonio Bastardo followed and he was charged with five runs in 2 1/3 innings, yielding three home runs. Condrey went two scoreless innings after that, holding Team USA to a single single. Madson walked two in a scoreless eighth.

Howard gave the Phils a three-run homer and Jason Donald went 1-for-3 with a home run of his own, a solo shot in the sixth off of Matt Thornton. Mayberry 1-for-5 with a single. Ozuna 0-for-3 after an 0-for-2 against Canada the day before. Marcus Giles played third base and went 1-for-2 with a walk.

The Phils made three errors in the game, two by Howard and one by Kendrick.

Kendrick’s reactions to events in the game were unimpressive to some people, notably Rich Dubee.

Rollins went 1-for-2 for Team USA. Victorino 1-for-3 with a walk and a stolen base.

The Phillies play the Blue Jays tonight and a B-game this afternoon.

Jimmy Rollins says his health problem was with his rib and not his back. The linked article also says that Feliz took live batting practice yesterday and the Phillies signed Rodrigo Lopez to a minor league contract.

Adam Eaton thinks he needs to prove himself as an elite pitcher in the league. I’m holding out hope he proves himself to be a selkie, just because if he was pitching in seal form the 6.06 ERA in 49 starts as a Phillie would be a lot easier to understand. Trying to get major league hitters out with flippers couldn’t be easy for anyone.