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December 10 2006

It's a little slow out there.  How slow?  Exhibit A.  I don't know how we're supposed to go on thinking the world is fair and just when Tina Fey never gets to live her dream and we're subjected to multiple paragraphs about Teresa checking her cell phone on a plane.

The Cardinals may be interested in Jon Lieber and have bullpen to trade.  Pittsburgh, too, and Texas and Milwaukee.

This article says the Phils still have interest in Ryan Church but are hesitant to give up Ryan Madson.  Other articles say the talks are over after the Nats asked for more than the Phillies wanted to give, which may have been Gio Gonzalez before they jettisoned him to Chicago.

Some articles say the Phillies want a right-handed bat, some say they want a left-handed bat to come off the bench.  Multiple articles have said they were interested in Church, a lefty.  Others last week said they were close to a deal for Kevin Mench, a righty.  They were interested in a righty last week and now they're not?  They were never interested in Mench?  Dunno.  I still think they'd like a big enough bat to play right field nearly every day and a guy like Mench fits the bill.  If they trade Rowand and move Victorino to center you would think they might prefer a right-handed bat in right field to replace the righty Rowand. 

The White Sox pitching coach seems to think that Gavin Floyd's problem are rhythm and tempo-centric.  I'd put rhythm and tempo on the backburner and try to focus on the thing where the batters hit the ball so hard you fear for the safety of whoever's warming up in the pen.

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