Bobby Cox wants the Phillies to disappear. Hardly seems sporting.

This article says that Brett Myers is one of three pitchers (Brett Tomko and Miguel Batista) who has 115 appearances and 60 starts since 2005. Just barely, though. Myers has 116 appearances, 68 starts. Kind of an obscure stat, that.

This article suggests the Myers would rather close than start and that Gillick would prefer not having to put him back in the rotation. I understand why Myers would want to close more than I understand why Gillick would want him to.

This article says Myers is okay with starting.

This suggests the Phillies have the tenth-best outfield in the NL. I do not agree.

In this article, Charlie Manuel remembers Gene Lamont saying that Shane Victorino was the best centerfielder he ever managed. Lamont managed 1,115 games in the major leagues for the Pirates and White Sox before he managed Victorino and the Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre Red Barons in 2005. Victorino hit 310/377/534 for the Red Barons that season. I would be surprised if Victorino wasn’t one of the six best center fielders in the NL this season overall.

In this article Gillick says it’s unlikely the Phillies will make a significant move to add pitching and that Kyle Lohse is “way off the radar.”

The Phils are going to either need to add some pitching or to get some performances that are unreasonable to expect from the guys they have available to them right now if they’re going to win the NL East, much less 100 games.

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