Ruben Amaro Jr answered questions from fans, you can read the transcript here. Thought the answer to the question who the lefty off the bench is when Jenkins and Dobbs are both in the lineup was interesting. Amaro suggested Snelling, but you have to assume if the Phils carry Burrell, Victorino, Werth, Jenkins and Taguchi there’s no room for Snelling on the team. For the umpteenth time I think the Phils are better off with Snelling than Taguchi as their fifth outfielder. The question of who the lefty off the bench is when a righty starts and Dobbs and Jenkins play is a good one — there are a lot of right-handed pitchers out there. I think the Phils would have trouble carrying 14 hitters given how weak their pitching is. Pete Laforest seems like another possibility, but if the Phils don’t have room for Snelling on the 25-man roster there seems little chance they would have room for Laforest.

He also says the Phils have no interest in Morgan Ensberg and have had continued discussions with Kyle Lohse. This article says that Lohse may now be willing to accept a three-year deal. Lohse would be a fantastic addition for the Phillies, but I wouldn’t guess they would be jumping at the chance to sign him to a three-year deal either.

This says the Phillies are interested in Pedro Feliz but would need to move Helms first. Feliz would be a less fantastic addition for the Phillies, although the fact that it looks like the Phils are going to need to use two of their 25 roster spots on third baseman and that both of those guys will be weak defensive players at the position is hard to get real geeked up about.

This article says the Braves will trade Joey Devine to the A’s for Mark Kotsay. Kotsay has been miserable for three years in a row, but is still an upgrade over Josh Anderson.

There’s a post at Tiger Tales about fielding statistics for second baseman that includes some interesting results for Chase Utley.