Yesterday I wrote about how often Kendrick, Eaton and Hamels allowed hits and extra-base hits last season. Here’s what those numbers look like for all the pitchers that faced at least 40 hitters for the Phils in ’08 (they’re ordered by the number of batters they faced):

  PA H XBH PA per hit PA per XBH
Hamels 914 193 75 4.74 12.19
Moyer 841 199 64 4.23 13.14
Myers 817 197 82 4.15 9.96
Kendrick 722 194 66 3.72 10.94
Eaton 478 131 43 3.65 11.12
Durbin 365 81 17 4.51 21.47
Madson 340 79 23 4.30 14.78
Blanton 305 66 24 4.62 12.71
Condrey 303 85 26 3.56 11.65
Lidge 292 50 13 5.84 22.46
Romero 255 41 14 6.22 18.21
Seanez 189 38 11 4.97 17.18
Gordon 139 31 14 4.48 9.93
Happ 138 28 7 4.93 19.71
Eyre 53 8 6 6.63 8.83
Walrond 49 13 4 3.77 12.25

The single biggest surprise in those numbers for me were the extra-base hits allowed by Durbin. Durbin faced 365 batters in 2008 and allowed just 17 extra-base hits, which is one every 21.47 plate appearances. That was the second-best rate on the team after Lidge.

Seanez was very effective at preventing hits. He allowed a hit every 4.97 plate appearances, which was fourth-best on the players listed above after Lidge, Romero and Eyre (who only faced 53 hitters). His rate of giving up extra-base hits was also very good, behind only the rates for Lidge, Romero, Durbin and Happ. His walk rate was very bad, however. If there was a column for plate appearances per walk, Seanez’s rate would be near the very bottom of the list for these pitchers, along with Romero and Gordon.

Condrey gave up a ton of hits, one every 3.56 batters, which was the worst rate of the group. The rate at which he gave up extra-base hits was better than having-an-off-seasoners Kendrick and Eaton, but not by a whole lot. Condrey threw to a 3.26 ERA in 2008. Eaton 5.80, Kendrick 5.49.

Scott Eyre faced just 53 hitters as a Phil, but oddly prevented hits at the best rate of the 16 pitchers and, in what’s just about surely a tiny sample size coincidence, allowed extra-base hits at the worst rate. Opponents went just 8-for-49 against Eyre, but six of the eight hits went for extra-bases (five doubles and a homer).

Finally, Brett Myers gave up a lot of extra-base hits last year. Notably he allowed 49 doubles — only three NL pitchers allowed more. Overall, he allowed 82 extra-base hits to 817 batters. Durbin, Lidge, Romero, Seanez, Gordon, Happ and Eyre also combined to allow 82 extra-base hits, but they allowed theirs in 1,431 plate appearances.

The Phillies made lefty Will Ohman an offer last week. This suggests the Phils are not likely to get Ohman.

The Phils play Team Canada today, with Cole Hamels scheduled to pitch. The linked article also explains that Coste has been limited to one at-bat so far due to a hamstring problem.