Brad Lidge will have surgery on his right knee and will miss three to six weeks. That’s bad news for a lot of reasons. Among them, it ensures the next round of Myers-to-the-pen talk will happen sooner than expected. Early results have Gillick saying that Myers absolutely will stay in the rotation and that the plan is for Gordon to close if Lidge misses time.

The other thing I think it means it that the chances that the Phils would carry 11 pitchers, allowing them to keep Helms on the roster, have diminished.

Regardless of whether Lidge is ready to go on opening day or not, and consensus seems to be chances are good he won’t be, the injury reinforces how precarious the pitching situation is for the Phillies. The Phils would have been weak in the bullpen if Lidge was healthy — they have a core of four guys out there most people would feel comfortable with and if this isn’t the injury that shelves one of them for a long time that injury is coming. Without a significant addition to the pen from outside the organization during the season or a major contribution from a player not currently considered to be part of the pen, the Phils’ relievers are going to struggle as a group this year. The good news, though, is that over the last couple of years the Phillies have been really good at improving their team after the season starts.

This article seems to suggest that the Phillies’ pitchers, and Myers in particular, were unsure about Ruiz last season.

Geoff Jenkins is apparently a swell fella.

In talking about Eric Bruntlett, Charlie Manuel says that he thinks he has shown that he will get people playing time if they deserve it. Insert your own Abraham Nunez joke here.

This article says that Benson had a good day throwing yesterday and that Benson thinks he’s just a week behind the other pitchers in camp. It sure seems like there’s a potential for problems with Benson if he thinks he’s ready before the Phillies do.

Aaron Rowand says was bothered by Gillick’s comments about his ability to avoid injury in this article.