Here’s how many batters that pitchers from the teams of the NL East hit last season:


FLA 76
PHI 72
NYM 61
ATL 42
WAS 42

There you have it. Compelling evidence that, along with our aquatic friends, the Phils are just hacks with no respect for human life. And if I can take a minute, that right there is why, despite our best efforts, it’s so difficult to have a decent society. Some people are just buffoons. Cretins, really. No respect. That kind of stuff never would have happened back in the 50′s. Things were simpler then. I believe that Mike Zagurski in particular is capable of great evil.

And here’s how many times each of the NL East team’s hitters were hit in 2007:


PHI 90
FLA 82
NYM 54
WAS 53
ATL 49

And here’s the difference between the number of times a team’s batters were hit and the number times that team hit opposing hitters in 2007:


Batters were hit

Pitchers hit others

PHI 90 72 18
WAS 53 42 11
ATL 49 42 7
FLA 82 76 6
NYM 54 61 -7

I still think somebody needs to keep an eye on Zagurski, but it turns out that the Mets were the only team in the NL East that hit more batters than they had hit.

And the Phillies, you may have noticed, get hit a ton. In both 2007 and 2006 the Phillies were hit more times than any other team in either league. It wasn’t close. In 2006 they were hit 95 times before being plunked 90 times in ’07 for a total of 185 times in two years. The Pirates were hit the second-most among teams in either league — they were hit 160 times in ’06 and ’07 combined.

That one sure looks like it needs a place on the to-do list before the next time Alfonseca appoints himself point person for the one man committee-to-separate-Todd-Helton’s-head-from-his-shoulders. There has to be a better way.

The departure of Rowand seems sure to help — it probably isn’t a coincidence the Phils led all of baseball in getting hit in the two years he was with them. Rowand was in the top two in the NL in hit-by-pitch in both 2006 and 2007. The guy who did see his numbers shoot up last season was Utley. Utley was hit 14 times in 2006, sixth in the NL, before leading the league by being plunked 25 times in 2007.

You gotta start to worry a little that he’s going to get hurt (that’s a joke).

The other thing that has happened over the last two years for the Phils is the difference between the number of times they’ve been hit and the number of times their pitchers have hit others has shrunk pretty dramatically. In 2006, Phils hitters were hit 95 times and their pitchers hit opposing hitters 62 times. That’s a difference of 33, compared to ’07′s difference of 18.

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