What he can’t do is take a walk, and I’m not sure where he hits or who he hits in-between is real likely to change that.

Pedro Feliz only has 53 career at-bats at Citizens Bank Park, but there’s no sign in them that the smaller confines are going to transform him into a good hitter. Using OPS as the measure, Feliz has actually been a worse hitter at Citizens Bank Park than he has overall.

Here’s what he’s done with the bat in the 13 games he’s played a Citizens Bank Park:








53 15 5 0 1 .283 .283 .434

Pedro Feliz’s .434 slugging percentage at Citizens Bank Park is just one point above his career .433 mark. If he draws a walk there in ’08 it will be the first of his career. His .283 batting average is above his .252 career mark, but because he hasn’t walked his Citizens Bank Park on-base percentage of .283 is lower than his career mark of .288 and his .717 OPS at Citizens Bank Park is lower than his .721 career OPS overall.

This article suggests that the Phillies interest in Odalis Perez is only “lukewarm” and that if the Phils signed either Perez or Kris Benson it would most likely be to a minor league contract.