Compared to other full-time DHs, of course.

Pat Burrell signed with the Rays. But the show must go on.

In 2008, Phillies starting pitchers threw 966 2/3 innings and were charged with 489 runs.

For each of the seven starting pitchers the Phils used, here’s how many innings they threw as a starter, how many runs they allowed, the percentage of the innings that they threw for all Phillies starters, the percentage of the runs they allowed for all Phillies starters and the difference between the percentage of the innings they pitched and the runs they allowed:

Player IP RA % IP % RA Diff
Hamels 227.3 89 23.5 18.2 5.3
Moyer 196.3 85 20.3 17.4 2.9
Myers 190 103 19.7 21.1 -1.4
Blanton 70.7 36 7.3 7.4 -0.1
Kendrick 154.7 102 16.0 20.9 -4.9
Eaton 104 68 10.8 13.9 -3.1
Happ 23.7 6 2.4 1.2 1.2

If you order those guys from best difference to worst, the list looks like this: Hamels, Moyer, Happ, Blanton, Myers, Eaton, Kendrick.

The Phillies signed 30-year-old right-handed hitting second baseman Marcus Giles to a minor league deal, which will give him a chance to renew his friendship with Carlos Ruiz. On August 24, 2007, Ruiz’s absurd slide into Giles at second base touched off a bench-clearing incident between the Phils and Padres. That’s a great signing for the Phils, who have had a bad couple of weeks. Giles has a career 277/353/429 line in about 3,000 at-bats in the major leagues.

This article suggests that the Phillies were unaware of at least some of what was happening with Romero and his hearings regarding banned substances.

The Chan Ho Park signing was completed. Amaro says that Park will compete for a spot in the rotation.

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