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I am tracking my best guess on the Phillies 2008 Opening Day roster below.

I have used red where I feel more confident the player will be on the team and black where I feel less.

Player's names link to their page at The Baseball Cube.

Updated:  12/6/07


Hitter Role Pitcher Role
1 Ryan Howard 1B Jamie Moyer (LHP) SP
2 Chase Utley 2B Cole Hamels (LHP) SP
3 Jimmy Rollins SS Adam Eaton (RHP) SP
4 Pat Burrell LF Kyle Kendrick (RHP) SP
5 Shane Victorino OF Ryan Madson (RHP) RP
6 Jayson Werth OF Tom Gordon (RHP) RP
7 Carlos Ruiz


Brad Lidge (RHP) Closer
8 Greg Dobbs 3B Brett Myers (RHP) SP
9 Wes Helms 3B JC Romero (LHP) RP
10 Chris Coste C
11 Eric Bruntlett UT
12 Chris Snelling OF    

Candidates for the remaining slots

Hitters Pitchers Left/Right
  Chris Roberson Clay Condrey Right
Pete Laforest Antonio Alfonseca Right
TJ Bohn Fabio Castro Left
Aaron Rowand Jose Mesa Right
Brad Harman Matt Smith Left
Jason Jaramillo Scott Mathieson


Michael Restovich Zack Segovia Right
  Brandon Watson   Mike Zagurski Left
      Joe Bisenius Right
Josh Outman Left
JD Durbin Right
Yoel Hernandez Right
      Anderson Garcia  Right
      John Ennis Right
      Shane Youman Left


11/8/07:  Added Brad Lidge and Eric Bruntlett, removed Michael Bourn and Geoff Geary.  Changed Brett Myers to SP.

11/14/07:  Added JC Romero.

11/21/07:  Added Chris Snelling.  Added Jason Jaramillo and Brad Harman to the list of candidates.

11/28/27:  Added Michael Restovich and Brandon Watson to the list of candidates.

12/6/07:  Removed Julio Mateo from the list of candidates.  Added Shane Youman.