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December 2 2006

Tom Glavine will return to the Mets next season.  Not good news for Phillies fans, but the other choice seemed to be Atlanta.  The Braves are sure to get their pitching in order again soon and when they do it's going to be trouble.  The Braves scored the second-most runs in the NL last season, behind only the Phillies and just ahead of the Mets.  Only five NL teams allowed more runs.

I feel pretty comfortable that the Phillies won't be trading Jimmy Rollins in a deal for Manny Ramirez.

This article says the Rangers have had trade discussions involving Aaron Rowand.

The Phillies offered arbitration to David Dellucci, which means that if all goes as expected they will receive a high draft pick and a supplemental pick when he signs with the Indians.  They did not offer arbitration to anyone else -- the only player who seemed like a possibility was Aaron Fultz.  The Type-A free agent Fultz will likely become more desirable to other teams when they no longer have to surrender a high pick to sign the lefty.

The Phillies would like to make Fabio Castro a starter and he may start the season at Triple-A.  There's a review of the Phils in action in the Winter Leagues on the Phillies web site.

LaTroy Hawkins, sometimes mentioned as a possibility for the Phils' pen, looks to be about to sign with the Rockies.

Joe Borowski is still talking with the Indians.  He was not offered arbitration by the Marlins, which is likely to increase the level of interest in him.

Similarly, the Reds did not offer arbitration to David Weathers.

Winter Meetings start on Monday in Orlando, Florida.

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