Given the choice of saving Victorino or the blueprints for revolutionary emissions-free technology from certain death, Utley would choose Victorino. I’d say chances are better than 50/50 that the described scenario never even develops. The same article says that the Phillies signed Kendrick, Dobbs, Brad Harman and TJ Bohn to split contracts. This says that the remaining unsigned players on the 40-man roster are Hamels, J.D Durbin, Mathieson, Rosario, Blackley and Victorino.

Charlie Manuel says he thinks Werth has 30-home-run potential in this article. Werth has 33 career home runs in 976 at-bats and was a fantastic hitter for the Phils in ’07 despite hitting just eight home runs. The Phils are going to have to figure out a way to get him at-bats this season — playing right field against lefties isn’t enough. I hope they let him see a lot of time in center as well, but that seems unlikely.

Brad Lidge limped off the mound today after catching a spike while delivering a pitch. Lidge says he’s day-to-day.

Joe Savery will start Tuesday night’s game against Florida State.