You would probably guess that the right field platoon of Jenkins and Werth hasn’t been a smashing success, but you may not have realized just how bad it has been. Here’s a look at how the Phillies are producing offensively by position this season, using OPS as the measure (does not include yesterday’s games):



NL Rank
C 729 7
1B 794 11
2B 990 1
3B 721 13
SS 767 7
LF 980 1
CF 808 4
RF 706 15

It’s not going to be a surprise to many people that third base continues to be a big problem for the Phils. Howard’s struggles compared to other first basemen in the league have been more dramatic than I would have guessed. The right field production has been a worse problem than either of them.

You can also see the problem in right field if you look at production by spot in the batting order compared to other teams in the NL, again using OPS as the measure and not counting yesterday’s games:


NL Rank
1 764 8
2 792 2
3 983 3
4 821 10
5 973 1
6 734 10
7 758 6
8 711 2

Werth has moved around some, but generally speaking the six-hole is the home of Werth and Jenkins this season. If you look at the list, two of the other problems areas at one (Rollins) and four (Howard) seem likely to improve as the season progresses.

The problem in right for the Phillies is primarily Jenkins, who has not hit well for much of the season and is currently 2-for-his-last-24, and the fact that Werth has been less effective with the bat while playing right field than he has overall. Here’s what the Phillies who have gotten at least 25 plate appearances as a right fielder have done offensively this season while playing right field:


AB as RF



Jenkins 185 265 315 405
Werth 52 250 316 327
Taguchi 32 250 333 313

Werth is hitting 268/351/490 overall and 290/362/613 in 93 at-bats as a center fielder. That’s probably just a coincidence, but it does help explain why the numbers are so bad for the team overall. Jenkins is the big question mark. His numbers are just bad, pretty much the worst for his career since 1998, despite he gets to hit almost exclusively against right-handed pitching. 194 of his 213 plate appearances have come against righties, about 91.1%. His career line overall, 276/345/493 (287/356/520 against righties) is much better than that despite the fact that only about 76.5% of his career plate appearances have come against righties.

The good news for the Phillies is that it’s reasonable to expect Jenkins to hit much better the rest of the year than he has so far.

Adam Eaton (2-4, 4.57) faces righty Ervin Santana (8-3, 3.40) tonight. Santana was hit hard his last time out. On Saturday against the Braves he allowed six runs over 5 2/3 innings. Before that he had made three straight starts where he pitched at least into the seventh inning and allowed less than two runs. Opponents are hitting .208 against him for the season. righties just .192 and lefties .272. He has walked just 21 overall in 95 1/3 innings. Eaton has a 3.49 ERA over his last five starts and has allowed three or fewer runs six of his last seven times out. He hasn’t walked more than two hitters in a game in any of his last six starts.