December 23 2006

Anyone have a guess on the Phillies' opening day lineup at this point?  It's a long ways away, but here's mine:


  Player Position Bats
1 Rollins SS S
2 Victorino CF S
3 Utley 2B L
4 Howard 1B L
5 Burrell LF R
6 Helms 3B R
7 Werth RF R
8 Barajas C R
9 Garcia P R

What happened to all our lefties?  Abreu got traded and Dellucci left is what happened.  But still.

Clearly Rowand is playing center if he's on the team.  If the Braves pitch a righty, which they most likely will, you'd think the Phillies might play the lefty outfielder they don't have yet in right.

It's a lot of righties in a row with nobody breaking up Utley and Howard.  Manuel didn't seem to have a problem with that last season, often hitting not just two but three lefties all in a row.  We'll see.

Here's the opening day lineup from 2006:


  Player Position Bats
1 Rollins SS S
2 Nunez 3B S
3 Abreu RF L
4 Utley 2B L
5 Burrell LF R
6 Howard 1B L
7 Rowand CF R
8 Lieberthal C R
9 Lieber P L

This article suggests that Geoff Geary might be the setup man if the season started tomorrow, although if the season started tomorrow who the setup man was might not even be that big a story.  Geary was outstanding last season, but lefties hit .348 against him.

This article suggests that Aubrey Huff may now be seeking $23 million over three years.  Some had previously guessed he might be seeking $9 million a year for four years.  I would guess the chances of the Phillies getting Huff are very, very low.

Efforts by the Pirates to find a Mike Gonzalez trade may have stalled.

Chris Reitsma, who was absolutely awful last season, is still out there and is a match with the Phillies' interest in getting a player with closing experience.  The Marlins may be interested.

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