The Phils may score a lot of runs, but without Citizens Bank Park they’d be nothing, right? Right? Hello?

All of the teams in the NL East played 81 games on the road in 2007. Here’s how many runs they scored and their OPS in road games:



PHI 442 .793
NYM 437 .785
ATL 433 .792
FLA 381 .761
WAS 349 .720

Not as big a difference as if you look at the numbers overall, but the Phils still come out on top. The other four teams had an advantage that the Phillies didn’t have as well, getting to play about 11% of their road games (9 of 81) at Citizens Bank Park, which was the best park for hitters in the division. In the NL, only the Reds and Marlins saw their pitchers allow more runs at home than the Phillies’ pitchers allowed (421).

The Phils did get to hit a lot against the miserable pitching of the Marlins last season and, while not quite as bad, the Nationals. But so did the Braves and the Mets.

Also, I feel compelled to point out that if you were trying to guess the NL team that scored the fewest runs in their away games you might have to guess for a while. The Diamondbacks scored 326 runs in their away games, 18 fewer than the 15th-place Cubs, on their way to a 90-win season.

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