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December 3 2006

That was quick.

Aaron Fultz has been scooped up and will pitch for Cleveland next season.  Fultz will make $1.5 million next year and the Indians have a $1.5 million option for 2008.

I'm surprised the Phillies seemed to have so little interest in bringing Fultz back.  Of the four guys thought to be in the Phillies' pen in 2007, three of the four, Gordon, Geary and Madson, are right-handed.  Matt Smith is the sole lefty of the group and he has 20 2/3 innings of experience at age 27. 

I think Fultz could still have good years ahead if he's used to get lefties and not brought on in the third inning to throw 61 pitches in mop-up duty.

Vernon Wells' name continues to pop up all over the place on guesses about who might be on the Phillies' wish list.  I would be surprised to see the Blue Jays trade Wells any time soon.  He's due to make a paltry $5.6 million in '07 before becoming a free agent for '08 and team president Paul Godfrey was pretty clear in this article that  "Vernon Wells isn't going anywhere."  Center field is probably the single position that the Phillies are deepest at with Rowand and Victorino.

The Rangers may have interest in Mike Piazza.

The Red Sox did not offer arbitration to Trot Nixon.

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